Sunday, December 22, 2013

" golden age returning to Earth and DNA "

Dear All, 
here is a message recommended 
by Mike Quinsey, 

 Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin

 15 - December - 2013

 Greetings Children of Ra.
This is Mother Sekhmet. We have been connected to One another since the beginning of Creation.
The Golden Age is returning to Earth and we begin to remember the call of Nature and the call of the Cosmos and how we fit in to it all. In this SOLar System, the Great Central Sun called Alcyone radiates Cosmic Energy to our Sun Sol which then radiates Light Energy to our Etheric Bodies and then our Physical Bodies. Inside our Physical Bodies is contained the Cosmos. The DNA contained in each one of the trillions of cells which make up our bodies are the APP which connect EVERYTHING back to Source Energy. (We got an App for that) meaning an application which connects the plasma silica computer which is our Body to the hard drive in the mind and the bytes of information stored in the heart. Without the DNA none of it will run. This is the sentient computer within each one of us (audio recorded at the ears and video recorded at they eyes) which connects to the larger computer system at Shambhala and the connected grid of sentient computers at the Lords Most High Council where the Watchers record the Akasha from each of the infinite Planets in the Cosmos.

 The DNA.
Until recently our DNA was limited because our ancestors did experiments to alter the DNA. We refer to the demons or the asuras also known as the dark cabal as ‘dark’ because they limited themselves to only two strands of DNA instead of the original twelve strands of DNA. The Chakras or the energy centers are the micro chips where energy moves through thirteen locations in the Body through our Mother Boards which are made up of the nadis, meridians and other Energy Centers connecting the Nerve Cells to the Mind and the Heart. These truths are explained in our written history in the Hindu Epic The Ramayana. The DNA has a dual nature. It is a computer code. It is not binary code of 1s and 0s, it is made up of four proteins represented by the letters: A, T, G and C. As the cells are produced a file is saved. To copy that file there is a Transcription Factor and this is different for each individual. The Transcription Factor for making duplicate cells is rooted at the Moment of Creation. It is known as TF and that correlates to our Twin Flame. We are in constant communication with our Twin Flame through the Transcription Factor in each one of the trillions of cells making up our bodies. You are never separate from your Twin Flame and you are never separate from Source Energy which created you.

 The DNA in our cells connects us from our physical form, to our light form contained around our physical form, to our Twin Flame, to our many Avatar forms all the way back to Source Energy. The human form contains the Divine Blueprint. We have, through nuclear destruction, in the past destroyed our DNA and it had to be reconstituted by Metatron more than once. The Divine Blueprint is the computer code for the Adam Kadmon Body in the dense physical realm. It is a humanoid form and there are many different kinds of humanoid forms. The lion people, the bird people and the reptilian people are examples as are what we call the Greys and also the Tall Whites, the Giants and the Dwarves. there are over 200,000 examples of different humanoid forms in our SOLar System. We will be lucky enough to meet some as visitors to Earth very soon. As we travel the Etheric Realms we carry our DNA code as Liquid Light and we travel in our Etheric Bodies freely around the Cosmos without the humanoid form, we leave it behind in our chair or bed, resting as it awaits our return. We animate our Bodies with the Liquid Light and refer to it as a Soul. SOuL. There is a You in Soul.

 The Twin Flame is the other part of ourselves. We are created first as a Plasma Ball of Light. As we incarnate into the Physical we divide as a cell divides into Twins, exactly the same, except One is Female and One is Male. We are separated by the Physical Body alone. There is no other form of separation. Our DNA is tied together and in constant communication. Twin Flames always have the ability to communicate unhindered through the Aeons of Time as well as the Dimensions in Space. When Twin Flames come back together they delight in joining the physical forms as close as is possible. When they leave the Physical Realm and Pass On then they return to the original Liquid Light Form in the Light Realms, indivisible as a pearlescent white Plasma Ball of Light. We are only referred to as Twin Flames in the Physical Realm and in the Light Realms we are Twin Rays of Light. Twin Flames refer to the Flame in the Heart, the Trifold Flame, pink, blue and gold, is identical in Twin Flames and the conduit which the DNA App communicates ongoing.

 The Divine Blueprint of the Adam Kadmon Body holds the Cosmos inside the Human Body. We can see the similarities in the shape and function of the vocal chords, heart valves and cervix as Source Energy runs down from our Crown and through these Portal ways for Creation from the OM in our Word as Form to New Life born out of us all radiating around the StarGate in our Heart which transmits and receives The Force of Love, within and without. It is quite a Gift to be incarnate in the Physical Realm on Earth Now. It is something for which we may Give Glory to Grace. We may see the same Divine Blueprint in the Stars and an X-Ray image of the Crab Nebula shows us this. The Adam Kadmon Body is capable of the Siddhi powers are supernatural abilities of strength, sight, hearing, levitation, bi-location, instant manifestation and others as the minor siddhis and the major siddhis include shape-shifting, invisibility, remote viewing, control of the elements, full memory and other adept abilities. One of these special gifts is the ability to become small and to enter through the mouth or through the vagina into your own body and there you may discover the entire Cosmos inside and you will be able to explore any part of the distant Cosmos without leaving your room. Everything that is outside is also inside.

 Now, as a part of this channel a call went out asking for questions.

We move now into the portion of the channel which will answer questions. First you will see the question and in bold my answer, Mother Sekhmet:

 Neil LightningBear Heart Devaney
 Can we shift our individual consciousness/perception by ascending or is this a collective shift in consciousness/perception… ie. 100th monkey… collective ascension? Thank you Elizabeth
December 13 at 9:10pm ·

Like Each Soul must Ascend on their own. There are no shortcuts. The misunderstanding about mass ascension hold us in the dark and keeps our individual ascension process in stuckness. This is a grievous mistake. In order to Ascend in this Lifetime then each Soul on Earth must walk themselves back to the Enlightened State. This is done by a spiritual process whereby a Soul’s karma is reduced to zero and the ego mind is completely dissolved. As we move along the spiritual Path by integrating spiritual practices into our lives (good moral conduct, purifying the body, yoga asanas, breathing exercises, withdrawal of the senses, doing our duty, meditation and the superconscious experience of Oneness) our Highest Self, our Monad or Atma reveals to us as we go along the next steps to achieving Enlightenment in this Lifetime. Everyone is capable of that now. As the changes come we will have much more help achieving that then is availed to us now.

 Tracie Carlos
From my perspective, those diagnosed with autism are an amplified human being, an upgrade which we are evolving to. What is Sananda’s take on this? Is this what we are evolving to or will this population dial in to who we are?……I am smiling because that last statement did not ring true for me, sort of like, this population would be going backwards to become more like the majority. So now I would really love to hear Sananda’s take on it.
 December 13 at 9:12pm ·

 Those with autism have learned to practice advanced siddhis especially inner sight, inner hearing and withdrawal of senses. They shut down outer communication and focus on Inner Communication with their Guides, Twin Flames, Family from Home in the Stars and wait a tie when they will open communication with the unawakened on Earth. That moment is just around the corner.

 David Porter Please :
1.Why is ISON (the flotilla of space ships) here and what will be the effects of the debris to earth as the “rocky” part of it passes? 2. What dimension are we humans in percentage wise just now? 3. As of last Sept, 22nd, masses of 3D nature’d ones were supposed to begin to leave Earth (die)? 4. Why can’t “He” and his team make NESARA happen, they were gifted intervention rights VIA Heaven at the inauguration of Obama? 5. Thank you for you support.
December 13 at 9:31pm · Edited ·

 ISON is a MotherShip just as Niburu is. As a MotherShip there are no ‘rocky parts.’ Humans on Earth exist in different Dimensions. Sacred sites, like Mount Kailash are at the 9th Dimension and above. Mount Shasta is at the 7th Dimension and above. This is why visiting these Sacred sites give us such a boost of Energy. Our DNA App pulls in this data and the experience elevates that human for the rest of their life. No part of Earth is below the 5th Dimension now. Earth has experienced Her Ascension thanks to the work of millions of Souls anchoring the Higher Energies from The Great Central Sun and Source Energy and holding the Light within their Bodies, within their DNA and effecting all the cells around them. 

Elizabeth Trutwin About ISON:…/

 Ginger Starr Tetreault
Beth, some of us have ‘clearing’ of old constructs, old energy deep into our DNA. Please ask ‘how’ we are to continue clearing it as its coming up as hurts which feels as though it keeps us from moving forward with why we’re here….Thank you
December 13 at 9:21pm ·

 The programs which are clearing from the DNA are within the cellular memory. As we move forward on the Path of Enlightenment then these programs are purged from our system. If someone suffers constant pain from feeling ‘they are not good enough,’ for example, then as the ego mind dissolves, confidence returns which stems from our Divine Grace and that DNA program is restructured in the Transmission Factor process and perfected through our Twin Flame holding the Light for our Mission Off Planet.

 Comet ISON is not a Comet rather A MotherShip circumventing the Earth Unfolding the Event a…
Above: Nov 27th: looking east before sunrise up at Kendal Castle, Comet ISON’s t…See More December 13 at 9:22pm

 Ginger Starr Tetreault For those who continue to have questions about ISON…perhaps Sananda will address whether the sonic boom and appearance of a ‘huge’ ball of light on Dec 10th in Arizona was related to the ISON event. I feel it was intentional and served a purpose. A message for those of us who know what it was and a warning to a certain ‘group’. It certainly now has many looking UP which is positive and no….no debris has been recovered as it was not a comet but rather the ‘same’ as Ison. ☼ December 13 at 9:26pm ·

There have been sonic booms here and there and a google search will show that. These are always the entry of a cloaked Ship into our atmosphere. [I heard one last summer. It just so happened my son was camping with friends three miles away when I heard it. I asked him later that morning if they heard it and he said, Yes. So did all the others around him.]

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