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" what is being created "

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 a very nice post by Graham Dewyea.
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Graham Dewyea

 20 - August - 2014

 My ex wife recently said to me, “I wish you ‘enough.’” I knew exactly what she meant.

She’s viewed me as a person who can’t seem to be satisfied with what is. I appreciate and understand this viewpoint, and others have shared similar sentiments. As I scroll back through the years, I think of a family member, who told me to “get off my (expletive) high horse,” or a friend who said, “Graham, you expect too much.”

The truth is, I know what’s possible for us and for the world, and it’s far greater than what we’ve experienced here on the planet. I feel it – deeply. Sure, there are moments when I feel discouraged when it seems that we’re not making progress or it feels too hard, but if I get centered and quiet, I connect with a vision – a dream that I’ve held for years. I remember twenty years ago getting really excited talking with others about a more peaceful, loving planet, where all thrive.

There was something deep within me that knew it was possible, and my belief and excitement were unshakable, even though my utopian vision was scoffed at and tossed aside as nice, but something that could never be attained. When I reflect on those moments that seem hardest for me – when I feel discouraged – I’m wrestling with the challenge of seeing so clearly the potential and possibilities of who we can be as a people and how our planet can be, and not fully experiencing it in my reality yet.

It’s not that I can’t appreciate and embrace the abundant blessings and gifts in the present moment; it’s simply that there is an inner drive or quest to keep shooting for something better, because I know we can do better. I know we can have better. And it’s coming. I feel it. I see it.

 I see how I’ve changed.
I have a greater capacity for experiencing love.

I’m able to share love and receive love much more deeply.
The relationships I have are far more harmonious and rewarding than before.

I’m doing work that is joy-filled and I work with wonderfully talented, creative, beautiful people. I am a much more engaged, loving and present parent.

My capacity for experiencing and creating beauty has grown. My health is great and I feel great in my body as a general theme. I experience more joy in life.

 I feel more peaceful. I no longer have the stomach for or interest in drama or conflict. My connection to spirit continues to grow. I have let go more of needing to be right or pushing my own agenda.

I am much more comfortable letting my heart and intuition guide me rather than my head. I am experiencing more my power as a co-creator and seeing how my thoughts, feelings, words and actions are creating my reality.

I see how the world has changed. I’m experiencing people in their hearts more and I’m seeing people more in their authentic selves and wanting to do the work to heal, grow and feel better. I see people opening up and awakening to what’s really going on in the world. I am seeing more people taking action to speak up for what’s important to them, and to take better care of our beloved planet.

I’m experiencing people being more friendly and present. I’m seeing more accountability and positive changes globally. While these positive experiences and changes are welcomed for sure, and I see the progress being made, I know there’s so much more available to us.

 It’s super hard sometimes for me to be patient, stay positive, and hold the vision.

Yet I know it’s so important for me and for all of us to do our part to hold that dream in our hearts and do what we can to bring it about – even if it’s just taking a few moments each day to hold the planet in love and light and ask the Company of Heaven to assist us, as we feel all the wonderful feelings that come when we envision our planet and all beings on her thriving, living in harmony, with unity consciousness and love as the prevailing themes.

I know what’s available to us in this lifetime and I’m keeping the dream alive:

The people of Earth become global citizens.

 We see and value our oneness and interconnectedness, and strive to ensure that the planet and all beings on her thrive. 

We celebrate our diversity and differences and view that as a strength. 

We live in peace and harmony. 

Everyone has their basic needs met, including comfortable shelter, access to quality food and water sources, education, quality medical care and basic services. 

War and conflict are things of the past. 

The citizens of all countries have everything they need, resources are shared freely as needed because the people of the planet have a deep desire to see that everyone is well cared for. 

We work through disagreements respectfully, calmly with the goal of ensuring that people are heard and all needs are met. 

The planet is clean and clear of pollution. 

The animal kingdoms thrive. 

Our oceans and rainforests are restored. Clean air and water is available to every being. 

We’ve reunited with our star families and the Company of Heaven. Suppressed technologies have been released and are freely shared throughout the planet. Zero-point, free energy is available to everyone. 

There’s no longer a need for the use of fossil fuels. New energy technology has been introduced. 

People are able to access free energy for their homes and transportation. 

Homes and buildings use low impact, green construction materials as a theme. Everyone has access to the highest quality health care and it’s free. 

Education is free and available to anyone who wishes to pursue their deepest desires. People choose jobs because they enjoy the work. It excites them. It allows them to use their creativity and imagination, and provides healthy challenges to utilize and expand talents and skills. 

Overwork and stressful jobs are a thing of the past. We have plenty of free time to pursue personal interests and spend time with loved ones. 

We have accurate, truthful news reporting that’s available to everyone. 

Fresh food and water are free of chemicals or pollutants and available to everyone. Our bodies are free of disease and illness. We feel great in our bodies. 

Social systems and media support and nurture conscious and healthy behaviors. We have safe, free communication devices and are expanding the use of our telepathic abilities. 

Transportation is quick, safe, enjoyable and pollution-free. We expand the use of teleportation. The freedom to travel on and off planet without restriction is available to all. We’ve reconnected to our divine gifts and abilities which are expanding all the time. 

Leaders have integrity, courage and strength and serve the peoples’ best interests for the highest good of all. People feel connected and involved in communities. The truth of our planet’s history, and who we are and where we came from is known by all. 

Kids are taught starting at an early age how to be fully conscious, evolved beings. 

Our elders and children are fully integrated in our communities and and receive excellent care. 

Sports and recreational activities are cooperative and foster collective success for the highest good of all. 

We live in harmony with the kingdoms, elementals, fairies, devas and animal kingdoms. 

Governments and countries work in harmony with one another as a united people on the planet. All people are encouraged and supported to follow their hearts and dreams. All people are equal and have access to the same rights, benefits and freedoms. 

We’re in sacred love partnerships where we feel free, safe, inspired, connected, nurtured, supported and loved unconditionally. People love whomever they choose to love and that’s celebrated and encouraged. 

We no longer live in fear. That’s a thing of the past. 

We’re evolved beings who live from the heart. We’re connected, joy-filled, peaceful and powerful co-creators. We’ve stepped into our mastery and sovereign God selves. 

Graham Dewyea

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