Saturday, December 07, 2013

" the thirteen universal laws.."

7 - december - 2013

Dear All, 

I will post the thirteenth law, the last law, channelled by Linda Dillon, today, but I realized, re-reading the different posts, that I skipped the fourth law, the law of change, so I will post that one after the last law. 

 Just to have an adequate view of all the laws, here is a quick list of them:

 The first the Law of Purpose. Second is the Law of Intent. The third is the Law of Within and Without, Above and Below. 
The fourth law is the Law of Change, the fifth law is the Law of Give and Receive.
 The sixth is Attachment and Detachment. The seventh is Unification. 
Eighth is Transmutation. The ninth is Instantaneous Transmission. 
The tenth is Dispensation. The Eleventh is Attraction and Repulsion. 
The twelfth is Elimination, and the thirteenth is Completion and Continuity.