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" war no longer possible "

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all these news of peace talks are so lovely,
 so below is a comment by steve beckow about it 

Steve Beckow

28 - September - 2013

 We hear today that President Obama had a phone call with President Rouhani of Iran, beginning contact with two regimes which have both regarded each other as the Great Satan. Is this an isolated event or is there a shift in the wind?

 Aisha North’s sources attribute it to the rising energies and tell us we’ll begin to see the results of all the work that the Company of Heaven has been doing, directing powerful energies to us.

       “This energy is doing wonders, not just for you, but for your whole world. And now, you will start          to see the results from all of this even in the so-called mass media. For if you open your eyes and look around, you will indeed detect a change in the atmosphere on a global level.

        “The rhetoric of hatred and fear is starting to fade away in some of the hotspots around your   world, and instead, you will find the talk of reason passing over the lips of leaders hitherto more interested in spreading distrust and incite anger in their fellow men.” (1)

 Certainly that’s what we saw in the phone call between two leaders of nations who have been at loggerheads with each other traditionally.

 Of course you and I know that, even if Iran produced nuclear weapons, the galactics would never allow them to be capable of exploding. The real reason behind wanting to bomb Iran was to start World War III, the end game of those who caused 9/11 to begin a march towards world domination. They have utterly failed.

The populace at large has turned its face against warfare, the Hathors tell us.

        “While events on your world stage could nearly seem to be repetitive of Atlantis, we can lovingly reiterate that the will of your populace is far too against an escalation of warfare for it to take place. 
         “This could be seen as a prediction, but we say this simply because of your collective energy and will as they stand at present.” (2)

 The hunger for peace, Saul says, is “being particularly well demonstrated by the international negotiations and discussions concerning the conflict in Syria.” But “there are also the world economic, sociological, poverty, and religious problems that are finally receiving the urgent attention needed to resolve them.”

       “All of this shows very clearly that the human collective is making the essential choice to change direction and look at its problems from a new and much wiser perspective. The collective will is for peace, security, and abundance for all its members and it understands that forceful or dogmatic intervention is not the path to satisfactory resolution of these issues.” (3)

 The Arcturian Group also feels that people are beginning to wake up to the fact that wars and violence have solved nothing.

     “In the past, power, violence, and dominance were acceptable solutions between differing countries… war. As you have seen, the majority of people are no longer resonating with solutions that consist of war and violence.

     “People are beginning to awaken to the realization that they have for too long witnessed one fruitless war after another, initiated by those who stood to enrich themselves in some way without regard to those actually doing the fighting and under the guise of freedom and security.

       “Mankind is waking up Dear Ones, and this is how it appears. The world is discovering that it no longer resonates with ideas born of energies representing duality and separation regardless of how these ideas are promoted – you have evolved.

         “This how it works and it often takes a great deal of courage to step out and be separate, but always remember – you are never alone.” (4)

 Aisha North’s sources promise that we will see many more indications that the world has chiosen peace.

         “So much is already getting into gear, as we just mentioned. You will see many examples of this  on all sides, and even amongst the highest echelons of your governments, the sense that the tide has turned will in many ways become apparent now. Not neccessarily in outwardly noticeable actions, but more as a sense of impending change that will make many a heart flutter.” (5)

They remind us that “the much prophesied Armageddon in that hot spot you prefer to refer to as the Middle East has not come about either. Is it not interesting to see how they are all frantically scampering about trying to find a peaceful solution there?” (6)

 The calming of the Middle East, they say, has nothing to do with chance.

       “The defusing of the situation in that current hotspot has nothing to do with chance, and everything to do with the massive injection of light that has been pouring into that area for quite some time now.” (7)

 And lightworkers have contributed to it, they say.

         “And if some of you start to think that perhaps you had something to do with this process, the answer is simply a resounding YES. For you are all working oh so hard on behalf of all of creation in all sorts of ways, and so in addition to all of the personal issues you have been clearing out lately, you have been true multitaskers in every sense of the word.” (9)

 Sanat Kumara (“Raj”) answered a caller on Heavenly Blessings who asked if the war drums were quietening down:

          “It is the beginning of peace and the desire for the cessation of conflict, whether it is in a home or a nation. And yes, as a planet you are beginning to declare yourself. You cannot believe the jubilation that is occurring not only with your star brothers and sisters, but throughout the Company of Heaven. So yes, it has begun.” (10)

 When asked what more we could do to promote peace, Raj answered.

           “It is to simply hold the sense of inner peace and to eradicate by giving away for the collective that sense of the need to be right. Because the need to be right is what leads to wars.” (11)

 I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have, that my own sense of a need to be right, or to go first in a line, or to ensure that I get my “fair share,” etc., is on the decline. There are many who still crowd the door at a bus stop or race for first place in a grocery-store line-up, but there are also others who notice the conduct and smile at each other.

 We’re definitely in the midst of a global social shift and for now it has removed war from the range of possible solutions to disagreement. We’re now seeing overtures to peace.


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