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Wes Annac

Newsletter :  224th issue of the Weekly Awareness Guide

20 - November - 2016

This week, we'll discuss the potential for a clean energy grid that could connect China, Japan, South Korea and Russia.
 We'll also discuss the Army Corps of Engineers' decision to continue the delay on the Dakota Access Pipeline construction; we'll discuss the reasons artists should use their work to bring love and compassion to the world; I'll share some thoughts on the higher self's role in providing inspiration; and I'll share an inspirational writing about changing your life and keeping to your convictions.

Let's get started!

“Asia Super Grid” Will Connect China, Japan, Russia & 
South Korea with Network of Clean Energy 

The unsustainability of traditional energy sources has led to a search for cleaner, more sustainable sources and the vision of a world connected via a global energy network. One organization, the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Co-operation Organization (GEIDCO), believes this vision is possible.

 Starting with China, Japan, Russia and South Korea, GEIDCO plans for the entire world to be connected through a grid of clean energy by 2050. (1) Clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy would be available everywhere.

The Asia Super Grid

 Lance Schuttler writes that businessmen in Russia, Japan, China and South Korea met in Tokyo in September to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the goal to create the “Asia Super Grid”. (2) The grid will consist of wind and solar technologies and will distribute clean energy throughout the world. (2)

Citing Solar Love, Lance writes that the project depends on the development of an ultra-high voltage grid that operates at more than 1,000 kilovolts AC and 800 kilovolts DC, which would stretch over thousands of kilometers. (2)

The idea is to have interconnected grids across regions, nations and continents with a capacity of 10+ gigawatts. (2)

Masayoshi Son, founder of GEIDCO as well as the SoftBank group and the Renewable Energy Institute (REI), envisioned the Asia Super Grid as a solution to the Fukushima nuclear fallout of 2011. (2) He created the REI for the same purpose.

 He aims to tap into the abundant opportunities for wind and solar power that come from the Gobi Desert region in China, as the energy found there could be equivalent to “thousands of nuclear reactors”. (2)

Other Countries Express Interest

 Despite that people thought it was crazy (2), the project is gaining support. The Korea Electric Power Company and State Grid Corporation of China contacted Son shortly after he started it to express their interest. Russia also became interested. (2)

Part of the reason for their participation is that an Asia Super Grid would pose countless benefits for countless areas, including Southern Africa, Europe, East and Southeast Asia, and the countries involved in its production. (2)

Lance writes that despite political disputes between China and Japan, this could be just what the eastern hemisphere needs for peace and prosperity. (2)

It’s Just the Beginning 

Loz Blain at New Atlas writes that the Asia Super Grid would only be the beginning of GEIDCO’s plan to connect the world by 2050. (1)

 Clean energy will soon be cheaper than traditional, but it’s often generated in “inconvenient” places at equally inconvenient times that don’t match up with the demands of certain areas. (1)

It does match up in other areas, and the Asia Super Grid could potentially solve the problem altogether. When one area has an abundance of energy, such as noontime in the Gobi Desert when it generates the most solar power, another area is usually in demand. (1)

The connected Asia Super Grid is the first step on the path to a globally connected clean energy network, and the initial plan is for massive amounts of energy generated from the Gobi Desert to reach places further east such as Japan. (1)

This would be a great start to connecting the entire world with a network of abundant clean energy.

Interconnected Grids in Every Continent by 2030 

Japan already has hundreds of miles of ultra-high voltage lines up and running, whereas Russia has thousands of miles and China has covered over 10,000 miles. (1) As the interconnected renewable energy web grows, the supply will become more stable because it’ll no longer depend on scattered individual sources. (1)

There will be plenty of obstacles; including who controls the grid, the grid’s stability in an interconnected world, and the enormous infrastructure costs. (1) This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but it does make it more of a challenge.

 Despite the obstacles, GEIDCO wants to put intra-continental interconnected grids in every continent by 2030 and have them all linked by 2050, which would bring clean energy generation capacity up to 90% of the total global energy demand. (1)

A Potential Solution 

Do you think this would be a good replacement for our current energy sources, or do you think it’s farfetched? Regardless of how you feel about this or any project intended to bring alternative forms of energy to the world, it’s clear we need to do something.

We can’t survive on these sources we pollute our planet to utilize. If there’s a possibility we can use something more natural, sustainable and feasible, then we should give it some attention.

Some people think clean energy is a pipe dream, but what if it is a viable alternative? What if we’ve had abundant energy all along that we could use freely if we only gave it a chance?

We won’t know until we look at these sources objectively and give their advocates an opportunity to prove they’re good alternatives. Let’s give wind, solar and other forms of alternative energy a chance, because the need to move away from fossil fuels is clearer than ever.

Let’s hope GEIDCO succeeds and the world can live with abundant clean energy.

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Army Corps of Engineers Continues Delay on DAPL Construction 

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has drawn protests as well as clashes between police and protestors - also known as “water protectors” - due to its construction on Native American land and the water pollution anticipated from it.

Although protests have been peaceful, police haven’t. Tear gas has been sprayed and rubber bullets fired at protestors simply for standing up for the environment and native rights.

Laura Bult at NY Daily News writes that the pipeline would carry oil from North Dakota to a shipping point at Patoka, Illinois. (1) It would travel further from there, with the Standing Rock reservation in its path. (2)

Environmentalists and tribal leaders have said the pipeline will endanger sacred sites and pollute millions of people’s drinking water. (1)

 Easement Must Be Granted Before Construction Can Continue

 Construction of the pipeline’s final section was halted earlier this year, while protests have continued and the country has awaited the Army Corps of Engineers’ decision on whether they’ll allow the pipeline to be completed on land that will include Standing Rock.

An announcement was expected on Monday, November 14th. To the surprise and delight of protestors, the Army Corps announced construction would be delayed further until they could get more input from the Sioux at Standing Rock. (1)

The Army Corps requires Energy Transfer Partners (the company building the pipeline) to obtain permission to continue building through native land. (1) This is known as “easement”. (1) The Army Corps sent a letter on Monday stating construction cannot proceed because a final decision has not been made on whether to grant easement. (1)

Victory for Standing Rock; Setback for Oil Execs 

More studies will be conducted and more input from local tribes considered before the Army Corps decides whether to allow construction on the rest of the pipeline, the last stretch of which would be located under the Missouri River reservoir in North Dakota. (1) This is where many protestors are gathered. (1)

As you might expect, ETP executives weren’t happy. They criticized the Army Corps for the decision and said they plan to “vigorously pursue [their] legal rights”. (1) Sound familiar?

As you might also expect, this was a victory for the Standing Rock Sioux. For the tribe’s chairman, it was a sign the protests are working. (1)

Injustice Against Protestors 

The Standing Rock Sioux, as well as the activists who’ve traveled there from around the country to show support, worked hard for this small victory and endured a great deal of injustice.

Laura writes that recently, police clad in riot gear sprayed pepper spray and shot rubber bullets at protestors attempting to cross a stream to access land owned by ETP. (2)

How did that protest and resulting police response begin? It started when it was revealed the pipeline developer failed to disclose that they uncovered Native American artifacts, including stone cairns, when constructing the pipeline until ten days after it happened. (2)

This set off more protests (2) in response to this sheer negligence we unfortunately expect from these companies.

The protestors’ goal before the police’s heavy-handed response was to cross the stream and get to land owned by the pipeline developer on the other side. (2) They attempted to build a bridge, which police dismantled. (2) Their next resort was to swim and paddle across in small boats. (2)

As they neared the other side, police barraged them with pepper spray and rubber bullets. (2)

 This hasn’t been the only clash between police and protestors: in September, “vicious dogs” were released on protestors and journalists for the unforgivable offense of trespassing. We also have this video of a reporter being shot with a rubber bullet while interviewing a protestor.

In response to the reports of such drastic measures taken by police, Obama urged protesters to remain peaceful and police officers to exercise restraint. (2) Clearly, the latter hasn’t happened.

Celebrity Support 

The protests have received widespread celebrity support, with well-known actors, actresses and musicians traveling to Standing Rock to participate and show solidarity.

Claire Bernish at The Free Thought Project writes that Neil Young went to Standing Rock for his 71st birthday, performing for the Sioux tribe and all in attendance. (3)

 Instead of playing on a stage, he walked through the crowds with his guitar and sang a new song titled “Indian Givers”. (3) While corporate media hasn’t given the issue much attention, celebrities like Young have. (3)

Other supporters in the public eye are Shailene Woodley (more on her below), Dave Matthews and Mark Ruffalo. (3) Ruffalo went as far as to bring transportable solar-powered generators to protestors to provide electricity for heat, cooking and medical tents. (3)

The cast of the Avengers (Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and again, Mark Ruffalo) have spoken in favor of the pipeline’s opposition. (3)

Shailene Woodley Arrested for Protesting DAPL

In an interesting turn of events, the protests even caused a celebrity arrest.

Keila Mayberry and Aubrey Yeo at Daily Bruin write that while most celebrities who are arrested don’t want attention for it, the opposite can be said for Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars actress Shailene Woodley; she used her arrest while protesting DAPL to encourage people to take a stand. (4)

As she was being arrested, she said to the camera that she hoped the mainstream media was watching. (4) This happened on October 10th, and her charges were criminal trespassing and engaging in a riot. (5) Her mugshot went viral (4), bringing the issue even more attention.

She’s also brought attention to the lack of awareness around the struggles Native Americans have endured for hundreds of years, saying the hashtag that surfaced in response to her arrest, #FreeShailene, should be replaced with #ProtectCleanWater, #HonorNativeTreaties and #IStandWithStandingRock. (4)

 She continues to raise awareness and support the pipeline’s opposition.

Don’t Quit Yet

This decision is good news, but it’s no reason for activists to give up just yet. It’s doubtful that they would, because they know how far they’ve come, what they had to endure to get here and what they might have to endure in the months ahead.

We’re not out of the woods yet, so let’s support those on the front lines by writing, raising awareness in our community or even traveling to Standing Rock if possible. Let’s help the water protectors at Standing Rock make it clear to oil companies that they won’t get away with infringing on native rights and destroying sacred land.

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 Artists: Let’s Bring Compassion to the World 

 What do you find meaningful? Do you find the accumulation of wealth and material things to be a good use of time and energy, or do you look for meaning on a deeper level? In my opinion, wellbeing and success rely not only on how hard we work and how vigorously we pursue the latter, but what we do with it. 

Too many people find success, fame or fortune only to waste it through egoism and self-indulgence, but not all of them are in it for themselves. Others choose to help the world when they’re given an excess of money or attention.

 They put their energy toward real causes – not causes that are only meant to make them look good – and they genuinely try to make the world a little better. As individuals, we tend to feel like a small change is the best we can achieve. Fortunately, it can have a meaningful long-term impact. 

Neglecting Our Collective Needs 

 Focusing on ourselves and our status in the world causes us to neglect our collective needs. As long as we have what we need to survive, we can let everyone else struggle and even criticize them for not being on our level.

 This is one of many reasons the world seems broken: most people only look out for themselves. Even underground artists, musicians, etc. who hit it big and have an opportunity to say something real to a larger audience often become egotistical and self-indulgent instead. It shows in their work.

 The world would change in a heartbeat if we started thinking about each other and working to create a better future for us all, but for some reason, refraining from self-centeredness can be difficult. 

Apathy and Carelessness 

 Artist or not, we tend to think only about how certain people, situations or circumstances affect us instead of at least trying to empathize with those involved. Most of our thoughts and resulting decisions come from this apathetic space.

 We only care about our struggles, and everyone else is treated with apathy and carelessness. Artists and musicians can change this since they, being in the public eye, have the power to shape (if not influence) the masses’ perception.

They can encourage compassion over carelessness and unity over hate. They can start a movement for compassionate change so huge that our governments will have no choice but to get on board or get out of the way.

 We Can Achieve Peace and Unity (but It’s Not Easy)

 We wouldn’t need governments if we were united, empathetic and peaceful to the extent that we could eradicate war and the prejudice that leads to it. This is a naïve challenging and complex goal, but the first step is to develop collective compassion.

 The path to its achievement will be rough, because the masses would be outraged if they knew or cared what was happening in all the countries we’re at war with.

 Drone strikes and hospital bombings are only the tip of the iceberg, and if we empathized with the victims, we’d furiously and successfully demand an end to the war crimes. This is achievable if we can come together and learn compassion.

 I urge artists of every kind (writers, painters, musicians, poets…) to practice and encourage this in your art. Even if it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done, try to care about others more than yourself. 

I’ve tried it, and to my surprise, it’s not easy. As it turns out, I can be pretty selfish. There’s no shame in admitting it if you’re trying to do better, and developing compassion can make you aware of how self-centered you may have been throughout life.

 Don’t Limit Your Art 

 The great thing about art is that it provides a means to express these ideas in several forms, which is one reason I recommend artists explore different outlets.

 I’d encourage a writer to learn an instrument, a painter to pick up the pen and write or a musician to pick up the paintbrush. In doing so, they might discover they can express their creative side in more ways than one.

 They might even find it easier to shed light on something meaningful in society. This will allow them to raise awareness in different ways while exploring their multifaceted creative side. Or, they can go the other way and become self-centered like some do when success is in the picture.

 Art is yours to use however you want, and I don’t intend to limit anyone creatively.

 However, to favor self-promotion over compassion in your art is to limit yourself to creating things centered on little more than how great you are, how inferior everyone else is or how you only made it through hard work that all the other inferior people are incapable of.

 This might work at first, but after a while your inspiration will run out. You’ll have nothing new to say about your greatness, and by consequence, you’ll have nothing to say at all. Hopefully by then, you begin to see the value in using art to help others.

 Opportunity Missed

 I have no problem with those who are self-indulgent in their art, but I do think some are missing an opportunity to not only tap into an abundant creative wellspring, but to do something valuable with it.

The pursuit of an independent lifestyle through creative work is incomplete if not used to encourage compassion and social change. What’s left to create after you waste so much energy relentlessly reminding people you’re rich and famous? Only the emptiness that comes with realizing money and fame are not the answer.

 Selflessness will help you feel better than an expensive car or house, and using your art to help others will be more fulfilling than using it to build up your ego. Have fun with it, but remember it can serve a meaningful cause when it’s not hindered by self-absorption.

 Inspiration, the Higher Self and the Space Between Thoughts 

 Inspiration is great. Ideas flow, projects take form, and for a moment you feel unlimited. There’s nothing you can’t do, and there’s nothing you’d rather do than explore this abundant creative channel you’ve opened.

 But what do you do when inspiration runs dry and all those great ideas fail to appear?

 In my short life, I’ve been unable to pin down the cause of writer’s block or the general lack of enthusiasm it seems tied to. I have some theories, one of which I’ll share here, but ultimately, I don’t know what causes it or how we can get past it.

 However, I’ve learned a few things about the state of mind responsible for inspiration and creativity; one of which is that it’s boosted by a solid spiritual foundation. 

Wholeness Brings Confidence 

 Nothing beats openness and confidence when it comes to expressing yourself or searching for new ideas. This is especially true for writers and musicians. Understandably, people seek the wholeness that provides the confidence to be open in countless ways.

 It’s sought through drugs and alcohol; sex; putting others down; living an egotistical or self-centered lifestyle; the list could go on and on. Fortunately, these qualities can also be sought in positive and constructive ways.

 For many, this is where spirituality comes in.

 In using it to find the love and enthusiasm missing from their life, they receive an unexpected creative boost as well. They might suddenly be permeated with incredible or complex ideas and feel like they’re in touch with a higher consciousness, because they essentially are.

 The Intuition and Higher Self

 Countless terms are used to describe this guiding force, with the most popular in the spiritual and new age communities being the “higher self”. The higher self is an extension of your consciousness (or rather, you’re an extension of its) that communicates with you through the intuition.

 It turns out that the intuition is more than a small guiding voice meant to help you stay on the right path; it’s a literal channel to the “higher self” or higher consciousness.

 Connecting with this consciousness enlivens every aspect of life and inspires you to improve the world through no other means than sharing knowledge, wisdom and good vibes from the heart. However new-agey it sounds, it’s easy to understand for those who open the intuitive doors.

 What Can You Do? 

 Regardless of your level of connection with the higher self, you might experience a boost of inspiration only to have your creative well run dry shortly thereafter.

 What can you do then? There are two options: keep working and attempting to form ideas regardless, challenging yourself in a way that can bring back your missing inspiration and help you evolve in the process; or approach the problem from a spiritual perspective.

 The latter will require you to take a break, slow down the mind and relax into a meditative state where you can explore the source of your disconnection. I tend to resist meditation, but five minutes of it will bring my attention to countless issues I thought were unsolvable.

 It’s profound the way the meditative state sheds light on these issues and offers practical solutions. From this centered space, it’s nearly impossible not to be connected.

 Thus, the choice to go with meditation over pushing yourself when you can’t produce ideas will provide more clarity and spiritual growth. Either path can lead to the intended result, but the meditative path can lead to so much more.

 Inspiration Comes from the Space Between Thoughts

 Why is the meditative path more effective? The answer is simple: when we’re awash in creative inspiration, we risk falling out of the state responsible for it by shifting back into the mind and expecting to produce the same quality and quantity of ideas from this limited space.

 The mind is capable of amazing things, but it’s a receiver, not a generator, for ideas.

 To an extent, it should be open and calm to receive a steady flow of meaningful ideas. When you struggle, it helps to stop and shift back into a calm state where you can perceive and interact with the space between your thoughts.

 For me, this is crucial to tapping into a practically incorruptible flow. It seems that intuition and creativity come not from thought, but this space between thoughts you can discover with meditation. 

I recommend exploring and interacting with this space whether you’re creative or not, because it’s key to eventually becoming one with your higher consciousness.

 Sometimes you might be in this space without realizing it. This is when an abundance of ideas will flow and you’ll feel on top of the world, but the moment you shift out of it, inspiration will wither and you’ll wonder what happened.

 The State of Mind Sought by All

 It only takes a simple shift to connect with ecstatic states of consciousness, the contents of which you can pour into your work. This is the space religious and spiritual thinkers have sought for centuries, and it’s responsible for the greatest, most uplifting creative and scientific work the world has ever seen.

 The people responsible were instruments for this higher consciousness, and we can be open to it simply by relaxing and calming the mind. That’s all it takes, but it can be surprisingly difficult if you’re used to letting the mind run the show.

 The mind is an important part of it all, but it alone isn’t responsible for ideas or creativity. An aspect of your being that’s untouchable for most people is responsible, but like the innovators throughout history who worked tirelessly to develop the fruits of their connection, you can tap into it and let it change your life forever.

 Conclusion: Stick to Your Convictions 

The following is an inspirational writing from the higher self. 

 Inspirational writing, which you can learn more about here, is basically the act of writing during meditation. I define the higher self (or “higher consciousness”) as a source of intuitive wisdom we can access in meditation or in the midst of creative work. Inspirational writing is a combination of the two. 

 Meditation and creative work bring our awareness to the higher self, and inspirational writing offers the opportunity to express its wisdom. This type of writing is therapeutic and, for me, provides a boost to the visions and sensations experienced in meditation. 

 As the name suggests, these messages are intended to inspire people of all faiths and paths. I hope this message inspires you.

 The simplest and most basic message that can be given in this moment is to have faith in yourself and stick to your convictions.

 If you’re discovering there is a new way you can live that far surpasses the old ways in terms of what it makes you aware of and capable of achieving, you’re probably also discovering that it comes with its own set of “rules” if you want to call them that, which enhance its benefits.

 It’s never easy to make a drastic change in your life, but at times you’ll find it’s necessary to reach the heights of consciousness many of you seek. There might be times when you struggle and desire only to end it by going back on your new lifestyle changes, but miracles will manifest if you stick with them.

 This is not an exaggeration; in fact, it is an understatement. If you step up to live the kind of life you know you’re capable of, you’ll create nothing less than miracles in your life and the lives of others. 

You’ll enliven the world with the soul-level wisdom you can express to any who are open, but without these changes, you might feel like you have nothing to give or like striving for something greater is fruitless.

 It’s not, because it helps you shift your life to reflect the wisdom and higher states of awareness you’d like to touch on. You’re capable of revolutionary feats in the fields of creativity, activism, and compassionate aid, and for some, the key is to tap into the necessary lifestyle changes and, most importantly, stick with them.

 Not everyone requires some form of lifestyle change in this moment, but you’d be surprised how many do and you’d be equally surprised at the lack awareness and enthusiasm with which they approach these changes.

 If you want to make a drastic change, you have to be aware that it won’t be easy. You must see the sacrifices that will be involved and take them in stride knowing that they’re little more than obstacles on your path to the greatest fulfillment man has ever known.

 You are on the path to true spiritual fulfilment, which can only be attained through devotion to the life you’ve created for yourself, and it’s recommended that you create and pursue your own path rather than following that of another.

 Feel free to indulge in and enjoy the philosophies various religions and belief systems bring to the table, but know that ultimately, only you can determine the path ahead of you. And only you can walk it in the way you know is right for you.

 Others are on different paths and should be honored. Greet them with love and kindness as you pass by, and know that their path is meant explicitly for them too.

 Most importantly, be aware of your follies or shortcomings as you set out to achieve what you once thought was impossible, and however much it’s been repeated, know that you have help from what you call a higher power.

 Source is with you in your times of greatest need, and the sooner you open yourself to this higher power, the sooner it will permeate your life and provide the strength you need to walk your path with faith and self-confidence.

 Until next week, stay aware and focused on creating a world that reflects the love, wisdom and higher consciousness found within. I’m Wes Annac, and I salute you with the love emanating from the Source.
 2016 Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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