Friday, September 13, 2013

" The law of give and receive "

Sanat Kumara through Linda Dillon

The Universal Law of Give and Receive
 10 - September - 2013

The flow of give and receive is unending. It is in accordance with the Law of Movement, the Law of Change. There is a never-ending flow but it is the balance between the give and the receive. What can you give each other and the most important, beloveds, what can, will, do you give to yourself? As you give, it is the law you must receive.

 Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and myself Suzanne Maresca.

 We continue our series on Universal Law with the discussion of the Law of Give and Receive. Sanat Kumara returns today to help us to understand that in order to achieve balance and reach our full potential, it’s necessary to be able to receive as well as offer ourselves in service. Many of us on a daily basis are committed to service to others, yet along with that must come an honoring of the self. The Council of Love tells us that this is where creation takes place, within the wholeness of who we are. 

This is a timely discussion for me because I’ve been wondering where exactly that balance is. Quite often we’re dealing with vows of service and maybe even poverty taken in past incarnations that in this go ’round, we have little or no conscious awareness of. I’m looking forward to the discussion. Good morning, Linda.

 Linda Dillon: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning everybody. Yes, this is a big discussion and this Universal Law, which most of us are familiar with, is actually more complex and deeper. I think it will reach deeper into our hearts than we anticipate. We see this overriding theme of balance in the Universal Laws because they’re all interconnected.

 Every time I begin my meditations in order to get ready for the show, Sanat Kumara brings in those balance scales – the scales of justice – and reminds me they have to be even. And we all waffle back and forth so there’s always a little tilting back and forth, but by and large, we have to be even.

 SM: We can think of ourselves as “good people” if we’re selfless and always helping others, but I’m very interested in hearing what Raj has to say because the Council of Love always comes up with expanded view of any given topic.

 LD: Yes they do, don’t they? Last night was one of those where there wasn’t a lot of sleep for me, but somewhere around 3AM I was actually in Joshua Tree, and we were having this discussion about this very particular Law of Give and Receive. So I must have been thinking on some level about our show today.

 They were showing me, mostly through movement and mudras, how the biggest issue with this law is not only how we give, but how we give and bring in the energy to our self. And how we receive that energy from the universe not just in terms of “stuff” or from other people, but from the universe to ourselves and from our self. Fascinating. Too often I think, Suzi, when we’re doing our work and when we’re doing our giving, the last person we give to is our self.

 SM: Absolutely. And we have this conditioning around the axiom, “It’s better to give than to receive.” And I’m not sure where that falsehood came from, but it’s pervasive.

 LD: It is, and “Don’t be selfish” is another one. In fact, Archangel Gabrielle is really quite outspoken on this issue. Most of the masters are, but we know she always has an outrageous sense in the way she puts things. But she’s emphatic that if we’re not being selfish in the best sense of the word, self-centered, then how on Earth can we give to others? I was reading this morning what I’ve previously channeled on this subject. One line from Sanat Kumara really jumped out at me. And it was “what you create within will be what is.” We forget that. What we’re creating inside of us is pretty much what we’re going to experience in the external world.

 SM: And that will be our outer expression, what other people see about us. We might not realize what they see.

 LD: Yes, what we might not realize is as that channel went on, he was emphasizing to completely eliminate the word “but.” The Council Of Love laughingly calls it “the big but.” How many times do all of us consciously and unconsciously say “I would love to do that, I would love to be able to experience that, but….” And it’s time to let that go. If we can just say “I would love to experience that and I open and receive” then it starts to change and shift the paradigm.

 SM: Yes, and it seems that there are those who feel that they don’t deserve, and that even the word deserve is something that should be eliminated. And there’s a difference between deserving and entitlement.

 LD: What the balance discussion is about, particularly with give and receive, is that we’re really good at giving. But as you said, people – especially light workers and love holders – we’re not so good at receiving.

 SM: Truly so. Speaking of entitlement and the difference between deserving and entitlement, I’m wondering if entitlement is in some way a version of lack of self-worth.

 LD: In some ways I would agree with you. But I think of when people act entitled, it’s like the grown-up version of the small wounded child saying “I want, I want, I want.” We learn about Universal Law because we need and we want to understand as we’re growing how things work. That’s what Universal Law is about. And as we do this, we’re learning that the key to this really is the willingness to say “I want” and “I desire”, and that it’s not wrong or selfish, it’s okay.

 SM: It’s okay to think of ourselves as worthy of being loved, supported and all those good things. We all deserve it. We are children of God.

 LD: So many of the things that we want, I mean the things we really want, are intangibles, not things that we can see. We want the safety, security and nurturing. We want the honoring and respect, and the feeling that we’ve got a close circle of people who really care about us and who have our back, whether it’s two of us or ten. These are the things that we want to receive when everything else is stripped away.

 SM: Yes, and we need to understand that that’s why we’re here, and that’s the bounty that God wants for us and that the Mother wants for us, and that we deserve it. And that’s all there is to it.

 LD: That’s all there is to it. So now I’m ready for a meditation if you are. You know it’s a delight every week to do this show with you and with everybody who’s listening. It’s a great time of the week. (( meditation starts at 11:50 and ends at 28:00 ))


 Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. I am Raj, keeper of the Universal Laws, like you beloved ones, servant of the Mother. I come to speak to you this day about the Universal Law of Give and Receive. And yes, as the channel has said, it is an extension of the Law of Balance. It is finding that balance within the uniqueness of your being – and adhering to it.

 There is an incomplete understanding on the planet of Gaia about this law and how it operates. And all you have need to do is to look to Gaia to understand the truth of how this works. Gaia, in her sweetness and her power, houses and creates a home to all kingdoms, including the human kingdom. She gives a home to the plants and trees, to the Earth and sky, to the elements and minerals. Yes, that means the volcanoes, the oceans, the puddles, the streams and the very air you breathe. And she gives this and supplies this pretty much endlessly. And the only places that does not occur is where the interference of the humankind and the turning away of humankind has destroyed that.

 But even in the most difficult situations of extreme pollution, there is still the giving by Gaia of air, of water, of soil and of minerals. She gives and gives and gives. And at times we would say from our perspective she has given even to her detriment. But you see, our opinion in this doesn’t really count.

 It is what Gaia chooses to do. Just as each of you choose to give. But what is on the balance of receive? Again look to Gaia. She witnesses and sees and receives the gratitude as you do not think of it this way, but perhaps we can expand your understanding of this.

 The molecules of the ocean, every drop of water sing her praises. The trees bow to her and sway. The flowers grace her with beauty and scent. The roots of the trees that go so deep into her heart they do so not only to draw upon her strength, her wisdom, her nutrients, her water, but they also travel downwards to hug her, to be with her. The animals dance and play and express their gratitude; from the river otter to the tiger, they all honor and know. And for Gaia this has been what she chooses to receive.

 In the older times, and in many ways when the human beings, the collective, were more sophisticated, the honoring of Gaia, the giving of gifts – and, no, we do not include human sacrifice in this – but the giving of gifts, the ritual, the ceremony, the connection was also a receiving to Gaia. It was a giving of the humans but it was a receiving with great joy on her part.

 And so now, so many humans have forgotten. But you, my beloved friends, are the repatterners, you are the wayshowers, you are the re-griders and you give this gratitude to Gaia, this acknowledgment of her beauty, or her might of her love and support and she receives it with a glad heart and enormous gratitude.

 And then what does she do with it? She returns it to you as energy, as bounty, as support. You see the flow of give and receive is unending. It is in accordance with the Law of Movement and the Law of Change. There is a never-ending flow but it is the balance between the give and the receive. And as Gaia receives your gratitude, your love, your expressions of love, then she receives that energy. The fuel for the universe is love. So you refuel her and then she refuels you. And so it goes.

 Now, what can you do in this particular cycle? Because do not forget as planetary logos I see the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan on Earth. Not just with humans, but with all. Gaia has anchored now very fully and firmly in the fifth dimension. It is her new home. And of course you are there with her. 

So what can you give her in this time of change and the dissolution and elimination of the old third? What can you give her? It is your willingness to release all the old, all the old false grids, the old ways, the illusions of separation, of lack, of self-worth, of fear. Let this be your gift to her. And then receive from her the conscious, heart-knowing of being with her fully and completely in the fifth dimension and therefore all dimensions and realities.

 This is the biggest gift, and you would give it not only to Gaia but to all of us. This is part and parcel of your ascension and I am asking you, give us your illusions. It is the most precious gift that we could possibly receive at this juncture. And at this time of your jump in consciousness. In the expansion of your heart and the realization that you are love and nothing else. You may think that you are skin and bones and a bit of hair, but even that dear heart, the fibers of that creation are love.

 Gaia, this mighty Archangel, lives in accordance with the Law. And hence, she is a powerful transmuter. So do not think that if you are giving her your illusions, your vasanas, your issues and every false grid that has ever existed within humanity that you are somehow burdening her. It is transmuted back to light and love – faster than the blink of an eye.

 This flow is at the speed of love. The give and receive is at the speed of love. And that is the speed of light squared. You do not yet have measurements on Earth for this. But certainly your star brothers and sisters do. And while you are at it, what do you choose to give your star brothers and sisters? Perhaps you could give away the residue that makes your fields incompatible and perhaps you could receive from them the upgrades, the love, the attunement in the vibrations so that you can have the fullness of your meet and greet.

 What can you give each other is the most important, beloveds, what can and what will you give to yourself? You cannot give away your energy and not replenish yourself. So as you give, it is the law that you must receive. And even though you are inadvertent law breakers, it matters not. Now is the time for this course correction. Where do you wish to begin, Suzanne?

 SM: Thank you Raj for joining us once again on this journey of discovery. Welcome. The first thing on my mind and in my heart to ask is this: A few years back when that movie The Secret came out about matching our vibration with what we want, I started imagining all kinds of things that I wanted to do with my home and the land I live on.

 After a time I lost interest in personal desires and started truly wanting instead to call in blessings for the collective. Soon my prayers and meditations were all about peace and unity for all of us. And I felt in my heart that this transformation was natural and indeed perfect. It felt to me that when I offered myself in service and with love, that my needs would be seen to without my having to focus on them.

 I do truly appreciate what is so about my life right now and at the same time, I admit that I’m bone tired and I’m wondering when relief is coming. I spend so much of my energy in service that I feel that there’s not much left for me things, and those me things require resources that right now are beyond my reach. Can you please help me understand how to find balance?

 Raj: Yes. And this is a question and a situation that applies to many of you. Because it is, I give and I will give to the collective. And I sometimes have been guilty of the same issue, you know. So I know whereof I speak. In fact, every ascended master on this side knows whereof you speak.

 And it is a matter of finding the balance. Dear heart, and I do not say this in criticism, but where did you disappear to? Well, you forgot. So it is not simply an either/or. It is a balance. It is the balance of doing your creation work for the collective but it is also doing your creation work for your sweet self as well. And it is holding that vision. And it is wide open and yes, we do not say that the funnel, as it were, hasn’t been exceptionally slow and instead of olive oil, it has been as if it is a very thick molasses coming through.

 But that does not mean that you are supposed to deter your thoughts, your actions, your creation work away from what you desire. From everything from a space vehicle to food on the table, to bodywork, to partnership, to laughter, to ease. Because what you are really asking for the collective, of course is the higher vibration of unity and peace – and these are what we work on as well. But what is the expression of that? Of course, it is a ceasefire in Syria, or Afghanistan. We know that and so do you. But what does it express as in your very life? In your day-to-day, human, high-vibrational life?

 Now you say to me, Raj, if the money would flow – and we do not care if the resources are a bag of groceries or healthy food that just appears on the doorstep – or whether it is a check in the mail, we don’t care how it appears, as long as it does appear. But in fact, many are very specific about how they wish to receive, which is peculiar. Because when you put out your request for what you wish to receive, we know the details. And much of the details have need that the “how” be left open, because that is the walk of trust.

 I do not wish to be dismissive of this situation because many of you are bone tired, weary, soul-weary. And that is why several of you have also been put, shall we say, on sabbatical. And you do not need to wait for us or the Divine Mother to put you on sabbatical, dear heart. When you are exhausted, you put yourself on sabbatical.

 But bring it back into the balance of what you are doing and creating, giving to the collective, and what you are giving to yourself. And understand that it is also in accordance with the other laws of above and below, and change, attraction and repulsion – all of these are one codification.

 So do not do a creation exercise where you are simply asking to receive or you are giving. Make it, bring it back to the balance. So I am giving this to the collective, I believe I am being taken care of, but I am putting in my order for that bag of groceries today. And make it everything that I love to eat – from leafy greens to tea, to chocolate.

 SM: Don’t forget the chocolate. 

Raj: Your star brothers and sisters would never forget the chocolate.

 SM: Thanks for that. So for me I just need to work on what it is that I can create for myself.

 Raj: No. You are not in this alone. I wonder if all of you do know that. Yes, you do your creation work and might I say you do it very well. And, yes, it is taking action. It is not just the Law of Attraction you are working with. It is the codification. It is all the laws. So what you are doing, you are assigning things. So think of yourself as if you are patterning, I invite you to do this, all of you. You are patterning yourself after me.

 You are part of my team, that is why we are having these discussions; whether you are magenta or gold or blue or ruby. You are part of my team on the ground.

 Pattern your creation after me. So I do not do everything. When you are creating and you are saying this is what I wish to create for myself, this is what I wish to receive in order that that constant flow that I can give and give and give and receive and receive and receive – assign tasks to your guides. Assign tasks, even to the Archangels, to the angels at large, to Saint Germaine, to Yeshua, to me.

 Because there are many things that you would like to create. Let’s face it, currently you don’t have the wherewithal or shall we say the flexibility, to move throughout the universe the same way your guides and we do.

 So you say to your guides, “I am asking you to deliver me “X.” Then you say to Gabrielle, “I am asking you to bring me a wellspring of joy” and then you say to Yeshua, “I am asking you to bring me the ability to multiply fishes into delicious meals.” Assign things and the best part of this, the most important part of this, is don’t take back the assignments.

 All of you have had situations, whether it was in your family structure, particularly with your mothers, or in a work environment where somebody has asked you to do something and then before you have the chance to do it, and to have the gratification of doing it and doing it well, that that person went ahead and did it. That is soul-destroying. And it does not give you the feeling that you are appreciated, honored and respected for what you are capable of. So too, often you ask your guides for help and then you say “well its noon and they haven’t delivered so I guess I’d better do it.”

 So do not grab it back, sweet angels. Allow the delivery. Now, can you send the energies and pull it across the grid? Of course you can. This is a team effort. But the biggest creation in giving and receiving right now for all of you is the declaration and the truth that you are joining Gaia in the fifth, that you are giving her the illusions, the fragments, the strings that still tie you, whatever they are, it matters not, and that you are receiving the full impact of shifting dimensions. In this time, that is what is being asked of you. And for the other things you wish to receive, put in the order. We are not saying to stop your creation work, but just know that is top priority.

 SM: As you’re speaking, I’m wondering what would be the best way for me to help to protect our Cetacean brothers and sisters in the ocean from the Navy’s sonar and air gun testing and things like that. Do I call on Archangels or a particular Archangel to go and put bubbles of protection all around them?

 Raj: Yes, there is one very particular Archangel, well, actually there are two, that you should call on. And one is Gaia herself. Do not forget she is an Archangel incarnate. There are several incarnated angels and Archangels upon the planet. But she is the biggest. Then, what you can do is call upon Ariel, angel of purity, Archangel of purity. And ask her to assist you as well. Also know that your star brothers and sisters are working on this. Because these are their brothers and sisters as well. Their brothers and sisters from Sirius.

 SM: Beautiful. Thank you for that. So this Law of Give and Receive, is it something that humanity as a collective needs to master before we can meet face to face with our star families?

 Raj: It is the willingness. You know you do not have to have it perfected before this can occur. That would be like saying to someone in grade three that they have to perfect algebra at a high-school level before they can go to grade four. So the answer is no. But you need to begin to do the balancing consciously. That is the shift.

 Now, obviously, you know this innately; it is built in to your physical and your spiritual DNA – you know that if you exhale, giving out air and toxins, that you must inhale. It is the flow. So it is simply becoming more conscious of this flow of give and receive. That is what we are asking. And that, as you begin that work, allows the energy to be at a level where you can encounter very clearly and very happily your star family.

 SM: Wonderful. Thank you so much, this has been very helpful. Are we ready to go on to some callers then?

 Raj: Yes I am. Are you?

 SM: I am. Thank you so much. Area code 248, good morning. Are you with us?

 Caller 248: Good morning. I’m looking at the global consciousness and I keep looking for what’s being called prosperity programs, settlements and so forth, and what I’m hearing now is that we’re simply being asked to trust our creativity or our openness to receive. Then the prosperity will flow. Is that pretty accurate?

 Raj: That is very accurate. And what you are doing in terms of what you are giving away is the sense of desperation, of fear, of isolation, the belief that you are not loved enough to be taken care of. And what you are receiving in a variety of ways is the abundance of the universe. And you have need to sit in the middle of that infinity flow, in the knowing that you do receive.

 SM: Thank you for your call. So, Cherysse you’ve been holding on for a long time. Good morning, you’re on the air.

 Cherysse: Good morning. The gift that I have given myself has been almost undoing an inner torture for my inner child. I practiced “It’s better to give than receive” so much that when I began as a child to nurture myself I was told you’re selfish, you’re self-centered. So I would give what I had for myself to others. And it left an inner vacuum, a black hole that I have gone back to in the last five years. I’ve triggered the awakening of all of sixteen of my inner children to a point of such joy and sharing with me, that during the day I share the consciousness of all my inner children.

 And it has awakened in me what I call the universal breast vortex of such nurture. I feel in each breast the empowerment of billions of women: of their joys, their strengths and their oneness, and that’s how I begin my day. And I’d like to ask, when are we as a humanity of women and balancing the yin/yang harmony going to actualize in our bodies, in our breasts, in our sense of the utter majesty and dignity and wonder of each of us holding in our bodies a breast vortex that joins us to the universal breast? That is my joy. When we will we as a humanity enter back into the sacred oneness and dignity and majesty of honoring our breast vortex?

 Raj: But dear heart you already are. And it is the time of anchoring the energy of the Divine Mother. It is not simply the breasts. It is the totality of the love of the nurturing of the creation, of the womb, and of the becoming. It is the re-balancing of that divine feminine energy in equality and the give and take with the divine masculine with your divinity. That beautiful pink-diamond flame in the middle of your tri-flame, in your heart with the golden diamond and the blue diamond, and that is how you are proceeding. It is already from that place that you begin each and every day and that you proceed to create. So go forward with that in laughter and love and in joy. 

SM: Thank you Cherysse for your call. We are on to area code 949.

 Caller 949: Hi. Thank you. Raj, for some reason everywhere I go, everybody is needing money. And I give when I can and when I cannot I am a bit bad on myself and I think I should give a donation to that person. My question to you is this: I have the feeling that I always have to feel like I’m in prosperity and abundance, and that way I can connect with anybody in abundance. Is that okay and am I doing the right thing?

 Raj: It is absolutely the right thing, dear heart. Because you are giving what you can and it does not matter whether if it is one dollar or a million dollars. Be very clear about that. The issue isn’t about amount. It’s about the heart connection. And what you receive back from that exchange is the heart connection. Of knowing that you may be giving to a stranger, but that stranger is you. So it is the gratitude, it is the heart connection, it is the knowing of the flow of the universe and that you, dear one, are a delivery person. So keep going.

 Caller 949: That’s what I thought. I’m wondering why am I the one of my family and friends that has to give out. And it’s fine. I feel happy, but sometimes when in the moment I kind of feel bad….

 Raj: Let the feeling of bad go. It does not serve you. So give that away to me, to the Divine Mother, to your guides and let it be, dear heart. And just practice your generosity.

 SM: Okay, Raj, I have one more question here. It has to do with the prosperity funds, either being released or about to be released. How much does the general feeling or attitude of the collective play into the release of these funds and the relief that we’re all looking for?

 Raj: It has a very strong impact on the release of these funds. And that is why we have asked and guided and nudged to let go of the feeling of neediness. Need is different than a feeling of neediness. You know that, but I wish to emphasize it. To let go of the sense of desperation, of fear, because when you are in that it is like slogging through mud, and even quicksand. So as you lighten up, the flow lightens up.

 SM: So the practice of being able to let go of financial worry and give our worry to the Mother and to Gaia – our illusions of lack or whatever – that that will open up the way. If we as individuals have done that work but the collective is still working on it, what can we do to help others see that?

 Raj: Every little piece of work each of you do is also releasing for the collective as well. I know that I have said bring it back to yourself, but I am not saying to the exclusion of doing work for the collective – it is both, not either/or. Because you may say to me, Raj I do not have that issue any longer – like our previous caller – and so why would I work on this release? And the reason is, you would work on the release for the collective, so your mantra is “I receive ~ I allow ~ I accept ~ I give ~ I AM gratitude.” 

SM: Are we able to do that for our own vows of poverty that have been taken in the past as well for the collective?

 Raj: Yes. When we reach the discussion around the Law of Dispensation we could talk about this, but let us jump ahead. Let this be the day when you release, give to me, give to Gaia, give to the universe, give to the Mother, the release of any previous vows of poverty. They do not apply, they do not serve. They do not make you holy.

 SM: Exactly. Good. I imagine that there are those of us who aren’t even aware of past vows that we’ve taken, and we’re just living it out, wondering why we suffer so terribly and why does the money never come to us, etc.

 Raj: So the apostle, the previous brother of Yeshua, has a very particular process that he does. And what you do is you stand and you put your hands up towards the ceiling, towards the heavens as if you are making a victory sign, and you simply say – and you can all do this because there is no harm, no foul – what you can say is “I release all vows of poverty and I accept the prosperity and abundance of the universe. I accept the gifts of the Mother/Father One. I accept my innate ability to create and to receive. Amen.”

 SM: Raj, is there anything else that we haven’t covered that we need to?

 Raj: What we need to cover is simply the knowing of your worthiness, of the ability to receive and to give and to find that balance. So do not worry about it. If you think you are out of balance, then simply call us. Call me, call everyone. And we will assist so do not hesitate to do so.

 SM: Last week Linda and I had a discussion about the need for protection and we didn’t really ask about it. But I’ll ask about it now. It’s been stated that it’s not really necessary but that we can set those things up for our own perceptions. Is that accurate?

 Raj: It is accurate and incomplete. What the Mother was saying to you and what we are all saying to you is that you also have need to acknowledge, and this is part of receiving, the intangibles, how much you are protected.

 Now, most of you, my beloved friends, know your guardian angels and your guides. And you know that you have that circle of protection around you. And they are working with and for you and have since the beginning; morning, noon, night and in between.

 Then there is the additional protection of the mighty ones: the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, and so there is that level of protection as well. Then there is your own Seal of Solomon, your sacred bubble and there is that level of protection.

 But if you perceive that you are not safe, it is what you are giving to yourself so when you erect your shields or your methods, your rituals of protection, what you are doing is also declaring to the universe “I know I am protected but I am also taking personal responsibility and reassuring myself that I am protected.” And, dear heart, that is a good thing.

 SM: Would you like to share about what we’re doing next week?

 Raj: We can do that. And I will return you to Linda shortly. Next week we will speak about the Law of Attachment and Detachment. It is a beautiful law. Again in keeping with the balance and the unity of that balance. You cannot simply have one side without the other. It is that simple. And so we will talk about this and I, my beloved friends, will also invite the Buddha to come and join us for this conversation.

 Caller 248: Thank you. I feel abundant today and I have two questions.

 Raj: It is your willingness to receive.

 Caller 248: I know that the planet is starting to voice our desire for peace on the planet. Are we seeing the beginning of the collective initiative play out? That the war drums are subsiding and we’re starting to bring in other ways of relating to each other as a whole?

 Raj: It is the beginning of peace and the desire for the cessation of conflict, whether it is in a home or a nation. And yes, as a planet you are beginning to declare yourself. You cannot believe the jubilation that is occurring not only with your star brothers and sisters, but throughout the Company of Heaven. So yes, it has begun.

 Caller 248: Is there something more we can do for the collective?

 Raj: It is to simply hold the sense of inner peace and to eradicate by giving away for the collective that sense of the need to be right. Because the need to be right is what leads to wars. It is actually related to what we were speaking of earlier in terms of entitlement; that you are more entitled than someone else to land, to freedom, to democracy, to whatever. And so that is based on a feeling of inadequacy, of lack of self-worth, that somehow you have need to prove yourself as more than, rather than equal to. So send the energy of elimination, of eradication, and deservingness to the collective.

 SM: Thanks for your call. Area code 949 you’re on the air.

 Caller 949: I am from Mexico, Raj. Can you say something about Mexico because you know how it is right now, there’s so much going on, and violence. I know this is a bit off of giving and receiving. I really wanted to say something about my nation because I’m kind of, I wouldn’t say concerned, but I want to know when all these situations going on there will stop.

 Raj: But the breaking down, dear heart, of false grids and what is going on in Mexico in terms of the violence is no different than what is going on Syria, Afghanistan or any of the other hot spots, shall we say, of conflict. Whether it is political or drugs or violence, it is one individual thinking that they have the right to be in ascendancy over others. And that is unacceptable. That is an illusion.

 And it is an illusion that is not of love. So it is coming to the surface and it looks awful, it looks horrendous, but if you don’t see the dirt, how do you clean it? So peace will reign in Mexico – this is a place that has special favor. The culture is community, it is sharing, it is rich – and that will return. Do not worry. Literally, our Lady is watching over you.

 Caller 949: Thank you.

 SM: Thank you so much for joining us today, Raj. I so appreciate it.

 Raj: You are so welcome, dear heart, and I give you back to Linda. Farewell.


 LD: Hi. It’s good to be back. I often lately don’t get to see the end of the show. The Council of Love and Archangel Gabrielle introduced a term years ago that we’re not only light workers, but we’re light holders and we’re love holders. I know that so many of us light and love holders are in this place of that pregnant pause of waiting. And the energy has been quite quiet in many ways the last couple of weeks. It’s almost like that hour before dawn, before the birds start to chirp. And many of us are wondering what’s going on. Even though there’s all this eruption about Syria, etc.

 If you’re sitting in your house the energy feels quiet. Like we’re waiting for something. And we are. Things are breaking loose. So our job is just to keep going and to hold that higher vision of love and really be working not with the old human constructs, but with this higher element of Universal Law and the divine qualities, the thirteen blessings and virtues. And if we do that, the ripple effect, especially in the quiet, goes out to our neighbors, to our community, to our state, to our country, to the world.

 SM: This is true. I really want to thank you for that meditation. It was a beautiful one and I was able to get into it today instead of watching the screen. It was wonderful, so thank you.

 LD: I’m glad. Those meditations are channeled and I sort of float in and out on the ride, but it’s just delightful and can I say a few words about Joshua Tree?

 SM: Please do.

 LD Thank you. Since we rarely have time. Everything is in full swing for the annual Council of Love gathering on the New You in Joshua Tree, and I know some of you are saying “oh my god, I’m sick of hearing about that” – but this is the invitation. If it’s calling to you, then really consider coming and just allow yourself to receive as you give away all the reasons, all the “big buts” about why you can’t come. And that’s only if it speaks to your heart. Because that’s the litmus test. I also wanted to draw to everyone’s attention that my partner in crime, a wonderful shaman and sound healer and channel Taka Chi is going to be with us in Joshua Tree. He did a wonderful meditation at the end of Stephen Cook’s Lift Your Spirit show on Sunday night that’s helping us etherically prepare for Joshua Tree and to prepare the space. And that meditation, I understand, is posted now on the Golden Age of Gaia website. So even if you can’t come, go and listen to the meditation and enjoy it. It’s absolutely beautiful.

 It’s done with the didgeridoo and various instruments and it reaches right into your vibration and opens up those doorways; so go and sit in those wonderful chambers of your golden heart and listen to that meditation and really enjoy it. And just be. And just remember hold up both your hands in front of you. On one hand is the gift, and we normally give with our right hand, and we receive with our left hand. So hold out, extend with me both of your hands and make sure that they’re both full. Because you deserve it. You’re an infinite child, an angel born of the Divine Mother and you deserve to receive as much as you give.

 SM: Absolutely true. So next week should be very, very interesting with the Buddha, on attachment. 

LD: Yes, and he has a lot to say on this subject.

 SM: One of the Four Noble Truths.

 LD: Yes, and as we go I think were building this foundation of our understanding of how Universal Law works and how we work, and how we work with these unseen forces and the energy of creation in the universe. This is really important for us, not only to mentally understand, but to really bring into our bodies, into our hearts. So as always, Suzi, thank you for the wonderful job and the service you do in giving your time and your energy in creating this show.

 SM: Thank you, too, Linda. It’s always a pleasure. Thank you to the listeners and everybody who reads the transcript. It’s a wonderful thing.

 LD: I should point out the transcripts are always posted on the Council of Love website, which is
 We’ll see you there. Love you all, bye.

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