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" improvement of your water and your air on Earth "

Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon

 An Hour with an Angel with Einstein and Serenia,

 1 - April - 2013

 Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea.

 Our guests this week are Albert Einstein and Science Officer Serenia. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey. [Because the program was longer than an hour and dense, we’ve deleted the preliminary discussion from this version of the transcript.]

 Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham, and greetings and blessings to each of you this evening.

 A little over one month ago we welcomed Serenia back to the program. Serenia is a science officer working both in capacities of science and healing. She was recently given the opportunity to have her own ship, a ship that’s called the Seraphim.

 And she has a team that work with her now to serve in whichever ways are needed in each moment of now. Her team on board the ship is usually around 12 but has been as high as 15 at times.

 So, Serenia, wonderful to have you back. Welcome, and we look forward to hearing a bit more from you.

 Serenia: And welcome to you, dear Geoffrey. And welcome to each of you. Yes, I am Serenia. It is always important, is it not, that out of courtesy and clarity that we introduce ourselves.

 As you say, I am science officer, and we do not distinguish as distinctly as you do between science and healing. And that is some of what we will talk about this day. And yes, I tell you, I bring you greetings from the entire crew.

 We are thrilled with our new ship the Seraphim, that we simply call the Seraph, and we are extremely busy.

 One of the things that we, your brothers and sisters of the stars, hear from you continually is the plea to understand. The plea to understand and to receive the shifts in energy, the increase in frequency, the raising in vibrations is actually stronger than your desire and your plea to see us, which warms our heart. And I tell you why. Because it is matching of vibrations. It is the compatibility of our energy fields, and yours, that makes the communion and the building of our unity and our community more possible every day.

 And in that building and shifting of vibration and frequency, it will become as natural as daylight, or what you think of as moonlight, to simply be able to see us and to communicate with us and to travel with us.

 When last I spoke to you, I talked about our mission, our current mission. And there are several of us, of the fleet — and I mean ships when I say “us” — that are working on the downloading of both scientific and healing… ‘formulas’ is our word, and the only word that you would understand, onto the Earth, into the Earth, into the air, into the water, and thereby into each one of you. And part of what we would like to discuss this day is how this download of these formulas works.

 Now, you are correct, dear Geoffrey, when you say you do not know what you do not know. It would be like asking a student of languages to understand the most complex physics formula. The term that we would use to describe our formulas in human terms would be organic physics or biological physics, but they include elements of what you think of as your various bodies — so, your emotional, your physical, your mental, your causal, and so on.

 Now, Michael, our beloved brother, has spoken to you, as has Sanat Kumara, about the unified grid. We are all part of one universal grid. There is no separation. The rifts, the tears, the rents in that grid have long since been repaired — yes, by the mighty ones, the archangels, and we in service to the Mother and to you, and to ourselves as well.

 So when we speak of the universal grid and how everything — everything! — travels upon it, you simply think of a giant fishnet, or an internet, upon which all information travels. Our formulas have symbols and inclusions and compounds that you do not have the science understanding as yet to comprehend.

 But just because you do not know or are not yet fully familiar — because many of you have been seeing these symbols, in the air, in your eyes, on your forehead — just because you do not understand in a mental capacity, or your science does not understand in a fully mental capacity, the meaning of these symbols and formulas does not mean, for purposes of our conversation, that you do not understand them.

 Now, think of one formula, let us say for clean water, because this, on our side, and on yours, is a universal theme at the moment. It is front and center in terms of our priority lists and yours as well.

 Say the formula for water that we bring and transmit energetically, electronically, magnetically, onto the planet of Gaia, into the trees, the people, the Earth, the soil, the rocks, and the water, because we do not simply clean water by focusing on water; there is water in everything, as you well know — that formula could be hundreds of miles long.

 Now, think of that formula as an accordion. So we squeeze that accordion together and now the formula can be — and we do it both ways, by the way — can be about, oh, a millimeter thick. All the information is still contained within.

 Now, sometimes in our ships we transmit the formulas, say, across the length of the Pacific Ocean, and we do not shrink it, and it is like a magnificent symphony just floating down into the water, into the waves, into the marine life of all forms, and into the heart of Gaia.

 Then there are other moments when we do that shrinkage, and we will simply drop it into an area that has particular need, or into an individual who has particular need. You do not always understand this, but we would suggest that most — and we are talking high, very high percentages here; about 90 percent of humanity, and we mean the collective of hybrids, et cetera — are to some extent dehydrated.

So, what we do when we are dropping this formula within you, we are not only cleansing, repairing, increasing the vibration in frequency within your being, we are also increasing, and basically what you would think of as hydrating, you. So the formula has many elements within it.

 Now, when we speak of the formulas for water, for example, the waters within you are not simply electromagnetic conductors for physicality and for health and well-being, they are also the conductors of your emotional field, the stimulus for inspiration, ideas, mental processes. This is why you have such an expression of being “in the flow.”

 Now, also what we want to share with you, just to give you an overview of these attunements, infusions, gifts that we are bringing forth, if you were to think that somehow the hundred miles of formula somehow got chopped up, separated like the links on a bracelet, it does not matter. Because the way we work — and, dear hearts, the reason I am saying this is to show you and to remind you — is how you work. Each element of the formula contains the entire formula. It is embedded and programmed that way. So there is no possibility of interruption, manipulation, or misapplication.

 Why am I so emphatic about this? Because we want you to have the same understanding as brothers and sisters of the stars that each of you are of your own genetic codes and your own divinity. You are also in every particle of your being, in every subatomic particle of your being, in every droplet and speck of water that is within you.

 The entire formula of your divinity is contained there within. It is anchored in your heart. The knowing and the experience and the truth and the love is anchored as your go-to place within your heart, within where we would say your heart consciousness rests. And that is exactly where it also rests within us, regardless of whether we are fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth dimensional beings. That similarity is consistent throughout this universe. So often you forget this.

 Now, yes, the Council of Love has taught you to anchor, to go, to be, to rest, to operate — as do we — from your heart. But it would be a misunderstanding or an incomplete understanding to not realize that your formula is included in every speck of your being, from the skin on the bottom of your foot to every hair in your head, to your spine, to your organs, to your blood.

 So, then you say to me, “Well, Serenia, if this is so…” — and I assure you, dear hearts, it is — “…then why are you sending and adding these formulas, these upgrades, as it were, to humans and to the planet? Because surely if all the divinity is within every particle of my being, so it is with the mountains, the trees, the oceans, the animals.” And I say, yes, it is.

 Why we are doing this is to awaken all of this, to restore you, to raise you up. It is perfect that we are having this discussion at a point where you are awakening and where in many parts of your world it is spring, a time of rejuvenation — yes, even as what some people think of as resurrection.

 We do not particularly use this term because we believe you are already, as are we, resurrected. But it is an awakening, it is a gentle shake. So it is the revitalization, organic, powerful. And it is not simply for the human beings, although I have spoken of you, because we love you so much. But it is also for the soil.

 So in many ways what we are doing is reinserting and reawakening that memory of perfection. So, for example, for soil that has been mutilated and filled with pesticides or poisons or radiation, the formulas heal it and bring it not only to what it may have been originally, but to an even higher vibration.

 So soil can be soil, but it can also in many ways fulfill its desire to grow things, because that is part and parcel of what soil does. It laughs and plays when the plant life joins with it, when the devas and the fairies go back to dance upon it because it is clean and pristine. It is what we are primarily doing with your air and with your water.

 Do you understand what I am speaking of?

 GW: I believe I do, Serenia. I think many listeners will be able to grasp that. I think in terms of the human analogies the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto may be relevant for some people to review at some point, where this Japanese scientist has demonstrated apparently the scientific ability to alter the nature of water merely by placing the energy of words upon a jar of water samples, and certainly to do blessings upon the water from a distance. This would be the analogy, I think, to describe what you’re talking about?

 S: This is the perfect analogy. And yes, Emoto — well, let us just say he is a dear friend to us. But what he has shown humanity, as has St. Germaine, that if you clear your intent and the prayer, the words contain the love, then the transubstantiation is immediate. Not lengthy, but immediate. And so you may think of it as our formulas containing ribbons and ribbons and ribbons of love.

 You see, what people think of on your planet as science is a primitive form of the understanding of the essence of the universe. And when you get to that, the essence of the universe is love. But how is it expressed? In magnitude of ways, magnitude of formulas, downloads, expressions. But within each expression is the core.

 So, if you think of our science in terms of Emoto’s work, you can think of us as sending many, many prayers into your oceans and into your skies, into your air. And when you think of it this way, how could anyone, regardless of belief, be fearful?

 GW: Absolutely.

 Well, we’ve got about 25 minutes left in the program, and we certainly would like to make a little bit of space for our next guest as well. So I imagine we will at some point again have to continue this discussion a little bit further, to elaborate more on the work that you’re doing, especially as the time progress. So perhaps we will end on this point with you for this time, Serenia. So thank you for sharing once again your time with us.

 S: You are so welcome. And we are pleased to have the opportunity to share in a small way what it is we are doing to help.

 May I finish by saying and speaking to your desire for signs? Because the sign that you receive from us and as a result what you love to look at is outcomes of this work that we are undertaking, is the improvement, dramatic improvement, in your hydration, in even your desire to hydrate, in the quality and improvement of your water and your air.

 So, look to those who are in your earthly sciences who measure such things. Go to some of the more devastated places and see how the measurements are changing swiftly. I step aside for our friend as well, Albert Einstein.
Farewell, my friends.
Look up and see me, more and more visible, particularly in your night sky. I look like a white star just to the right-hand side of Mars. Farewell.

 GW: Oh! To the right-hand side of Mars. Well, I certainly look forward to that.
Blessings to you, Serenia, and those in your crew.

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