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" who is Ra ? Part 4 "

Dear All,
taking back this great series of Wes Annac,
we are now at Part 4, written in July 2014

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Who is Ra ?

23 & 24 - July - 2014

 Part 4

 Martians and Wanderers

 So far, we’ve learned a little bit about Ra and their purpose for remaining in the fifth dimension and communicating with humanity. However, like plenty of other channeled sources, they have a lot to tell us about who we are and how we all made our way to this beautiful little planet we call home. 

I’m sure Ra will continue to tell us about themselves and their collective consciousness, but for this installment, we’re going to learn about our origins and the presence of millions of ‘wanderers’ who are here to help the rest of humanity become aware of spirit.

 When I first read about wanderers, I was instantly fascinated with the idea. Even though the Company of Heaven are doing a lot to help us evolve, the conscious seekers on the ground are making the biggest and most important impact.

 If you feel like you’re on this planet for a very important reason, you might just be one of the waves of souls who incarnated here in a heaven-wide effort to bring humanity and the earth into the light.

 In their first quote, Ra tells us about the percentage of people on this planet who once lived on Mars. 

                         “The first entities of 3rd density to come here were brought from Mars. This planet‘s
                         environment [became] inhospitable to 3rd density beings.

                          “The warlike actions of these beings caused such difficulties in the atmospheric
                          environment of their planet that it became unlivable for 3rd density experience before
                          the end of its cycle. Thus the Red Planet entities were unharvested and continued
                          on your planet to attempt to learn the Law of One.” (1)

 This sounds similar to what happened in Atlantis, and it isn’t a secret by this point that war causes a ridiculous amount of devastation.

 So far, we haven’t experienced anything like the Atlanteans or, apparently, the Martians (unless you count Hiroshima and other atomic attacks) and if it weren’t for the Company of Heaven’s presence all around our planet, we could’ve by now.

 Ra also tells us that the Martians’ harvest occurred about 75,000 years ago.

                              Q: “How long ago [were these entities dropped off to start new lives on Earth]? 

                               “About 75,000 years ago. Your planet was not 3rd density in its environment until
                               this time.” (2)

 The physical bodies of the Martians who came here were preserved by a process that’s different from physical birth, Ra explains.

                                 “These [Mars-originated] entities … were preserved for the experience upon
                                 your sphere [just prior to their planet’s destruction] by a type of birthing which
                                 is non-reproductive, but consists of preparing genetic material for the incarnation
                                 of the mind/body/spirit complexes of those entities from the Red Planet. 

                                 Statement: “I assume … that the guardians transferred the race here after the race
                                 had died from the physical as we know it on Mars.

                                  “This is correct.” (3)

 Ra then tells us about the quarantine that resulted from the distortion required to sow the bodies of the Martians onto the earth.

                                  “[This action, which required genetic modifications, and temporarily melded the
                                  group-mind of the Red Planet race with that of the Guardian race,] took an
                                  increasing amount of distortion into the application of the Law of One from the
                                  viewpoint of other guardians.

                                  “It is from this beginning action that the quarantine of [your] planet was    
                                  instituted, for it was felt that the free will of those of the Red Planet had been
                                  abridged.” (4)

 ‘Quarantine’ essentially means that we can’t yet make contact with civilizations from other planets, even though some galactics have been allowed to breach this quarantine and appear before us. UFO sightings are everywhere on the internet, and even though some of them are obvious hoaxes, there are genuine ones out there that really make you think.

 Apparently, there were no other third-density entities on earth directly before the Martians were sown here. There were only first and second-density animals, plants, etc. but when the Martians arrived, their physical bodies (which were unique to their planet) started influencing the earth.

                                    “Those of 2nd density [were the only ones here]. The second density is the
                                    density of the higher plant life and animal life which exists without the upward
                                    drive towards the infinite.

                                     Q: “Recent research has indicated that the normal sleep cycle for entities on
                                     this planet is 25 hours instead of 24 hours. Is this correct, and, if so, why is

                                      “This is correct in some cases. The planetary influences experienced in
                                     memory by those from Mars have some effect upon the 3rd density bodily
                                     complexes. The Martian race has given its genetic material to many bodies
                                     upon your plane” (5)

 It’s interesting to think that we partially operate under another planet’s influence, and there’s a lot about our history we haven’t been told. Those of you who haven’t read the Law of One in its entirety are in for some surprises, and there are plenty of other channeled texts out there that accurately paint a picture of our real history.

 Now, we’re going to learn about the wanderers. Like I said earlier (and Ra will say below) the wanderers are the higher-dimensional souls who willingly incarnated on this dense planet for the purpose of helping raise the collective vibration, and there are a lot of them here.

                                 “Imagine, if you will, the sands of your shores. As countless as the grains of      
                                 sand are the sources of intelligent infinity. When a social memory complex       
                                 has achieved a complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its 
                                 desire is to serve any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may 
                                 call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move toward this calling of sorrow. 
                                 They come from all reaches of the infinite creation. 

                                 “They are not sorrowful themselves, but come to aid those that are in sorrow.
                                 They are the Wanderers. There are approximately 65 million on Earth”

                                  Note from David Wilcock: “This, of course, was as of 1981 — and current
                                  numbers are believed to exceed 100 million, or 1 out of every 60 human beings
                                  now on Earth.” (6)

 This makes it very likely that most of you out there are wanderers who’ve come to offer the light you carry within, and if you think you’re a wanderer, feel free to work as hard as you can and help others become aware of the things you’ve started to discover within.

 We have a responsibility to use our awareness for the good of humanity; to do something with the greater perception we’re starting to find. We can journey inward, into the sacred center, and produce a wealth of potent spiritual work that’ll benefit various other seekers and wanderers, and I think it’s important that we do.

 The challenge of being a wanderer is that at any time, we could get lost in the karmic chaos of the earthly existence, as Ra tells us.

                                    “Few [wanderers] are of 4th density. Most are of 6th density.

                                    “The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind
                                    and what you call foolhardiness or bravery. The challenge and danger to the
                                    Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and
                                    thus be swept into the maelstrom and turbulence which it had intended to
                                    avert.” (7)

 We obviously want to avoid being ‘swept into the maelstrom’, and I can say from experience that it’s important to root ourselves in the divine if we don’t want to stray away from our natural, moral center.

 Living in love isn’t as much about morality as it is self-discipline and the ability to cease feeding the ego, and it’s important to our growth and that of the planet around us that we not let the lower vibrations take us under. It’s easy to let them, of course, but we’ll benefit far more from refusing to protrude from our center.

 According to Ra, a large percentage of sixth-density wanderers came to the earth from their social memory complex.

                                Q: “WHERE DO MOST 6D WANDERERS ON EARTH ORIGINATE FROM? 

                                “A significant portion of sixth-density Wanderers are those of our social memory
                                complex [Ra].

                                 “Another large portion consists of those who aided in South America; another
                                 portion, those aiding Atlantis.

                                 “All are sixth-density and all brother and sister groups due to the unified feeling
                                 that as we had [formerly] been aided by shapes such as the pyramid, so we could
                                 aid your peoples.” (8)

 From what Ra says here, it seems like those of us who previously helped our planet become aware weren’t quite satisfied with our efforts. We wanted to do more, and it’s been said that some of us have taken thousands of incarnations on the earth so we could use each one to refine our ability to help awaken humanity.

 Some of us are very serious about our mission, and we’ve been training for this potential final lifetime in earth’s lower-dimensional cycle. It’s time to start the most potent of our work and show ourselves, humanity, and the entire universe what we can really do, and we have the unflinching power of spirit by our side.

 Due to the vibrational difference between the earth and the higher dimensions, some wanderers tend to feel isolated from this planet and the rest of humanity, which can manifest as physical symptoms. 

                                Q: “Do the Wanderers have physical ailments in this 3rd density situation?

                                “Due to the extreme difference between the vibratory distortions of 3rd density
                                and the higher densities, they generally have some kind of handicap or feeling of
                                alienation which is severe, for example, allergies.” (9)

 I don’t know about any of you, but I tend to experience severe allergies that seem to appear out of nowhere.

 I usually chalk it up to the weather or other physical factors, but you never know – it could be because of the vibrational difference. There’ll obviously be other symptoms related to the ‘feeling of alienation’, but it’s interesting that this alienation can be physically felt and expressed.

 Wanderers have lowered their vibration and come to the earth because they can create a massive amount of physical and spiritual change simply by loving others, Ra explains.

                                   “The Wanderer has the potential of greatly accelerating the density of
                                   consciousness from whence it comes. This is due to the intensity of life
                                   experiences and opportunities in 3rd density.

                                    “Thus the positively polarized Wanderer chooses to accept the danger of
                                    forgetting what it is in order to be of service to others by radiating love of

                                    “If the forgetting is penetrated, the amount of catalyst in 3rd density will 
                                    polarize the Wanderer with much greater efficiency than could be 
                                    expected in the higher and more harmonious densities. [i.e. growth work
                                    that would take hundreds of thousands of years of time in higher realms can be
                                    moved through far more rapidly here on Earth.]“ (10)

 This takes us back to the importance of rooting ourselves in the divine qualities. If you’re reading this, you’ve more than likely broken the spell and are aware of a lot of important and sacred truths, and it’s essential for those of us who are aware to live the changes we want to see.

 Living a spiritually aware lifestyle isn’t easy, but we’ll find that it was more than worth our effort when we look back on everything we were able to achieve. We have to live miraculously if we want to create miracles, and again, this only requires loving ourselves and everyone else.

 It’s so easy and so complicated, but we’re more than capable.

 According to Carla Rueckert, Ra’s channel, “It is no wander that Wanderers have some difficulty waking up within the illusion we call consensus reality. There is always the fear, as one enters incarnation, that one will not awaken at all, but be lost for the whole life experience.” (11)

 I’m sure this fear has subconsciously motivated some wanderers to wake up and offer themselves to the earth’s evolution, and we’re fortunate enough to have the assistance of our higher selves, our guides, and various other entities and collectives who are focused on our ascension and the things they can do to help us.

 Since we’re being given so much help, which we only need to open our minds to receive, our awakening and our subsequent work to wake up others should be relatively easy. The only difficulty is in living with the immense distortions and difficulties the earth offers, but we wouldn’t have come here if we didn’t know we were up for the challenge.

 Challenge is a good thing, and we’ll be very glad we challenged ourselves in the end. In our next installment, we’ll learn about another civilization who destroyed their planet and incarnated on the earth for the remainder of their lower-dimensional cycle, and the picture of our true history will continue to become clearer and clearer as we journey deeper into Ra’s material.

 I know it’s probably hard to believe some of the things we learned here, and an open mind is required when it comes to anything inherently spiritual, especially channeled material. If we’re willing to open up and consider things we would’ve otherwise dismissed, we might just uncover a wealth of surprising revelations – revelations that the cabal doesn’t want us to uncover. 

I think open-mindedness is important, and it’ll continue to be as we continue hearing from Ra about our past, our present, and our future. I unflinchingly believe we’re headed for a positive and spiritually progressive future, but we have to change ourselves if we want anything about this planet to change.

 The guidance we’re receiving in our minds and hearts will help us make the greatest inner and outer changes we’re destined to make, and Ra is only of many sources who are helping us discover our true selves and use this discovery for the benefit of others.

 Their information is among the most helpful, but as always, the best source of information and energy will always live within. As far as outer sources go, however, Ra is definitely among the most helpful.

 Wes Annac – Eternally grateful to Ra and every other higher-dimensional soul who’s helping us raise our vibration.


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