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" who is Ra ? Part 9 "

Wes Annac

The Culture of Awareness

11 - September - 2014

Who is Ra ?   Part 9

The Creation of Our Galaxy  

Previously, we learned how our creator brought every galaxy and universe into existence, and we learned that the design for this infinite creation is a spiral that ripples outward from the Source. We’re pretty far away from Source here in the third dimension, and our journey back to our original home will be a journey of inner exploration.

 We’ll gradually learn more and more about ourselves and the reality around us, and after a lot of inner work, we’ll eventually re-reach Source and experience a higher dimension that’s unlike any other. Source exists in a completely unique realm that’s separate from (yet united with) every lower and higher realm, and we have a long way to go until we’re truly back with our creator.

 Now, we’re going to learn about the creation of this galaxy on the part of a creator entity who, like the rest of us, was split from Source and given its own ‘identity’. Just like we can create various things here on earth, higher-dimensional creator entities are responsible for the creation of galaxies, planets, etc., and it goes without saying that they oversee their creations.

 I’d imagine they have as much love for all of us as we have for our children, because they created our planetary and cosmic homes. We’ll discover that we can also create/host entire galaxies and planets as we continue evolving, and we’ll be very surprised when we see how infinite our creative abilities are.

 Ra tells us that ‘individualized portions’ of intelligent infinity are responsible for the creation of our galaxy.

         Q: “Was our galaxy created by intelligent infinity or by a portion of it?

          “The galaxy and all  other material things are products of individualized portions of intelligent
          infinity. As each exploration began, an individualized portion of the One would, in its turn,
          find its focus and become co-creator. Using intelligent infinity each portion created a universe. 

            “Allowing the rhythm of free choice to flow and playing with the infinite spectrum of
           possibilities, each individualized portion channeled love/light into intelligent energy, thus
           creating the so-called Natural Laws of any particular universe. Each has its own local version
           of illusory Natural Laws.

           MYSTERY.” (1)

 Galaxies are created by an influx of light that penetrates the darkness that becomes a galaxy, we’re told.

            “The white light which emanates and forms the articulated sub-logos has its beginning in
            what may be metaphysically seen as darkness. The light comes into that darkness and
            transfigures it, causing the chaos to organize and become reflective or radiant. Thus the
            dimensions come into being.” (2)

 There’s a reason we’ve been told that surviving through darkness is a very potent way to embrace the light, and it goes to show that no matter how dark our existence may seem, the light will eventually permeate us. It also provides a new perspective on darkness, and we can now see it as something that’s necessary for the facilitation of light, instead of something nasty we need to avoid.

 Now that we’re finding the light, it’d be best to live in love as much as we can and let darkness and the ego-driven mechanisms that feed it go, but we have to keep in mind that we’re finding the light from a very dark place and, as such, we might falter now and again.

 Our submergence in darkness was necessary for humanity’s ascension, but now that we’ve rooted ourselves in the light, it’s time to stay there. Let darkness and everything that feeds it be a thing of the past, and let humanity see the light in a world filled with twisted distortions.

 As Ra tells us, stars are actually energy centers for their galaxies.

           Q: “Considering only our Milky Way Galaxy at its beginnings, I will assume that the first
           occurrence that we could see with our telescopes was the appearance of a star of the nature of
           our sun.

           “Is this correct?

          “The first manifestation of the Creator or Logos in creating a galaxy is the appearance of a 
           cluster of outward swirling energies that produce new energy centers for the Logos. These 
           energy centers are called stars.

            “The closer to the, shall we say, beginning of the manifestation of the logos the star is, the
             more it partakes in the one original thought.” (3)

 Ra also outlines how logos forms into galaxies, planets, and all the way down to plants and minerals.
             “The co-creator, individualizing the galaxy, created energy patterns which focused in many
             centers of conscious awareness of intelligent infinity.

              “The progression is from the galaxy spiraling energy to the solar spiraling energy to the
               planetary spiraling energy to the spiraling energy which started the 1st density of awareness
               in planetary entities.” (4)

 This is why it’s been said that we’re all beings of energy. We’re all comprised of the same swirling and vibrating energy of love, and we contain myriad energy centers in our etheric bodies. We have seven main energy centers or chakras, but we’re believed to have many more that’ll come online as we continue evolving.

 We’ll eventually discover our connection with the rest of creation, and we’ll see that we too are beings of vibrating energy who constantly emit energies and telepathic impressions for all of creation to feel.

 Ra then describes how random, chaotic dark energies are subtly filled with light and given awareness as a result, starting with the first density.

                MOVES. LIGHT COMES TO FORM THE DARKNESS, according to the creator’s
                patterns and vibratory rhythms.

                “This begins with the 1st density which is the density of consciousness, the mineral and
                water life upon the planet learning from fire and wind the awareness of being. This is the
                1st density.” (5)

 It’s interesting to think that in the first density, we gradually gained physical and spiritual awareness because of an influx of love/light that was subtly yet surely aimed at us.

 This love has been responsible for our physical/spiritual awareness and development, and it’s currently helping us become aware of the higher realms and our greater capabilities, which a lot of seekers are using to help others become aware.

 We’re believed to be ascending into the fifth dimension (apparently the fourth density by Ra’s terms), but we’ve received the love that’s helping us evolve in steadily purer doses for a very, very long time.

 Even those of us who came to the earth to assist in its ascension were in the first and second densities at one point, and thanks to the love we’re rediscovering in this life on earth, we’ve gained the awareness that allows us to continually raise our vibration.

 In our final quote, Ra describes the process that results when a little bit of awareness is gained and first density souls advanced to second density.

                 “2ND DENSITY ENTITIES EVOLVE FROM 1ST DENSITY “On the planet second
                density beings begin to move about within and upon its being.


                  “The 2nd density strives towards the 3rd density which is the density of self-­
                  consciousness or self-awareness.” (6)

 From the third density, our concern becomes much less physical and much more spiritual, and our drive to know spirit in a greater way eventually enables us to advance to the next densities and perceive our self-created reality far more purely than before.

 We’re on a constant upward (or rather, inward) drive to rediscover ourselves as the creators of our reality, and no matter how hard humanity resists inner and outer change in this life, everyone will eventually be passionate about re-finding spirit.

 No matter how much time we spend in the lower vibrations, our eventual hunger for spirit will motivate us to passionately raise our vibration and meet everyone else back in the higher spheres. We have a lot of friends in high places, but we can’t reunite with them until we’ve reached a certain purity of mind and heart.

 In our next segment, Ra will tell us all about the Law of One and its main principles. We’ll learn about the unity we’ve always been meant to rediscover and act on, and we’ll learn that, like I said earlier, we’re one consciousness that’s been split and divided.

 We’ve been divided for so long because we haven’t realized just how related we all are, and I look forward to the time when humanity’s aware of our oneness and willing to act on it. We have a lot of work to do and a lot of things to learn, and we’re blessed with a wealth of higher-dimensional teachers, such as Ra, who are willing to help us learn them.


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