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" who is Ra ? part 8 "

Wes Annac

The Culture of Awareness

29 - August - 2014

Who is Ra ?  Part 8

 The Role of Love and Light in the Creation of Reality

Previously, we learned that Source created this existence for the purpose of exploration, and we also learned that we’re sparks of Source’s consciousness. We’re comprised of the infinite energy of our creator, and when our lower-dimensional sojourn is eventually over, we’ll reunite with our creator and leave the lower dimensions behind for good.

 Now, we’re going to learn more about the distortions that keep our lower-vibrational reality in place. We’ll learn that chief among these distortions is love, which creates and sustains our reality, and we’ll learn where light fits into this creation.

 As we continue raising our vibration, the distortions that have kept us in the lower realms will be transcended in favor of a clearer understanding of ourselves and the existence around us, but for now, we still exist under some of these distortions until the time comes to see them off.

 Ra tells us about the distortion of love.

       “The 1st distortion, free will, finds a focus which is known to you as logos, the Creative Principle
        or love. This focus may be called the 2nd distortion.

        “The second distortion is the distortion of love.” (1)

 Love is the omnipotent energy that creates our reality, we’re told.

        “The distortion love is the great activator and primal co-Creator of various creations using
          intelligent infinity. … Love uses Its intelligent energy to create a certain pattern of illusions or
          densities in order to satisfy Its own intelligent estimate of a method of knowing itself.” (2)

 As we see, love is much more than we’ve been led to believe. Love is far more than the romantic sparks that fly between two people, and it even goes deeper than the love one feels for their family. Even though it’s technically considered a distortion, love makes up every facet of existence.

 Our consciousness consists of pure, unbridled love, and realizing this is the first step to accessing our inner love and using it for a wealth of important and helpful creative purposes. We’re creative beings by nature, and we create using the sacred love we carry within. 

We aren’t the only ones, and higher-dimensional entities can create entire realities with the energy of love. It’s the creator’s tool, and we can use it to create to our heart’s content.

 Out of love comes the distortion of ‘light’, Ra tells us.

           “This intelligent energy thus creates a distortion known as Light. From these 3 distortions
            come many, many hierarchies of distortions each having its own paradoxes to be synthesized,
            no one being any more important than another.

            “The origin of all energy is the action of free will upon love. The nature of all energy is 
             light, including the inner light which is the guiding star of the self. This is the true 
             nature of all entities” (3) 

 From Source comes love, and from love comes light. The next time someone who’s a part of the conscious community says ‘love and light’, you’ll know what they’re talking about.

 Love was created by Source and used to form the lower realms, and light was added so Source could create complex, multi-layered densities, the inhabitants of which would be tasked with knowing themselves in decreasingly distorted ways before finding their way back to Source.

 We can tap into the love and light energies if we make an effort, and all it takes is the understanding that they’re real and the willingness to find and use them. They’ll give us a needed boost along this difficult ascension path, and again, they’ll help us with everything we create and experience.

 As Ra tells us, our inner light is equal to our heart space, and we have to be ready and willing if we want to feel it. We’re also told that our light streams upward from our root chakra.


             “A certain amount of awareness of the inner light is necessary to attract the in-streaming light
              upward spiraling from the south magnetic pole of being (the root chakra).” (4)

 If we aren’t aware of our inner light, we can’t use it to help ourselves or the rest of the planet become aware of spirit, and when we realize that it exists and can be tapped into and used for a wealth of creative purposes, our inspiration will probably be turned up.

 We don’t want to drain our light with lower-vibrational activities that hold us back, and to feel it in its fullest purity, all we need to do is request it and enjoy the resulting effect it has on us. It’ll help us strengthen our creative pursuits or anything else that requires us to be in an uplifted space, and together with our inner love, light will help us spiritually soar when we could otherwise be depleted. 

It’s easy to deplete ourselves of our light, but if we do, we’ll keep ourselves from discovering just what we can do when we access it. It’s essential to be linked with it if we want to do or produce anything potent or helpful, and it becomes much easier to feel when we open our minds and let the ego fall away.

 Ra then tells us about the role finiteness plays in our reality.

             “That which is infinite cannot be many, far many-ness is a finite concept. In an infinite 
              Creator there is only unity. 

             “Intelligent infinity discerned a concept; namely, freedom of will of awareness.

              “This concept was finiteness. This is the first and primal paradox or distortion of the Law of 
               One. Thus the one intelligent infinity invested itself in an exploration of many-ness. 

              “Due to the infinite possibilities of intelligent infinity (or the Oneness), there is no ending to
               many-ness. The exploration thus is free to continue infinitely into an eternal present.”

               THE ONE CREATOR.” (5)

 Source divided Him/Herself into various states of consciousness and various accompanying conscious entities so the creation could be experienced as seemingly separate from its creator.

 Thus, the distortion of limitation was taken on, and Source knew that He/She would eventually transcend every last distortion and ‘beat the game’ so to speak. A lot of people don’t realize that this existence really is a game, and we’ve taken it far more seriously than we need to.

 Source created everything around us for the sheer purpose of enjoyment, and we’ve twisted it all around and turned it into something negative and stressful. Life isn’t meant to be as stressful as we’ve made it out to be, and in fact, we’re meant to enjoy this existence instead of endlessly worrying or embroiling ourselves in conflict.

 Let’s lighten up and enjoy our planet, because it’s the way we’re meant to live.

 In our final quote, Ra outlines the process of dimensional creation, which is really a process of rippling out from Source.

              “The next step is an infinite reaction to the creative principle (intelligent energy) following
               the Law of One in one of its basic distortions; namely, freedom of will. Thus many, many
               dimensions, infinite in number, are possible.

               “The energy moves from the intelligent infinity due first to the outpouring of randomized 
               creative force which then creates patterns. These patterns of energy begin to regularize their 
               own rhythms and fields of energy, thus creating dimensions and universes. At this point the 
               physical universes were not yet born.

               “The steps are simultaneous and infinite.

                “The universe is infinite. This has yet to be proven or disproven, but we can assure you that
                 there is no end to your selves, of your journey of seeking, or your perceptions of the
                 creations” (6)

 From here on out, we’ll constantly explore new realms and receive new insights and revelations. We’ll continue to learn about ourselves and our existence until we’re back in Source’s pure, undistorted realms, and we won’t reach those realms for a very long ‘time’. Instead, we’ll endlessly explore this infinite creation we’re blessed to roam around in, and by the time we’re back on a higher vibration, we’ll have long stopped taking ourselves or our existence so seriously.

 We’ll have long realized that we’re meant to live in love instead of selfishness and hatred, and the unity we’ll feel will be worth any effort we made to reach this place. We’ll be more than glad we explored our inner realms and reaped the resulting divine bounties, and the best part about it is that we’ll enjoy these bounties together.

 Next time, we’ll learn about the creation of our galaxy on the part of an individualized aspect of the creator, and as this series continues, Ra will deliver even more interesting and complex information about the nature of existence and how everything came to be.

 We’ve learned a lot from Ra about the creation of every plane of existence so far, but as usual, we’ve hardly scratched the surface on all of the material that’s available. Something tells me we haven’t reached the most complex discussions either, and I look forward to deciphering them and learning even more interesting things about this creation.

 We’ve just begun to understand ourselves and our reality in a greater way, and from here on out, we’ll continue to grow and learn new things that surprise and amaze us. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to learn about everything that’s out there.


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