Sunday, December 16, 2012

" sending out love "

from Steve Beckow,  Mike Quinsey's message.

 16 - December - 2012

  A resident of Newtown asked me to request information from channelers on the tragedy and I promised her I would post the responses. Mike Quinsey asked SaLuSa to impress upon him an answer and here’s what Mike has forwarded. 

Hi Steve,
 I “asked” SaLuSa to impress me with an answer, and I wrote down that:

 "Some people are on edge and easily toppled over by the powerful energies coming to Earth. They cannot cope with them and they effectively lose their mind. Such incidents are foreseen and the victims are subconsciously aware that they accepted this exit as part of their life contract. Bear in mind that the greater good can result from such tragedies.

 Such happenings are tragic in your minds and incomprehensible, but freewill is at the base of them. You can ease the pain by sending out your love to all concerned. "

 I obviously send as I receive, and my own thoughts are that there must be many incidents of people being unable to assimilate the new energies, but not all turn out to be so devastating.

 In Love and Light
 Mike Quinsey