Friday, June 21, 2013

" speak to Gaia "

(Continued from Part 1.)
 Universal Mother Mary through Linda Dillon

 18 - June - 2013,

Part 2/2

 Heavenly Blessings:

 SM: Thank you Mother. Are we ready for some callers?

 DM: I am.

 SM: Caller 206 are you with us?

 Caller 206: The darkness and the light in Prime Creator, which is you, Mother, sometimes the darkness can turn into the light. How does that process work?

 DM: Because there is no separation. That is an illusion. The light is within the darkness. It is simply a matter of degree.

 Let me be very clear. When I call energy back to me, or when I infuse energy, then it is instantaneously, immediately, in less than the blink of an eye, shifted.

 Now, in the case of humans, where some have lost their way and some have acted as catalysts and you have designated this as darkness, it is a way of differentiation and it is a way for you to discern whether you are in the light or in the darkness, but, dear heart, even if you are in the darkest place, you are still filled with light. If you put a hood over your head that is dense, felt, and you think “Oh no, now I am in the darkness” does that mean that the sun shining outside has disappeared? Of course not. In fact what happens when you put that hood on is that you lose your sense of differentiation, of gradation, of beauty.

 So when you are tired of that, and I do not mean you specifically, when you are tired of that darkness you simply remove the hood, or ask me to, and you are back where you belong. It is that simple for me.

SM: Area code 970, you’re on the air.

 Caller 970: Good morning, it’s Judy. I’m wondering about a couple of issues. The one I’m most concerned about is in relation to being a member of The New You forum and the way I need to apply myself a bit more there. I understand we are a group of Lemurians and I was wondering what my role is in this group.

 DM: You are not a group of Lemurians. I do not know where you get this idea. Have you been Lemurian? Yes. Have you been Atlantean? Yes. Have you been so many things throughout the universe? Yes. But the key is simply to decide to embrace your role within this group, whether it is this forum or some other undertaking of your sacred mission and in this I speak to all of you.

 Why do you hesitate? What is it? What illusion are you clinging to? What false grid? What busy-ness do you think is more important than your sacred journey? There is nothing more important. You say “yes, but I have ‘things’ to attend to, and of course I must work and feed myself and clothe myself and house myself” but sweet angels this is part of your journey.

 There is not this spiritual journey and then the human, physical, emotional journey. It is all one thing. It is only one journey. So if you are brushing your teeth, is it a spiritual act? Are you filling your mouth with light so that the words of freshness and love come out of you throughout the whole day? Of course. Stop making those incorrect divisions in your life. And proceed. But do not proceed next week, next year. Do you want me to wait until then to speak to you? No.

 My advice, my guidance to thee, all of you, as your Mother, do not put off what you know you have to do. Do not put off what will fill you with love and joy. Do not say to me any longer “Mother I think I’ll just stay in this place of being stuck in misery for a few more days.” Please do not do that. Turn to me and let me help.

 SM: Area code 248, are you with us?

 Caller 248: Yes this is Jilena. I know that we’ve been in 3D for quite a while, or thinking we are, and I am looking at being uniquely who I am only. And everything around me being uniquely what that is – as a way of being more expressive of our creator being, and our uniqueness. Can you speak to something that would assist us in opening more into this?

 DM: Yes. Sit, lie, run, into the mirror, into the mirror of my heart, my eyes, my being. Not simply your physical mirror, not simply the shield of Michael or Gabrielle, not even your own shield that acts as a mirror.

 Simply be with me and let me reflect into you the beauty and the truth of who you are. Now so often when this type of invitation, and I have never issued this invitation before, when this type of invitation is issued, you spend ten minutes then you run away. You say, “well that didn’t work”.

 Well, ten minutes of your time does not even count in ours. But it also is only the amount of time in which you begin to quiet your ego mind. So cut out, carve out, make time to simply sit and receive more information on who you are. On the magnificence of who you are. Let me give you an example. 

Many of you have experienced partnership or romantic love at one point in your life or another. And when your beloved has said to you “I love you, because you have such beautiful eyes, such a sweet smile, a tenderness with others” do you say to them, “Oh stop, I don’t want to hear anything more”? No. You bask in the sweetness, the tenderness and the acknowledgment that someone not only sees you, but cherishes you in this way.

 So when I ask of thee to come and sit with me, do not cut me off. Take time to hear, to feel, to intuit. It matters not how you receive the information; only that you do. And then appreciate and love yourself the way that I love you. That is what you can do.

 SM: Area code 865, you are on the air.

 Caller 865: Hi. My question is, what would be the easiest way to raise our vibration or how can we get into union with our DNA, to unscramble the DNA within our bodies, the 12 levels that we have?

 DM: You have 13 but that is neither here nor there. But how you do this, dear heart, is, first of all you allow it to be done with, to and for you. There is much work being done on your constructed field, your unified field from beyond what you think of as the physical realm. But your role in all of this is meditation and the conscious application of love. The conscious application of joy.

 So when you are doing something, the question that becomes ingrained within you is “Does this feel like love? Does this feel like joy? Does this feel like the truth of who I am?” Not of who your brother, your sister, your mother is, but of who you are.

 Because think of it in this way: when you act, behave, think, feel, and I do not say this in a critical manner at all, but when you behave contrary to what you really want, what you are doing is unraveling, jumbling the good work you have done.

 Now, this is not a statement that is intended to send you into disarray if you think “Oh my goodness I went awry yesterday. I’ve undone everything.” Dear heart, more than anything, what humanity – each of you my precious children – what you are doing is an enormous walk of trust. You are moving from trust to knowing. So trust that your process is underway and you are a participant in your life, you are the driving force in your life. We do not override your free will ever, but you most certainly are not the only engineer on the project.

 SM: We are on to area code 949, are you with us?

 Caller 949: Yes, thank you. Mother, I’m the only one aware of what is happening around the planet and the spiritual level and everything and I keep telling my friends and family, I can just give them the seeds, you know put it in their hearts, what might happen to them and that they might wake up too, and I don’t think they listen. I could tell them of my actions, but do you think it would be better for me to give an example to them of something happening to me so that they can realize this is a time of being together and we need to be changing the planet?

 DM: You are doing both. You, through your field – and again this is true of all of you – through your field you are giving, you are communicating, you’re sharing, you are spreading, you are planting, you are seeding the energy. And in the practical reality, what you are doing is showing by who you are what this undertaking is about.

 So you are doing on a subtle level and you are doing it energetically. But also, in addition to that, plant the seeds. There are some who do not wish to hear, and that is true in your case, but nevertheless, a seed planted here or there will take root in the most unexpected of ways.

 So do not give up. Understand if you go into your garden and you plant a seed you must water it, you must tend to it, you must see that it isn’t eaten by the birds, although that is actually all right. Know that you are planting seeds in the garden of your family’s heart. And you are doing a wondrous job. Do not give up.

 Caller 949: Is this the best way to serve you, Mother?

 DM: Dear heart, you have always served me. Now remember what I have said earlier. Your service, your loyalty, your honoring of me is beyond any question. But sit with me as well as your Mother. I wish to chat with you. I wish to touch your hair, and hold you and reassure you and guide you.

 SM: David, are you there?

 David: Yes, I’m here. So, Mother, you answered a lot of my questions. I want to share something. There was like water in a glass and it was not so pure. And I simply tried to, or had the intent to, purify it. And then it tasted much better. So I wanted to ask, can we really do that on a regular basis? Is that one of our new powers?

 DM: No, dear heart, it is one of your old powers. When you bring your intent, your prayer, your energy and your love to something, whether it is water or food, medications, situations, when you bring your prayer and you do this in a deep manner, then you will transmute. It is the law. What you are doing is aligning with the universal law that simply explains and determines what you think of as causality.

 David: Thank you. So, is it right for my path and for me that you give me an advice for my book writing? Talking about my information that I channeled in my book?

 DM: What I advise you to do is follow what is giving you joy, compassion, love and laughter. So, yes, proceed bravely.

 SM: Area code 778 you’re on the air.

 Cherysse: Hello, this is Cherysse again. I feel like I’m rebirthing. And my relationship with myself, I’m feeling a tenderness with the love and I’ve followed the 13th octave; it’s like planting myself in your heart. And it feels like that love is with me, and I need some wisdom because now the people in my life know this depth of magic love that’s coming alive.

 The Big C housing lady, she’s wanting to do an inspection but she doesn’t have any sense of reference for this sacred rebirthing that’s happening in my life, so I asked her to just from the door, open the door, look in and then when she’s coming back for the inspection which is more detailed in six weeks by then I will have dealt with my clutter and whatever while I’ve been rebirthing – I haven’t done a lot of cleaning – but it feels like she wants to come in and, not embarrass me, but I want to show myself to someone that has eyes to see and she doesn’t have eyes to see the sacred.

 DM: Do not think that any being that I have ever birthed in any reality does not have the eyes and heart to see the sacred. What you do is you underestimate them. Now, you are a catalyst and you have the potential so what you do, as you put it, you have been cleaning up the clutter of your soul. So, now make that manifestation on the outer realm, clean out the clutter so that she doesn’t have to look at the clutter and can see you.

 Cherise: It’s a big job.

 DM: But you are able to get help above and below and you will do so.

 Cherise: Can you talk more about the help I can invite?

 DM: Dear heart, simply call upon your galactic, your celestial and your human family. The assistance will come. You do not need to define whether someone is a first cousin, a second cousin, or a great aunt. Just let it be. Farewell.

 SM: Mother is there anything you would like to say in closing?

 DM: Go with my love. That is all there is. And call me. Farewell.

 LD: Hi, it’s Linda.

 SM: Welcome back.

 LD: Oh thank you, what a wonderful gift we’ve been given.

 SM: Yes we have, and thank you so much for being the channel for us.

 LD: My pleasure. I just wanted to have a chance to say to everybody that I love you and I will see you in two or three weeks.

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