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Ashira through Linda Dillon

 14 - March - 2014

 Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for The Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

This week we’re happy to welcome Commander Ashira back to the show. He’s very graciously agreed to offer us some insight about Galactic life, and its an honor to be able to meet with the Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies once again.


 (Meditation begins at 0:19:50)

 Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira …

 SM: Welcome.

 Ashira: And welcome to you, dear Suzanne. I am Ashira – Ashira of Neptune – for that is often how we will identify ourselves. I am Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. And once again it is my honor, my pleasure to be your guest this day. You know, as much as each of you my beloved friends and family, as much as you yearn to be, to know – what is your parlance – to ‘hang out’ with us, so it is for us.

 There is not one Being on board any of the various Fleets that has not come, volunteered, traveled, that is not present because of you. Because of each of you – individually and collectively – and yes of course our work is with the Collective and with Gaia. But our interest is in you – as family, as friends, as potential friends, as colleagues – there is no one aboard that has said, “Well I will go, and I will serve and I will complete my mission and purpose, but I will not interface with the human beings and I will not visit Earth.”

 Oh no, that is simply not the case. You live on one of the most diverse and beautiful, luscious, planets in the Galaxy. There is such diverse beauty – there is so much to see and enjoy – and now we are talking nature, but I am also talking people. You are a delightful mix, so we can’t wait either, and as you well know many of us haven’t waited and we visit your planet and we visit many of you, far more than you think.

 We know – and we welcome by the way – your curiosity about us and we will discuss your questions, but do not think for a moment that the curiosity, the excitement, the desire to engage and to truly form community, this anticipation we have held – well, for far too long! So yes, and perhaps it is not merely that you have emanated from the Stars, so many of you. And yes, for some of you it is that you are bilocated or you have aspects upon the various ships – and there is a difference between bilocation and aspects – let us be clear about that.

 But one of the things that we feel is that you are the closest to us, and it is not that we do not have meaningful, wonderful, warm relationships with one another – professional, communal, collegial – but in terms of who do we see that we wish to reach out to, not merely to help but because we are alike. Are we of a different dimension than what you often think of – higher dimension? Yes – but you are most of the way to becoming your transdimensional Selves anyway.

 And so when we look at you, when we speak to you, and you express this desire to be with us, we feel that it is because we are the closest to you. Now, are there many Beings of all shapes, sizes, dimensional realities, further out either in this Galaxy or from where I have come from beyond this Galaxy? Yes, but we are right at hand, and we are humanoid – well, we tend to be primarily humanoid – we also can shape-shift a great deal, so we appear humanoid to you. So this similarity, the potential for meaningful relationships and friendships is there.

 Do you love – as we do – the Angels and the Archangels, the Masters, the Ascended Ones – so do we. We absolutely do, and while we recognize your Angelic Self within or around your human Self, we still feel – its, can we say, a shorter reach for you to be with us than to be with the Archangels – particularly seeing the Mother’s entire plan entails staying in form.

Yes, we’ve seen your wings – you Suzanne, and many of you – but we also know the intention and the plan is for you to maintain, and you are doing a good job many of you in maintaining your physical reality, and you are recovering and you are rediscovering. I could go on … one of the things that we do, and that Linda is spying on us on board ship, is that we are wanting to see how the penetration, not only of the Collective, but of the individual heart and person, how are you proceeding – not only with the Mother’s remarkable gifts – but with the ‘bath of Pink’ that we are sending to your planet and to Gaia herself at this time.

 We are also closely monitoring our communications projects as well – now that, of course, is in addition to the day-to-day operation of our Fleet.

 So, dear Heart Suzanne, where do you wish to begin today?

 SM: Selektehvay, Ashira! Thank you for joining us again today. Its such an honor and a pleasure to have this kind of conversation, and I’m sure that we could have many more such ones, and I would look forward to it. I hesitate to ask this next question to take much time for it at all. I’d like to get it out of the way, if I may.

 I’m sure you’re well aware how acutely many humans are seeking information about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight – can you offer any insight on where it may be, and if its maintained its integrity, and then we could just move on.

 Ashira: This particular situation of the Malaysian aircraft, and more importantly of everybody upon it, is functioning at many levels. First of all, let us be clear that this is not one of our operations. We do not operate in a way that would cause such pain and suffering, and our hearts and our healing goes out – not merely to the friends and family of those involved in this mystery – but to everybody, and this is one of the interesting aspects of this situation is that it is awakening so many of you to what is truly going on and what is possible. But it is also acting as a catalyst for compassion – a catalyst for global awareness.

 Now, who would have thought that Malaysia, or a craft out of Malaysia, would be the catalyst for global awakening? And yet it is. We are not holding out hope – false hope – for a happy resolution to this situation. But this is something that the human beings, through their own acts, wills and deviations have contrived, so we are observing, we are helping, but we will not interfere in your process of discovery – because it is important – it is acting as a catalyst for many.

 SM: Okay I understand. Thank you for speaking to that. Now on to the juicy stuff! You mentioned that you don’t need to sleep – would you say more about that and how you might refresh and rejuvenate? And do you experience fatigue, illness or hunger?

 Ashira: Well, that is quite a question …

 SM: I have lots of them!

 Ashira: … and I will be delighted to answer them all!

 SM: Wonderful.

 Ashira: We rest, so do not be under the impression that we are ‘workaholics’! Or that we have a tendency … now of course, when there are certain operations underway, or when we are on high alert – which has happened a great deal in the last year – there is a situation where we tend to put in, what you would think of, as longer hours of work – of being focused and present upon our work.

We have the ability – you have the expression of catnaps, of powernaps, and we put ourselves into a very relaxed theta – or even REM – sleep, but it can be very, very, very brief. So our form of rejuvenation and relaxation is different than humans, so it is not to say that we do not take time for rest – we do. Because that is also when we receive a great deal of our inspiration, our insights. If you were to think of very deep meditation, that is one of our forms of sleep or rest.

 But there is so much to think about, to create, to share … so sleep does not have – as you define it – does not have a priority. So even, for example, when we are in our quarters, our – what you would think of as an apartment I guess – with our families or our beloved ones, we may relax, we may lie down, we may lounge, but sleep is not a necessary factor. Very often, simply by relaxing and gazing out at the stars, we receive energy.

 We have become, and this is something that we will teach and share with many of you, we have become very proficient at allowing the replenishment of our energy fields – not merely what you would think of as physical structure, but our entire fields – simply to come into us and refresh us on the deepest level. So sleep is not a real requirement.

 Similarly with food – or what you say – hunger. Now that does not mean that we do not feel at moments that we need – when you think food, you think, “I have to eat because I’m hungry” or “I feel weak or lightheaded” or it is a social custom. Well, it is a social custom for us, but when we feel depleted in any way – again we will simply draw in the energy that we require and replenish ourselves that way. Because you aren’t always in a position to – nor would you wish to – create an ‘eating’ situation. For us – yes we do eat – but it is … it is a form of entertainment! It is a sensation, it is a delight, it is a way in which we will take in a meal much the same way that you would take in a movie.

 SM: Wonderful …

 Ashira: So there are supplies and food that is grown in our gardens, but there is also ‘molecular constructs’ and then there also things that are imported – well, your word – from elsewhere. So there is the experience – there are gathering places – again for us, community is very important.

 Now, think about your freedom on Earth. Which is one of the reasons why sometimes we are surprised that you are also anxious to come to ship, because let’s face it, its our home, its organic, it can morph into many shapes, sizes and realms – but it is fixed. It is a contained environment, so when we look at Gaia – yes, it is a contained environment, but it is so much bigger and diverse!

 But I digress. For us, because of this contained environment and the lessons we have learned through our evolution – not merely the Wars, but societal evolution, intergalactic evolution – and even though there is much what you can think of as socializing and visiting amongst the Fleets and in-between the ships, it is still a contained environment. And there is the recognition for the need of privacy. That is why people have, either couples or families, have units or private units – quarters, living quarters – because privacy and ‘alone time’ is valued, but there is great emphasis on meeting places.

So we have – well, you could call it a cafeteria – which would be a more selective … you can go and have a drink or various drinks that we enjoy. Yes, you can get coffee and tea, but then we have more formal settings – we have Gathering rooms, we have Meditation rooms, we have Social rooms – so there is a great availability and emphasis on where people can go to relax and be in community – because that sense of being an integral part of community.

 Small towns or villages on Gaia used to have their meeting places, whether it was at the Synagogue or at the well, and there’s so much of that on Earth has been lost, but for us it is very, very important. So part of that is, yes, we can go and we can eat. Or we can go and we can not eat! It isn’t considered a ‘must’ – we have noticed that if, on Earth, if you say to a friend, “Let us go out for supper”, and one of you chooses not to order anything, it is almost an affront! It is curious – that would not be the case with us.

 We do not get sick.

 SM: Oh, excellent.

 Ashira: There is a great emphasis on what you would think of as replenishment and rejuvenation. If we get run-down, if we are tired, we can go to the Healing Chambers but it is mostly for rejuvenation – it is not because we have the same list of dis-eases or maladies that you have.

 Now, one of the things that we are finding, which has been a little setback for us, is that we are finding that those who are on prolonged assignment on Gaia are in need of the crystal healing beds of the Healing Chambers, because the density of the energy on the planet depletes people – you have noticed that yourself – that, of course, is where your dis-eases come from. But more and more, what our Healing Chambers are being used for is for humans.

 Yes, many of you are being transported and worked on, day and night. So this is part of what our mission is. You are eliminating the false grids and belief systems that contribute to dis-ease, but for those of you who are disease-ridden and that it is already present in your bones, in your joints, in your lungs, in your hearts et cetera. Unbeknownst to you, we are often working on you so that this new realm of what the Mother calls ‘recovery’ can actually be a fact.

 SM: That brings me to ask that I’ve heard that Galactics are our future selves, future humans, and I’m wondering if we can look forward to things like eating when we feel like it – rather than because we have to – in our lifetimes. Like, when you guys are able to be here with us on Earth, will that trigger a change in our physiology?

 Ashira: Well of course, because there will be interbreeding and we will talk about that as well, won’t we? But, what is primarily changing your molecular structure – as you know, you’re transferring to a crystalline structure – but it is more your vibration and frequency.

 And the interdimensional shift of Gaia and everyone upon it that is truly contributing to this shift in the pattern of eating. Now, even currently for many human beings, particularly in the Western world, is that eating is habitual rather than necessary, and it is also social and communal rather than survival. So yes, you are going to find that your eating patterns, your consumption patterns, of all kinds of things are changing dramatically.

 Now it is the same where our effect comes in, it is the same as if you are with a partner or in a family that tends not to eat, or to eat for maintenance and survival, then you are in a better position for this transfer, because the pattern isn’t there. This belief system that you need the amount of sustenance that you think you do is not true.

 SM: Alright. Are there animals on ships? You have gardens – are there physical features like on Earth? Like mountains?

 Ashira: Yes. Well, not mountains. We can’t quite manage the mountains! But we do have, what you would experience holographic. But then again very often, if we wish to experience mountains then we would come and visit. But we do have holographic forms of entertainment where we can basically be on the top of a mountain, or at the bottom of the ocean – so dear Suzi, you could come and swim with your whales!

SM: Oh, yay! So the Holodeck in Star Trek was not really far from the truth.

 Ashira: Oh no, that entire program was channeled – it was a forerunner to get people ready to have these concepts. But yes, we have animals. We have, well – we don’t particularly have a differentiation between what you would think of as domestic animals or wild animals.

 Now, understand, we do not eat animals. When someone is onboard ship or wishes to have meat, if someone wants to come and wants to have a steak, it would be a molecular construct. It would look, taste, feel the same but it would not entail the killing of an animal.

 So, we have parks – now they are not as grand or as large as some of your National Parks – but we have parks, we have places where people will go with their animals to play, and of course the communication with the animals is more clear than what you currently experience – and then there are animals within these, what you think of as parks or wildlife areas where there are simply free-roaming animals. It is given to the experience that is necessary in such a confined environment, so that people know – that our crew know – that they have the ability to remember home.

 SM: Ok, so that brings me to a question. You live your life on ships all the time. Linda has said that you are ‘Hussian’ and I would like to know what that means. And when you say “home”, clearly the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies have to be from all over the place – would that be accurate? 

Ashira: Yes, that is accurate. And yes we are, for in particular my lineage is Hussian. The closest thing that you can think of is there is a tendency, particularly more in some than others, towards cat-like feline features. You might even think, dear Suzi, Egyptian – and so our features are humanoid but they come from a different lineage. The Hussians particularly are from two planets called CeeCeeCee and Xeres and they are not in your Galaxy. So yes, there are many different types of human forms – and some that are not human forms which are delightful as well. Just as we have animals that are not known on Earth.

 SM: Right, if we can move on to this interesting subject of procreation and sacred partnership. I have discovered for myself that human sexuality is a most powerful avenue to connect with the Divine, both within and without. I s it the same for you and is that an uncommon gift throughout Creation? 

Ashira: It is not an uncommon gift – it is a wonderful gift. Your question is – and this has come up in several different ways – is whether we procreate … and we do! We have children, and we also have in our population, what you would think of as – we would call – mature … you might think of as elderly, but we do not have the same aging process that you have, so it is not that people look old, but there comes a time when people decide for one reason or another, that they wish to take elongated breaks or to bring their attention to something else rather than simply their shipboard duties, and that is certainly accommodated.

When we procreate it is through ‘conjoining’, and I am not trying to be prudish here because many of you think, “Well, how do they do it?” Do you think I do not know? Let us say that we have the equipment, but to truly have – and you have touched upon it – Sacred Union is a meeting of the Souls, and this is what you are truly beginning to experience in your own evolution on Earth. Before, you used to think – I do not mean you, sweet One – but you collectively often felt that Tantra was the highest form of prolonged union, or heightened ecstasy and union. Take it twenty-two steps further – it is a union of the heart, the mind, the body – and the Soul.

 And when you are in that form of Union – not only is it profound joy – it can sustain you for thousands of years. When you join with another like this – and that is what we do – the bond very rarely can or would be severed.

 Now, that does not mean that we do not acknowledge that people, individuals, will go off and have assignments and missions and things that they must attend to, but the bond, the Love, the Union – does not break. It is not a whim and it is not a one-time occurrence because we also come together again and again and again and again, and each time the Sacred Union is strengthened. It is completely by choice, and yet in so many ways when it is done and in place, it is so beyond choice. It is merely the way of the Universe of Love.

 When we choose to procreate it is in a way that we have talked about, or Archangel Michael has spoken of in other discussions, and that is that it is a discussion between the Souls, the Twin Flames, what you may think of as your Higher Self, the physical bodies, as well as the Soul and the intention of the child to be born. So it is very much a group discussion, so that the bringing in of life is a conscious Creation. Because of that we don’t have the ‘whoops’ factor!

 So when a child is conceived and brought forward, it is not only a celebration in that family, it is considered a responsibility and a joy and an undertaking for the entire community – because we are bringing this Being into form to be part not only of the family, but of the very specific community. And there has already been agreement by the child, by the infant, by that Soul, of how they will express, how they wish to be expressing, how they want to be supported, how they will be supported, how they will be taught, how they will explore, what this journey will be about.

 SM: Well, I have to say that that’s missing from my life and I haven’t been able to provide for my daughter that community. The idea that it takes a village to raise a child. I’m very much looking forward to that aspect of reunion with you guys and how its all going to change on Earth. And I appreciate this conversation because it makes it so much more normal and tangible to have contact with you, because we’re really not so different.

 Ashira: No, we are not so different and we understand your yearning for that sense of community. It is from our perspective, not only limiting but truly a detriment that, for example, you as a mother would be expected or solely – or mostly solely – responsible for the care, feeding, nurturing, education of your child. It does not – to us – it does not make sense.

 SM: It doesn’t make sense to me, either. So we’re looking forward to those changes. Last week you mentioned that we are the return of the Creator Race. Would you please speak to that in more detail – are humans unique in that way, or are there a great many Creator Races? And why a return?

 Ashira: Because you have chosen to return. Think of it as a cycle that Gaia – Earth – and actually much of this sector has gone through a cycle. When the planet – when Gaia was birthed and assumed this form which you are now just learning more about, but that is a whole other conversation – when you came there was also the presence of what you would think of as the Creator Race.

The Angels, some Archangels – Gaia didn’t want to be left totally alone in form – the purpose of which was to create the societies, the communities, and some of the finishing touches, Gaia, so think of it in this way that you had this planet that was beautiful, brand new, lustrous, in formation – as if you had an empty apartment and now you came in as the Creators to decorate and to decide in your building, in your community, how are you going to live, what were you going to construct, what would be the message of community, how would this Creation go forward? Now, there have been experimentations with various forms of Creation as you well know, and not all of them have gone smoothly.

 But there was an original group called the Creator Race on Earth – and it wasn’t as small as many of you are thinking. Was it billions? No. But it was significant. And if you were not one of the original Creator Race – this was not simply one generation – it was many generations.

 So there were many generations of the Creator Race coming into form – either as Starseed or Angelics – into form to create what would be the experience of Love, of joy, of community, of temperance, on Earth. Now if you think of it as the various stages that you are aware of – industrial, agro, even your information age, your electronic age – well, you are much much older than you think. And this is a conversation, dear Suzanne, that you and I are going to have.

 In the beginning there was the Creator Race, and now, most of you, all at once, all together – yes, even what you think of as the Dark Hats and the Cabal – have come back because you are the Creator Race. You have come full circle and you have come back and you have said, “Now we’re going to start again and we’re going to do it right.” And we’re here to help you.

 SM: I’m so grateful for that.

 Ashira: We don’t want to control it, but we definitely, we can really help you.

 SM: Its very much appreciated – and Ashira, I could go on asking questions for a really long time. We’ve got 13 minutes left and some callers, so I would invite you to come back and have lots of discussions with us, if that would be alright with you.

 Ashira: I would be pleased and honored.

 SM: I’m so happy to hear that, because I have so much more that I want to ask. And I also don’t want to hog up the whole thing because we do have callers.

 Ashira: I understand.

 SM: We are on to Area Code 248 – you’re on the air, are you with us?

 248: Hi. I was looking at the movement that we have currently where there’s more disclosure and so forth in many areas of our societies around the world, and I’m also looking at the same … as much as we have more openness, we also have more concerns for our privacy and people are sharing more on social media. But at the same time more is being monitored and I wondered if you might speak to what we might see … that we can do to feel that we are able as a society to start to respect people’s privacy, but without the scientific overreach and technology that’s kind of co-ordinating all of this. 

Ashira: Yes. Now you will remember that I have said that we acknowledge the need for individual quarters and for privacy. Privacy, what we have said a long time, extends far beyond simply that four walls or – well, we don’t use those four walls, but nevertheless that is what your expression would be – privacy, in our definition, is your sacred space. Have you ever noted that there may be something on any given day, or throughout your lifetime, that you simply don’t want disclosed or you don’t want to discuss?

 We are aware that there is such an issue. We don’t penetrate your field, go prodding or poking to know what that issue is. Might we be observant, or intuit what it is? Yes. But we will never bring it up or invade that sacred space.

 Now, you are talking about millions and millions of a Star Fleet, and we have the most advanced technology you can imagine. Now we support and love what you think of as social media, because despite what those in control think they are doing, what you are doing is building community – across oceans, across nations, across continents – and you are doing it in ways that can’t be stopped, short of turning off the electronic signals and we won’t allow that.

 But one of our primary concerns is your privacy, so on our side we are erecting what you can think of as privacy walls that are being infused into systems – say firewalls would be your thought – so they are not as invasive as many who have designed them think, and in the future they will be even less so. This is part of our communications project – it is a sidebar under communications and our scientific community. Does that answer your question?

 248: For the moment. I only would ask in a short amount of time, is there something we can do at our personal level to, like, bring in the Mother’s cloak of invisibility or something?

 Ashira: Yes, put up your shields – put up your shields, put up your cloak of invisibility – if you do not wish to see your information in any way penetrated or compromised. Simply erect your Titanium or Ziranium shields – you have not discovered Ziranium yet on Earth – but we use it a lot. So yes, the Mother’s cloak, your own shield, the shields – use it all. Basically what you are doing when you do that, you are posting a ‘No Trespassing’ sign.

 248: Alright, thank you.

 Ashira: You are welcome.

 SM: OK, we are onto Area Code 250. Are you with us?

 250: Hello and thank you for everything. I have two questions. First, we talk about coming from the Stars – being a Starseed. How is it possible to know if we are a Starseed? And the other one was about meditation – we say we have to ‘move into your heart space’ – well how do we do that? Go deeper into this meditation port?

 Ashira: If you think you are Starseed, then it is very likely that you are. And if you are not, we’ll be happy to adopt you! So we can claim you as one of ours if for some reason you are not, but there has been so much cross-fertilization – so many of you have lived everywhere. As we have said, you are the Creator Race, but you did not hang around Earth for the entire time, my dear friends – you are a planet of explorers. So as the channel, Linda, has said – there are actually very few of you that are only of Earth.

 When you wish to go down to your heart and you are having trouble with this sensation, start to feel – yes feel – how you love yourself. And if you do not love yourself – if you cannot pull up that feeling – then think of what you do love, who you love, or what you love. Perhaps it is your cat or dog, perhaps it is your cousin, perhaps it is your beloved or your parent, your child.

 Bring in that feeling and immerse yourself when all you are thinking about is how much you love that other, then very simply crack open the door and say to yourself, “Can I allow this to overflow to me?” and let that Love for you, seep into you – into your skin, into your pores, into your heart. SM: Wonderful. Thank you.

 250: Thank you so much.

 Ashira: You are welcome, dear friend.

 SM: Area Code 949, are you with us?

 949: Yes … two questions. One is, do you have any particular place that you like to visit here in California where we might be able to observe a ship? And the second is, I don’t know if you guys are aware about the chemtrails that are going on – these airplanes are spraying some kind of chemicals, and are you guys doing something about it?

 Ashira: We most certainly are doing something about the chemtrails, and this is not merely an initiative of UFOG, it is an initiative that is undertaken by many of the Fleets. So most of your chemtrails are completely being changed into different combinations that in fact will nurture the people and the Earth, so we are aware of that.

 California, New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, China, the Outback of Australia – do you really think, Dear Heart, there is anywhere that we do not love to visit? Because we do.

 Go to the places – and we know and understand in California that there are many bright lights. Go to the high desert – we have made ourselves very clear in Joshua Tree, we will make ourselves very clear come this Fall in Lake Tahoe. We tend to also spend time in San Diego off on the oceans – go to the places where you can see the sky. Go to northern California, go to Mendocino, go to the Redwoods. We are with you all the time!

 949: Oh, thank you.

 Ashira: Thank you, and thank you for inviting us.

 SM: OK. So, we’re almost finished and we hope to be back next week. I have someone that wrote in and asked if the SETI programs are a waste of time and resources, as this listener, Kevin, feels that they’ve not gotten an answer to their attempts to communicate.

 Ashira: Do not assume that they have not received answers to their various forms of communication, that would be incorrect. Are those communications always shared? No. But we are communicating – loud and clear!

 SM: Alright. Beautiful. I so appreciate your coming here, and I anticipate, hopefully, many more visits like this.

 Ashira: It is my honor again, I say this: My beloved friends of Gaia – my family of human beings – look for us everywhere. Not only in the sky, but in the Supermarket! Go with our Love – Farewell. 

SM: Farewell.

 Ashira: You are welcome – and you are welcome onboard any time!

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