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" resting in the borderlands part 3 "

Wes Annac

 The Spirit World Chronicles : Resting in the Borderlands, Part 3

 15 - Ocober - 2014

 Concluded from Part 2

 Mike Swain confirms my musing that someone eventually greets and informs the recently deceased. 

“It takes some time, quite some time, for all this to register completely; often his first reaction is to go back to bed for another couple of days to get used to the idea of what has happened to him!

 “Then one of the elders visits him and answers all the unanswered questions in his mind. You see, the laws of creation are not as easily grasped by these backward souls as they are by their more experienced brothers.” (1)

 Gordon Burdick also confirms that departed family members are with the recently deceased in the Borderlands shortly after their transition.

 “I have been with your family today, but they are all waiting for your Aunt Marian, who is at present resting here in the place set aside for that purpose. When she really feels rested and refreshed, she will be ready to be received by those members of her family who have been here long enough to be able to introduce her to the new life and help her to get used to it.” (2)

 A woman named Barbara, who died after a long bout of illness, describes what it was like to be ‘alive for the first time’.

 “I must have slept from time to time, and when I had slept the weariness out of my bones I remember lying in complete harmony and comfort, waiting for the next event, and it came in the form of a voice. I couldn’t see anyone. It was just a voice calling me by name. But my name sounded so beautiful, I hardly recognized it.

 “I sat up in order to listen more easily. The voice seemed to be coming from everywhere and it told me to get up and walk to the lake and bathe, and see how the water would give me back my strength. I got up without any effort and we walked, the voice and I, towards the lake.

 “When I got there it seemed only natural to jump in from an overhanging rock and the moment I touched the water I knew that I was experiencing real life for the first time. These were the waters of Lethe where one learns and forgets.” (3)

 She continues describing her experience.

 “I found ecstacy in that lake. The power of movement and the sense of force within me were beyond anything I could ever imagine. How long the voice and I stayed in the water I have no idea. It might have been hours or days. 

 “I found I could dive to immense depths, lie on the surface and rest without any special effort. And all the time the voice was with me, telling me, holding me, and urging me to do more and make new efforts, to look around and see the country, and then lastly to listen…. I lay and listened. 

 “At first I heard nothing but the lapping of the water, then a tiny network of sound emerged. It grew until I could define notes and then gradually the whole orchestra of Heaven burst forth – and I just lay and listened.” (4)

 I don’t know If Barbara was experiencing the Borderlands, but if she was, her experience was clearly unique. She was almost immediately able to perceive the intense wonders of the fourth dimension, and as she said, they allowed her to feel more alive than ever.

 We’ll experience a much greater level of freedom in the higher realms than we do on earth, and we won’t be limited by any constricting rules or practices. We’ll finally be able to be the free spirits we’ve always wanted to be, and we won’t be weighed down by any sort of limitation or hindrance to our ability to enjoy our lives.

 Personally, I can’t wait to see what the higher realms have to offer, but we still have a lot to do here on earth before we can greet them and their liberated experiences.

 In our final quote, Donald Macleod describes his experience passing into the Borderlands.

 “I was not allowed to see much of my surroundings, as I was immediately assailed by a weariness when I experienced the full glory and warmth of the spirit vibrations without the protection of earthly conditions, so I was taken in the sleep state to the spirit hospital.

 “Time rolled by, and from a great depth, I slowly emerged from the trance state. I am now aware that I was there for just over seven of your earthly weeks. Through the waves of sleep there came slowly the haunting, beautiful music of the silence.” (5)

 Donald and plenty of others like him had to sleep for a long time before he could be fully awakened, because transitioning into the fourth dimension takes a lot out of the spirit. One leaves the physical body, which they were comfortably nestled in for a long time, and experiences an unhindered sense of freedom for the first time.

 Perceiving the fourth dimension and all of the wonderfully intense things it offers must be intense and exhausting, and it makes sense that most people need a lot of time to rest and fully cope with their transition before they’re bouncy and jubilant.

 Some people probably have a lot of emotional issues to deal with when they initially pass on, because it can be difficult to give up all of their material possessions – not to mention their family on earth.

 Luckily, most souls don’t give up their families, and they remain as close to them as they can, guiding them along the difficulties and pains that come with existing on earth. Our departed loved ones likely guide us, and if we’re particularly willing or receptive, we can open up to their presence and thank them for the selfless assistance they’ve given us.

 One of the best ways we can raise the planetary vibration is to raise as much awareness of life after death as possible, because it’s the most liberating truth out there.

 We can liberate ourselves and the people around us by opening our minds and hearts to the idea that life continues when the physical body ceases to live, and it’ll help us when our time comes to leave the physical body behind and greet the higher realms for good.

 We have a lot of awareness to raise about life after death, and this is why I’ll continue to write these reports in an effort to expand our collective understanding of this interesting and important subject. 

Our departed friends, family, etc. are watching and assisting us wherever possible, and like I mentioned earlier, we can open up to them and thank them for their assistance if we’re willing enough.


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