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" speak to Gaia "

Universal Mother Mary through Linda Dillon

 18 - June - 2013

 Part 1/2

Heavenly Blessings:

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and myself Suzanne Maresca, sitting in for Graham Dewyea.

 SM: Today we continue the conversation on family, with the focus on the celestial aspects of our connections throughout the universe. Our honored guest today is Universal Mother Mary bringing forth her experience on Earth being mother to Yeshua, as well as Divine Mother to every being in creation. 

It’s an interesting transition we’ve been making to seeing ourselves in a new light. We’re opening up to possibilities that maybe a year ago would have felt like the height of arrogance. But now it’s simply more about relaxing into the truth and allowing our divinity rather than acting out of ego. Once we’ve done our clearing work, the ego has no more power to keep us thinking of ourselves as small. I don’t think I can express enough how truly blessed I feel to be doing this show with you, Linda, and to have the opportunity for direct on-the-air guidance from the Universal Divine Mother. Good morning, my friend.

 Linda: Good morning, Suzi. Good morning my friend, and my friends – all of you out there who are listening and all of you who are listening after the fact. I’m glad you touched on that, because I think sometimes it’s that sense of wonder that we’re actually talking on the radio to the Universal Mother. It’s phenomenal. And in some ways it feels like the new normal, and it is the new normal. But in a whole other way, it’s like “oh my gosh”.

 I feel such an honor to be this channel. There is so much that is happening right now and the Universal Mother is very front-and-center with us. She was the one that said yesterday that she wanted to talk to us on An Hour with An Angel and again today stepped forward and said “I want to talk to my children about family.” So, our idea of what family is, is certainly shifting and changing, and giving us new ways to look at it and feel about it. It’s a truly amazing time.

 SM: It feels like we’re being nudged in no uncertain terms to accept who we are as human beings, and not in a way that speaks of hierarchy at all. It’s more an acknowledgment of what we’ve actually done and what we’re doing right now.

 LD: Yes, if there’s one theme that’s coming through, particularly from the Divine Mother, it’s that it’s time. And anyone who listens to me knows that I am probably a little bit sensitive around this issue of time because “time” in the universal sense isn’t necessarily what we perceive on Earth, but the sense of urgency; the mother duck nudging the ducklings along is certainly the concept of what we’re getting from the Mother and the company of heaven. It’s like “Get going. It’s time. Swim.”

 SM: And not to say that we haven’t been doing a great job of giving the Company of Heaven a big surprise in how far we’ve been able to come and what we’ve been able to do up to this point. I think that’s why the plan is always changing, because humanity is turning out to be pretty effective.

 LD: And pretty amazing. And I still have that sense. I’m lucky because when I’m channeling, what happens is that I get to feel or experience the sensations, our core emotions I guess they would be in human terms. I get the feeling of what the being is saying or communicating. And if I’m working with somebody, or when our callers come in and honor us, trust us with their questions or their input or comments, I also feel everything that they feel.

 But the consistent sense when I am channeling, whether it’s the Mother or Yeshi or Saint Germaine is this absolute wonder and amazement, and honoring and surprise about how well we, the human collective, are doing. And how much we have grown and how much we continue to grow and shift. We don’t tend to notice it as much.

 I would think many of our listeners have children. And when you measure a child on the wall or the cupboard door, the kid doesn’t realize how much their growing during a school year, but yet when you put that line in and the year, you say “Oh my gosh. Look how much you’ve grown this year.” But you don’t feel like you’re growing, as your bones are expanding and your body is morphing. And that’s exactly what’s happening to us spiritually. We’re doing really well.

 SM: I think so too. It’s interesting because for example Lee Carroll channeling Kryon; Kryon even last year used to say things like “it’s really far away, you’re in process, it’s not happening for a long time.” But even his channels have changed into more what’s on the forefront, like right now.

 LD: The plan has shifted. And we’re bringing things forward and we, as frustrated or anxious or excited as we get sometimes, like “Where is it?” we are really in the middle of our awakening, transition, shift, ascension, whatever we want to call it. We’re in it. And sometimes when you’re in it, you don’t fully acknowledge or see because it’s so close and immediate, what exactly the complete details of everything that’s going on.

 There have been situations where, like everybody, you’re in a position where it’s really tough. It’s hard going. And I’ve had people ask me or I’ve shared over the years with clients and friends, like “what do you do when you’re in that place.” And what I do is put my head down and keep going. Because there are times when that is all we can do. We don’t fully understand it, we don’t know exactly everything that’s going on, and we can either quit – which isn’t going to happen – or we can just keep on going. 

Speaking of which, I wanted to share with our listeners, that yours truly is going to be away off the air for three weeks. But our sweet Suzi is going to be holding the fort and bringing in a variety of wonderful guests for the next two to three weeks. So, I wanted to thank you, Suzi, for doing that.

 SM: You’re very welcome.

 LD: Some of you who are listening are wondering what’s going on. Sometimes we don’t have the full picture of what’s going on. And even if we thought we were being given the full picture, we still don’t have the full picture, because it’s so big. It’s so magnificent. I can’t wait until all of us together are really at that point where we collectively can look at something and say “oh, okay, that’s what it is” – and even then, still being in the place of knowing and acceptance I guess that there’s always more.

 SM: It’ll be wonderful when we can open our perceptions to see that we’re already free of these 3D constructs. Many still seem bound to the old ways but it may be a case of these illusions going away when we ignore them.

 LD: One of the big pieces of the work that I’ve been doing with these hardy souls, these 50 individuals, laying down the new patterning of The New You, is letting go of false grids, letting go of all of those false beliefs and illusions that humanity has carried for so long. And it has been some of the most intense work that I and this group, who I know have a soul agreement to do this, have ever done. But the point is, we’re doing it. And we’re not just doing it for ourselves. We’re doing it for the collective. So, continue ignoring and letting go and not worrying about whether you forgot something that hurt you.

 SM: Yes, and find a way to have fun. Find the joy. Have a good belly laugh every day. So let’s get started. ( Meditation at 14:10 – 10 minutes )


 Divine Mother: Greetings.

 SM: Welcome, Mother.

 DM: And welcome to you, for I am the Mother of love. I am the Mother of change, of constancy, of continuity. I AM the Mother of ALL. And yes, I have been beckoning to all of you because, my beloved angels, you are ready. Oh, you are ready for many things, many undertakings within your realm which I designate as the Fifth Dimension, although you are free to travel wherever you wish. But, my beloved ones, you are anchored in the Fifth reality, so I would suggest that you stop this practice of denial and accept that you are shifted and that you are going to continue to shift and to expand

 But that is not the sole purpose of what I have come to discuss with you this day. I come as Divine Mother, as the essence of ONE. Yes, let me repeat that: The Essence of One.

 Because there is not and there cannot be any separation. What does this mean in practical terms? Does it mean that I am a directive, controlling mother that does not let you leave home or make your own decisions? Of course not. For how could that in any reality ever be construed as love.

 Your situation and the situations of all beings is different. I did not shoo you out of the house. But I did birth you, magnificent beings of love who have assumed multitudes of forms. More than you can ever imagine. And you have chosen, yes, as an act of love and service and joy to me, to fly free; to demonstrate, to incarnate in various forms, to choose love rather than illusion or delusion.

 But, dear hearts, simply because you have traveled on this journey does not mean that we are not connected, irreversibly connected. Often when I speak it goes without saying – but I bring it to the forefront today for purposes of this discussion – that what I do is infinite and eternal. There really are no exceptions to this rule. And even if it is a transient momentary transmutation it is still infinite and eternal. So our connection, our bond, which you may translate as our love, not simply MY love, but OUR love, Mother/Father One, unified force in conjunction with your love; and when I say OUR love I include you. It cannot be broken.

 Now, do you travel far to test your wings and your independence? Have you sometimes lost your way? Yes. But that does not negate our bond. Now in the human realm there are children, adult children, who will move next door and simply stay there for their entire lives. Is that not curious? And then there are those that will move across country or even across the world in order to flex their independent muscles or to follow their dreams. There are many reasons why children flee home. And we are not here ever to judge those reasons. Because they are heart-directives. And even if they are based on misunderstandings they have need to be trusted because the outcome will bring you to where you need to be.

 But let me be very, very clear, my beloved ones, no matter how far you travel I am still your Mother. And we – you and I – are family. It’s as simple as that. And it does not matter whether you have incarnated thousands and thousands of times and if you incarnated all of those times with a different mother. It does not change the ultimate standalone truth that I am your Mother.

 I claim you. I have always claimed you. What I am asking, sweet angels, is for you to claim me. There are very few upon the planet that take full advantage of our connection and bond. Now I do not mean that there are not many because there are millions and millions of you who stand in humility, piety and purity, in grace and in service to me. And you do so in wondrous ways. And it is received and appreciated, make no mistake about that.

 But what I say to thee this day is to make our bond and the relationship that already exists more intimate. For truly, yes, you all have your twin flames, your guides, your guardian angels, but what I am suggesting to you is, there is no relationship, no bond of love that exceeds my love for you. There is nothing that is stronger than our bond. Now some of you have had trying or difficult relationships with your mother or your father, for we are both, but for the most part, even if you did not speak to your mother for a year or ten years, or one hundred years, if you picked up the phone and you called and you said “Mom, I am just calling to tell you I appreciate you and I love you” she would embrace you right through the phone. And she would say “Sweetheart, it is so good to hear from you. How have you been? What’s the news?”

 And in that question, “What’s the news?” is the real question of “How can I help?” It is the statement that I forgive you and I miss you and I am so glad you have called and I hope you call me regularly, every day. But, as your Mother, I will also take what I can get. And it is true, for sometimes all I get from you are the desperate calls for help. And that is all right. It is far better than not calling at all. And I always answer. It is not always in the way that you think, but I always answer.

 Not one entreaty ever goes unanswered. But, my beloved ones, I would love to hear from you more often. And I would love to assist you more clearly, not only with your Ascension but with what you are creating, what has been entrusted to you to create. Your talent, your abilities, your capacity, your power, your might to create is infinite. You have forgotten that. But you come from a family of creators, of builders, in every sense of the word. So begin.

 Now you say to me, “Well, Mother, this is very exciting, but can you tell me about the rest of the family?” Now I wish to suggest to you that of late we have had discussions about mastery and masters on Earth, angels and archangels on Earth. But we want to be very clear, there is no hierarchy of family. And, if there is a hierarchy of family, do you not remember that the baby is always the one that is the most taken care of, the most cherished, the most spoiled? So do not think, dear heart, that if you consider yourself to be the baby that you are somehow in an inferior position. What I suggest to you is that you are in a very favored position.

Your family is the legions of light. The entire realm of the angelic kingdom. Your universal star brothers and sisters, your planetary brothers and sisters, and by this I mean the planets, the galaxies. You do not tend to think of them as part of your family, but they are. And then of course there is the galaxy of humans that sit with you, stand with you, run with you, play with you upon the planet, our beloved Gaia. But you say, “Yes, Mother, I know I have this extended family and that is all very nice, all well and good, but who is my celestial family?” Well, dear hearts, you have known this forever. And yes, this is part of what I have been sharing and teaching; yes, to The New Yous, to my sweet Annas, but it is very simple.

Who do you love? That has always been your compass and your weathervane, your litmus test. Because it is beyond ego and it is these and beyond free will so when you say to me “Mother, who is my family?” I say to thee “whom do you love. Is it your brother Saint Germaine and the violet flame? Is it my sweet Yeshua? Is it Gabrielle or Michael?” What you will find, sweet ones, is that many of you tend to align with a certain vibration and what translates in your reality as a ray, as a color, and most of you are combinations thereof.

And there are so many of you who are blue and gold, my precious ones, and who are Pleiadian and who have come to Earth, yes, as the showers of the way, but also to be in the company of your family. We have said to you that each of you came of course with free will but also in service to me, in love to me. And to the father, which is the We. But you also said “But, Mother, this is quite a spectacular undertaking is it not? For this really in this manner and form is a first even for you.” And I smiled and said “Yes” and then you said “Well, Mother, I would really like to go with those that I like and trust and know that I will fulfill this mission and purpose and that will fulfill the promise of my heart and yours.”

 So in many ways, yes, billions strong, you have come with your family. And even those, some who have lost their way, some who have acted in a role that is the strongest catalyst of what you have perceived as very dark energy to point out and highlight the necessity of releasing and making peace with the Third Dimension of old. You have come in the interconnectedness of all. There is no one and no being upon this wondrous Gaia that is not part of your celestial family.

 Now, dear Suzi, sweet angel of light, do you have questions for me?

 SM: Yes, Mother. Thank you for joining us in this way. I love the invitation to consider the planets as family even beyond Gaia. It’s a wonderful thing.
 The first question is for one of our family of readers and it may hold for others as well. Rose wanted to say that she was feeling cut off from the opportunity to ask a question on the air because of the situation she’s in of having to choose between buying pet food or medicine, gas or food. She hasn’t got a phone, so I was hoping to help her by asking for her, if the being who has been speaking to her is indeed Archangel Michael. She has concerns that it may be an entity named Zoar trying to manipulate her by posing as Michael. Rose sends her gratitude for this, in her words “more golden than a thousand blazing suns”.

 DM: Rose, you are named for me. You are named for Universal Mother Mary. You are the rose, you are the beauty; those who carry this name carry the sweetness of my fragrance and my love. But do not forget, dear Rose, that you also have thorns. And this is the balance of the beauty and the protection. 

You are mightily protected and you are also protected by sweet Michael. Yes, everyone knows my dear boy as the archangel of love and the warrior of peace. But there is a sweetness to Michael. Why do you think I chose him for the warrior. Because I knew his sweetness. Oh, of course his valor and his commitment to completion and service but you would never, ever place a being as a warrior of peace if they were anything less than sweetness.

 Can he be strong and outspoken much like Gabrielle, yes. But he is dependable, he is reliable, and he never gives up. Now, when you doubt Michael’s presence, then simply know that you are to disengage. But when you know the sweetness of Michael, then listen closely, my daughter. Listen closely for he has been sent to help you. That is your answer.

 SM: May I ask a bold question of you. As the one who chooses the moment beyond which Earth in the Third Dimension can no longer exist even in a hologram, are we in blink-of-an-eye territory now for how the final transition takes place, or will the process continue to be a subtle upgrade in frequency that swells and passes without much fanfare?

 DM: You are already having these subtle upgrades. And you have been for some time. And now of course you are used to them, even though you do not understand the fullness of those upgrades and you are the anxious child that says “What’s next? What’s next!” So, I do not chastise you for this question. But what I say is the subtle upgrades will continue and then there will be the “blink of an eye.” And I say to you all, get on with it. The time is now.

 SM: Thank you so much. I’ve been in process, as you know, of accepting who I am. It’s very large and beautiful and I’m just wondering at what point will I be able to, with my intention, do things like affect the pH of the groundwater by my home. It’s slightly acidic at this point and I’ve been adding alkalizing drops to what I drink. This may seem like a mundane question, but it also feels like something that I should be able to take care of because of who I am.

 DM: Only if Gaia agrees with you! But yes, you will be able to transmute. What you have need to do is also call and invoke the universal laws and the universal law of transmutation so that you can go outside and I say this to many of you. It does not matter whether it is ants or bugs or weeds or acidity. This is an all-purpose question.

 This is you calling your Mother and saying “I have a groundwater problem, Mom. What would you do?” Well, what I would do, and what I will do with you, dear heart, is to go and sit. Outside upon the ground, which you do always. And then connect to your heart; not only with me, but with Gaia; and speak to the devas. Speak to the water elements. That is the creation. It is to reach the point of cooperation with all the elements, with all the realities. Speak to the water table, speak to Gaia, speak to the devas; and ask because they are not pleased, the acid burns.

 In conjunction with them, as if you are fine-tuning a gauge to midpoint, adjust and then accept it as done. Allow some of your human time for the adjustment to be completed because it will spread molecule to molecule to molecule and then that is it. It does not need to be complex.

 SM: There’s been discussion on An Hour With an Angel about emanations of celestial beings in form on Earth right now. I understand that we’re in process of growing our awareness of this truth, but it feels to me as though the specific identity is one more thing I don’t know and don’t need details about just yet, even though I long for it. I trust that this knowing will unfold in perfect divine timing. Is it enough for us to start to embrace this fact that we’re truly one with not only our galactic family but with the angelic realm as well?

 DM: Yes. That is the short answer and the long answer. Why do you think we are having this discussion about your celestial family? It is not sufficient for you to think, to feel, to embrace that you are a family of humans, that you are a family with the rocks, the trees, the animals; but you’re a family with your star brothers and sisters. And those far beyond. But the completion of that family is this realm as well.

 Now there have been discussions about spiritual evolution and about the traveling back home. But that is what you need to realize. Your family is here. And our heart connection, our consciousness connection is in place. It is not severed, it is not broken, and it is working in divine perfection. All you have need to do is to acknowledge it. There has been much discussion about the partnership that we are in with the various realms, but certainly with the angelic realm and the Company of Heaven. Well, dear heart, did you not realize that this is a family business?

 So do you need to know immediately this day – because there are still shreds of ego – that whether you are a free form angel, an Earthkeeper, a starseed, an archangel emanation? No. Because you will know in that moment of rightness, in my timing and in yours.

 But it makes no difference because the baby is just as crucial as the eldest. Be very clear about that. Every member of the family is important and pivotal. You have only need to look at a family that has lost a child or feel that they have lost a child to see the pain and suffering; each of you is equally important in the unfoldment of my plan and yours.

 (Continued in Part 2.)

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