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" experiencing it uniquely "

Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon

27 - December - 2012

 This is taking a while to transcribe. So rather than require you to wait forever, I’ll post this transcript in parts. 

 Archangel Michael frequently says some very nice things that I regularly edit out of these transcripts. But doing so makes the transcript sound more clipped at some points than it would otherwise. But leaving them in makes it sound self-serving. So I settle for sounding clipped. 

 There are confidential matters discussed that I cannot record publicly. These have been left out. But I’ve tried to leave in as much as I possibly could. 

 In the next part, AAM discusses how Ascension is a process that started in Dec. 2011 and is at its midpoint now. It will continue for a period of time after this. And it continues because many people are just a stone’s throw away from ascending and can join us if we hold the doorway open for a short period of time. Anybody opposed to that? Not me, certainly. 

 We have not yet had the really impactful unfoldment that he’s talked about in the past, he says in Part 2, but the energies are now hitting us in full force and we’re expanding daily. 

 This is a mostly-unedited conversation between a lightworker and an archangel. You get to hear exactly what was discussed. No, I was not planted in a fiery lake of brimstone for assailing him, as you can see. He is a gentle master (to me he is my master, not to you perhaps – and that’s OK). 

 [Opening prayer and catalog of names and functions deleted.]

 Archangel Michael: I’m asking you, no, not as public figure, but as brother and as friend, before we even begin, to come and to sit with me in the sacred union … to relinquish and to give to me any concern, dismay, despair, anything that is not of wholeness. I come this day fully prepared, my friend, to speak to you and to answer your queries.

 You say, Lord, where is the Ascension, and yes, we know, you and many have been led into this date, this human time, but also this conjunction of time and space and realities, and what I also say to you, dear heart, is that you are in the middle of your Ascension process, and each person is experiencing it uniquely, differently, and yet the collective is also choosing to go forward together.

 Can we lift you up as one immediately? Well, no, because that would interfere with freewill. But we will cover all of these questions.

 But let me first speak to the question of your heart. And it is a question of: Is this real?

 It is a fair question for really what do you have? A discarnate voice speaking over some electrical telecommunications device. So I understand your concern. And I understand particularly your concern about the veracity, because nothing spectacular and nothing foretold has come to pass.

 But long before you have even spoken to this channel … shall I say eons before … I have reached out to you as you have reached out to me because you are the warrior, the communicator, the builder of truth, of compassion, and a shower of the way.

 And we have worked together on this creation of the New World, of Nova Earth, of nova being, pointing the way, not only to what is possible, for everything is possible, but to what is almost inevitable, not because fate demands it or destiny requires. But because it is the journey that the souls above and below and the Divine Mother has planned for eons.

 That still does not speak to the heart of the question, to the heart of your question and your plea, and that is for me to show you what is real and what is not and to have this demonstrated to you not simply through the channel, or a channel, because there are many, but in your own consciousness, in your own time, and in your own reality.

 Steve: Yes.

 AAM: It is not likely that I will bring you on ship today.

 [Note that I had not asked this question of AAM directly in this reading but had definitely addressed the question to him the night before. The answering of a question before I asked him is for me evidentiary.]

 But I will give you very tangible evidence that does not need to be questioned that you are in sacred partnership not only with me but with many of us.

 The reason you do not go on board ship is that there are preparations underway for what you have been waiting for and for what they have been waiting for and for what we have been orchestrating for a long time.

 But the reality of what you are really saying is that I am asking you not to listen to me but to listen to your heart. Now you think that you have not moved forward interdimensionally.

 [Again this is not something I said to AAM before he raised the subject but I did talk to myself about it, so to speak, the night before. So again this is evidentiary to me.]

 But that is not so.

 You have shifted significantly. And what is happening as you are doing that is a great deal of the perception is also shifting automatically. But with this question as a backdrop, let us begin.

 S: OK, Lord. I guess the problem is that I may have shifted interdimensionally but I don’t have any experience of it. I feel like the same person at the same level of understanding so that’s the paradox. [X] had a message from Grener this morning and wants to know if it was a true message.

 AAM: Grener has been talking and visiting with [X] because he has also … well, he loves her first of all … but he also feels that it is important that there be at least several vehicles for him to speak if not to the wider group of humanity then certainly to this smaller circle. So yes, the visitation and the message has been very real.

 Grener has a very wry way of putting things. So yes it is real. But may I say something before we continue on?

 S: Please.

 AAM: You say that you do not perceive interdimensionally and yet your sense of love, even of peace, of relinquishing the drama, of letting go and embracing what you desire and know to be true, of building Nova Earth, of seeing me in form, of seeing the truth of other people’s hearts, this has grown. This has expanded. I do not say this so that you can say, “Oh, alright. I have proof from Archangel Michael.” That is not my role.

 It is that I do not wish for you to underestimate what you have done, what you have received, what you have accomplished.

 [Archangel Michael then goes on to describe what I or the blog have accomplished, but it would be perceived as self-serving of me to reproduce it so I delete it.]

 And, yes, you take this as a very serious responsibility and so do I. But know that you have opened [readers], you have shown the way and what is possible.

 [Again more favorable comments but I delete them.]

 Now we have mentioned [these matters] even prior to December 21st but let us be very clear. If there is any of the old 3rd blame, fault, guilt, let it fall to us and not to you.

 [More complimentary comments which I delete.]

 So having said that, let us continue.

 S: OK, Lord. And thank you for that. What we’re addressing now is my mind so I look for every opportunity to provide what we call in [British] Spiritualism evidence, evidential indications, so I’m going to ask you a question for my mind. It would be evidential for me and perhaps even for X if you could tell us what Grener said to her, if you could reproduce some of what Grener said to her. Are you aware of what Grener said to her?

 [I would call what I am doing here “testing the spirits.”]

 AAM: I am aware of pieces of it, yes. I do not eavesdrop on every conversation.

 S: OK.

 AAM: Basically what Grener has said to her is that [confidential information deleted, but accurate]. He has said to not give up hope, to not abandon what I would call your battle stations. He has said that you are to lead the way and that the plan is still in the process of unfoldment and that the uncloaking of the various ships, including the mother ship, will happen directly.

 [In order to give the reader an idea of what Grener actually said through X, something unknown to Linda, to compare with AAM's rendition of it, here is the description of Grener's message from X: 

“Grener popped in quite unexpectedly and told me 'Do not give up on US.....give up on everything else, but not on us. We are already amongst you and we will be coming. It was not an accident that I showed up in your mirror in early December. We will be coming very shortly. You (X) will feel much better then. [Deleted: confidential.] Steve should be writing from his heart and writing about what he knows about Love.’” 

S: That’s very good. Every instance of that does help me so thank you for that.

 OK, well, I am dead in the water for a number of reasons. One I have told the complete story. I’m not sure what else to write. It’s all been said and there’s no sense going over it again. It’s all on the site in the righthand column.

 So it feels as if I’ve finished the complete saga, so to speak. And I don’t like sequels. They’re never as gripping as something that’s in the moment and new. But that’s only part of it. The other part of it is that I’m experiencing a crisis of confidence. And that’s more serious and I need to discuss that with you.

 Before the 21st of Dec., 2012, when things didn’t go as they seemed they should, I would say to myself, well, it doesn’t matter because the 21/12/12 is coming and it will wipe the slate clean so why get upset about that?

 But there wasn’t anything that happened on that day that matched what you were saying, what Saul, SaLuSa and Archangel Metatron were saying, what any of them were saying that would happen on the 21/12/12 that happened.

 So once that occurred, then these other situations became prominent in my mind, so I need to go over that with you. I need to be satisfied on those scores so I can hopefully win release from this writer’s block that I’m in. And put rather baldly, and in short form, nothing that you and I have discussed, no promise or predictions made, has come true. Nothing has eventuated out of all of that.

 [I then reviewed, Pre-NESARA, NESARA, Disclosure, the Neptune, mass flyovers for the world and at Sedona, triple-digit dates, Ascension, etc.]

 On none of these dates did anything happen that matched words that were said about them before.

 [I then read from comments he had made about 21/12/12, etc.]

 I don’t know any person who has disappeared or ascended. At this moment, no one knows the date of Ascension.

 I don’t have a playbook to write from. I have nothing more to say. So there’s all that.

 [I then related personal things as well.]

 My memory is still gone, interdimensionality not restored, blinkers not removed. You said I’d be working with the galactics in Geneva, Washington and New York but that hasn’t occurred. [Etc.] Now you say that [confidential] will be on [date] and I’m saying to myself, “Oh yah, oh yah, another date.” 

AAM: And you’d be perfectly correct on that. We do not try and make excuses.

 S: I understand.

 AAM: Because we have not produced on the dates that we have said. And I have been listening not only to your conversation with the channel [before the reading] but long before that.

 [Yes, I have lain on my bed and complained to the stars for days, as have many, I'd imagine.]

 Because you and I have been having this conversation for days. In fact we have been having this conversation for weeks. And out of all of that the most important is the fact that you have not experienced the expansion, the growth, the evolution.

 S: OK. 

AAM: And that is the most significant because not only does it affect you. It affects many. Never do we seek to avoid responsibility for what we have said would come to pass and what hasn’t. Now in so many situations there has been the agreement with divine law that we will not interfere with human freewill. But I know that you say, well, this is simply too convenient because there are many whose freewill is absolutely there in the knowing and in the inviting and in the balance and the unity with us. 

And containment truly helped escalate that and change that and make it a more important forum if you will.

 S: OK.

 AAM: We … and this is difficult … are waiting to meet, not you, because you are there, so in many ways you feel that you are at the bus station waiting and the bus is never showing up.

 But there are many others that we are also waiting for, that are approaching that bus station in hordes and this has not just been our decision. It has been your decision as well.

 You say that you do not know any who have ascended, but I suggest to you that there are many who have gone through this doorway, who are standing in the portal but have also gone through the door.

 S: I don’t know of any personally, Lord.

 AAM: We will start to expose them to you.

 S: When? When do you mean, Lord? Now?

 AAM: Today.

 S: Today?

 AAM: Yes, today. We will have them begin to communicate to you, on your website, what they are experiencing. So that will be what you conceive of as evidentiary proof.

 S: Yes. I need solid, reliable people, Lord.

 AAM: Yes, we understand. So do we.

 S: I get lots of people who make claims. [I relate one outrageous claim to AAM.]

 AAM: No, it was not truth. You need solid evidence.

 S: I do.

 AAM: You need peace on Earth as I do. You need radical adjustment.

 S: Uh huh.

 AAM: So this is what I say to you. I understand and embrace the crisis of confidence that is your mind, not your heart.

 S: That’s right.

 AAM: I say to you, yes, we have let you down. I will not use the word “failed.” And I say to you that we will, quickly, a day, the next couple of days, provide you with tangible proof of a nature of which you are asking.

 S: Adequate. Not just a few things that….

 AAM: No, you were asking for the spectacular. I understand.

 S: Well, something irrefutable.

 AAM: Yes.

 S: That’s what I’m asking for. Something that is not open to interpretation. So for instance, if the proof was people writing in and saying “I have ascended,” well, that’s not irrefutable. I don’t know if they’ve ascended. Maybe they’re just writing me. So something people will not be able to deny.

 AAM: Yes, we understand.

 S: OK.

 (Continued in Part 2 when completed)

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