Friday, December 28, 2012

" not grounded in the old third "

Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon

 Continued from Part 1. 

27 - December - 2012

 AAM: Now let us talk about you.

 S: OK, I need an elevation of consciousness because I can’t write any more from where I am. The mind that did all those articles on the site has run out of things to say. I have to be able to reach into a deeper place or another place.

 AAM: Yes, it is a new beginning. It is a completely new beginning. From our perspective, and we do not seek to give false praise, what our platform [the 2012 Scenario] has accomplished in 2012 in building community, opening hearts, changing the way people think and perceive, what they are prepared to do, how they are building a new community of Earth, how they are shifting out of the old and into the new has been nothing short of remarkable, what you would think of as spectacular.

 [OK, I'll leave this one in because it lists what we've been doing. If people want to see it as self-serving, that's fine.]

 These are the things that we look for. So we have had plenty of evidence on our side. Yes, there are many who still lag behind but that is also known, expected, anticipated. But in terms of what you are asking and talking about, there are two things, the expansion, the darshan [“darshan” means a vision or appearance of the divine] and the new topic because you are quite correct insofar as it has all been said and it is time for the new to begin.

 Steve: Yes. I agree.

 AAM: So first comes the opening. Now I would suggest to you you are not grounded in the old third. You are having an experience of physicality but it is not what you think of as the old third. But nevertheless you will have the opening and then you will go forward with a new perspective on building the new reality.

 S: OK. Now once we get off the phone together, Lord, then I have no further contact with you that I’m aware from that point to the next reading so…

 AAM: No, we need to have this channel open.

 S: What channel, Lord?

 AAM: Your channel.

 S: But I’m not aware of speaking to you.

 AAM: But you are aware of writing and you are aware at times of channeling me.

 S: Yes, oh yes. Uh huh.

 AAM: So when you hang up and you think, well now my conversation with Michael has finished, I am asking you at some point today, because I know you will busily get this information out to be shared….

 S: Yes, indeed, Lord.

 AAM: … but I am asking you to take the time today to simply go into the deepest meditation, no process, no nothing, just receive, let me simply come to you.

 S: Alright. OK. Is it possible for us to begin a new phase of our communication and that is for me to be able to meet with you directly. I would have said on board ship but you mention that that is not a good thing.

 AAM: You will begin to meet with me directly. It is not immediate. But you will certainly feel my presence and certainly my colors and scent today at home, in your apartment. And then this will grow. It would not be … for my full presence to suddenly apparit [appear] would probably cause you to drop dead.

 S: Ha ha ha! Well, then I’d really get my interdimensionality back, wouldn’t I?

 AAM: [laughs] Yes, you would. But that is not our plan.

 S: OK. I only need enough to do my job. That’s all I’m looking for really. Do you know what I’m saying?

 AAM: Dear heart, I know exactly what you are saying.

 S: You know exactly what I’m saying.

 AAM: I do not want to let you down. And I won’t.

 S: OK. Alright. OK, let me just look and see, uhhh…

 I have to ask through you, to all the Company of Heaven, when lightworkers complain, please do not turn it back on lightworkers and say you guys haven’t done enough, etc.

 AAM: We are not saying that. We are saying this. Let us begin by saying we love you. We honor you. We admire you. We embrace you. You have held the sacred space and you have done your work. And it is many ways the lightworkers’, lightholders’, loveholders’ decision that has so influenced the collective to all come along.

 That is not to say that, oh, it did not happen because you decided…. We are praising you because it has been such an unselfish, generous, expansive collective and in many ways unconscious decision. 

Now what we are saying, we know about disappointment, but we also know that that is of the old third in many ways. We are asking you to not turn away. We’re asking you to continue in partnership even in the human realm, even in sacred partnership, unions. There are times and incidents and situations where things occur and you think, oh, well, I can not continue on. You know exactly what I am speaking of.

 S: Yes, indeed.

 AAM: But often you find a way to forgive a friend, to forgive a nation that has acted barbarically, to extend a hand to someone in need even though you are in need yourself. Your hearts are generous.

 S: Yes.

 AAM: We do not turn around and blame those who have supported and embraced us. That would be the resurrection of the evil and the darkness that has plagued Earth for so long. Gaia says no more.

 No, dear heart, that is not what we say. We understand, we will not say angst. There has been very little anger really. When you think of the anger we have experienced in the past. We say we trust you, we love you, and please hold on.

 S: Alright.

 AAM: Yes, many channels have talked about the days of darkness. These are your days of darkness. But it is time for it to end. We understand.

 S: People will ask me, why didn’t you ask him what he meant by “we let you down.” What is it that failed to eventuate, Lord. We heard that there would be a grand celebration after Ascension and grand reunion and tsunami of love and all the rest of that.

 AAM: Well, some have.

 S: OK, some have. Alright.

 AAM: Some have [ascended]. Some haven’t. Some are pillars holding the ground, anchoring the light.

S: Right.

 AAM: There has certainly been remarkable movement.

 S: I guess what I’m asking you, you’ve just said what did happen. What did not happen. Or what circumstance has not fully materialized or manifested, because people will want to know. What’s the score, they’ll be saying.

 AAM: The score is this. As you know, in our private channelings, we have indicated to you [confidential information on the extent of Ascension]. Think of it as a family decision, saying, slow down, because we all want to come. The plan has still need to go forward with great rapidity, by the way. But we will slow down because we want to accommodate everybody [who wants to ascend, that is.]

 [This is the hitting of the pause button that I referred to in an earlier post. I said it was because the Company of Heaven wanted lightworkers to do some of the heavy lifting. I was mistaken. Its because more will come with us and ascend if we slow things down at this moment.]

 S: OK.

 AAM: So what you are doing is literally holding the door open. So that is exactly what has transpired.

So rather than [confidential info] ascending, (1) many going to a holographic Earth, a few going to an alternate universe, think of it as pushing the pause button, but even as you know, that even as the pause button is pushed, there is still recording activity. It is not that you enter no time.

 So what has taken place in this what you can think of as pause, is the old third has taken its form fully as a holograph, on the outer rim, rather than separate from Gaia, she has allowed this, many are still looking outward at that holograph. It is just that, although much of life is a holograph, as you have pointed out.

 And the collection is being made so that all may shift into the new form and this is being made possible not only by us who have pushed the pause button, but by each of you. You say but we are not conscious of this. But your soul is most certainly conscious of this and that is why you are so anxious. 

You say well, Lord, that is all well and good. But in the meantime while the pause button is on hold, and you are not telling me what day and time, rents are due and bills must be paid and people are waiting. We did not agree to this pause and to this adjustment in plan without understanding that you will need more help on the physical realm.

 And we will do so.

 [Confidential discussion which will be shared very shortly.]

 OK. Now I did say that I thought you had hit the pause button but I thought you had hit the pause button to have lightworkers to some unknown work. But you’re saying you did hit the pause button but it was so that many more can cross the finish line.

 Yes, and for the lightworkers, lightholders, loveholders to realize their role and power. And you know that power is not a word I use casually. And so when I speak of power, there is a process for lightworkers that is going on right now. And it is a process that is important to allow. Because not only have you done this magnificent work but now you are in a place where you are questioning and judging both us and yourself. Have I been a fool? Has this been a farce? Is this ridiculous? Do I need to simply shove this aside and get back to reality.

 So you are at another decision point. That is all right. We have complete faith in what this decision is going to be. So in many ways you are at the pause but you are at the pause and you are going to say “No, I am going to keep going.”

 But we cannot program that into you. We cannot make this decision and nor would be wish to. 

Because we know what you are capable of. And we know what the new holds. And so do you. You may not know it in your conscious minds. But stop looking at the old third hologram and look within to the new. That is our plea.

 S: I did have a dream of the new world. I did get the sense of it.

 AAM: And is it not beautiful?

 S: Oh, it was wonderful. It was sublime. I’m so happy to have had that glimpse. OK, so all the people are struggling.

 AAM: We understand this. And we also understand that in the new there will be different ways of playing with currency. But this is also a time when many are deciding so we do not want to interfere with that.

 But we are no going to simply abandon those who have given their lifeblood?

 S: OK, that is very reassuring. Has Ascension happened or are we working towards Ascension? 

AAM: You are in the middle of Ascension.

 S: Now how would you describe the beginning and how would you describe the middle and how would you describe the end?

 AAM: I would describe the beginning over a year ago as we began these conversations, as people began the clearing, as they were riding the troughs and the waves. That was the beginning of this journey. The middle has been the opening of what you think of in human dates as 11/11/12 – 21/12/12. This is the middle. It is the opening of the floodgates.

 And you are being flooded. That is why you are feeling so much. The end is the when the full restoration, the complete restoration and the jubilation, the full restoration of vision and the knowing of your interdimensional self is full there. Now it is already there for some of you. It is coming by degrees.

But many of you are busy collecting, collecting, collecting, helping. That is the role of wayshowers, pillars. That is why there has been this discussion about who they are and what that is about.

 We knew that this was a possibility. There are always many possibilities. But the outcome does not change. Because the outcome is the restoration of the Mother’s Plan and the New Earth, Gaia, in her magnificence and humanity in their magnificence.

 You ask me for a date. And I do not give you one. Because I do have a terrible track record, do I not? 

S: Hah! Ha ha ah ha. Yes, Lord.

 AAM: But I am telling you it is not indefinite. It is not years. We are not talking hundreds of years or thousands of years. We are talking a human process that is well underway.

 S: Are we talking about weeks? Are we talking about months?

 AAM: We are talking about months.

 S: Months? Months? Oh, my gosh, that is a long time.

 AAM: But it is not because there will be a lot happening in the interim.

 S: Well, we certainly could use some flyovers and all the rest of it. Is there any problem now that the cabal is in containment?

 AAM: No, there is no problem. The cabal is contained. That is not an issue.

 S: So when could we expect a decloaking or a flyover?

 AAM: Look to the night sky. Look to the daylight sky. Look up, dear heart. Because they are there and many will be seeing them.

 S: I have only seen three little white dots in my whole lifetime. I’m starved for the sight.

 AAM: We will bring it to you. OK. Ask Grener. He will help. He owes you a favor, does he not?

 S: He owes me a favor big time. I have gone through so much obloquy and so has Linda. I mean, poor Linda. She has taken such a hit over the Neptune and this last one. Yes, I’ll call in my debts.

 AAM: Do so, dear heart. They will be paid with interest. Go with my love, Farewell.

 S: Farewell, Lord.


 (1) AAM says what percentage of Earth’s population will ascend if the mass Ascension happened now, but he’s asked me on previous occasions not to share this information publicly. So I presume that request applies here as well.

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