Sunday, November 04, 2012

"Brilliance that Utterly Surpasses All "

Saul through John Smallman

 4 - November - 2012

 The way ahead is clear and unobstructed as you approach the end of your journey back to Reality. 

However, minor obstructions may occur momentarily which will not present problems as you race down the home stretch to where the welcoming assemblage has gathered to greet you with a magnificent honoring-ceremony in recognition of the demanding task that you have completed so competently and expeditiously.

 Within the illusion untold numbers of loose, individual human energy threads are coming together in a most beautiful weave of acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and unconditional love, the like of which has never before even been conceived of in relation to your interactions with one another and with the planet.

 A new age is about to be born — a new age for which you have been praying and hoping through many grueling lifetimes. Peace and an abundance of everything required to bring joy, satisfaction, and a loving state of harmony and cooperation to all on Earth is about to envelop you.

 You have been steadily working your way home towards this release from the misery and suffering that has engulfed you for an inordinate amount of time, and your sterling efforts are soon to be fully rewarded.

 It is indeed a joy for me to give you just a slight indication of what you can expect when you awaken, because you have been struggling towards this destination so resolutely for so long, and to offer you love, encouragement, and inspiration connects me very positively to the love that flows from your hearts as you open to the divine field of unconditional Love that is all round you and assisting you to awaken. We are all one eternally, and you are soon to experience the wonder of that divine truth.

 As you continue to open up your hearts your frequency rises, enabling you to integrate yourselves ever more fully into this field, of which you are all essential and irreplaceable aspects, and allowing your awareness of it to strengthen and intensify. The more you develop in this way the stronger becomes your faith in God’s infinite Love for you and in His Will that you awaken.

 As a result, your interest in the distractions of the illusion – judgment, blame, anger, fear, and conflict – diminishes, to be replaced by an increasing awareness of the insanity of allowing them to influence or motivate you.

 Awareness of the oneness of all of creation is growing exponentially across the planet, as is love and enthusiastic acceptance of the individual creative genius within every one of you. Your Father created each one of you as perfect divine beings; consequently, each of you is a creative genius with startling abilities which you will be able to use with intense satisfaction as you design and develop original and inspiring projects to share and delight in together.

 As children of God your skills and aptitudes are limitless. In human terms it is as though you all have the potential to be great painters, poets, writers, composers, musicians, dancers – imagine any potential ability that you would like to develop – and when you awaken those aptitudes will burst forth in an exhilaration of enthusiastic activities. What lies ahead is a limitless selection of magnificent opportunities with which to engage in a life of infinite wonder, leading you ever onwards through the divine garden whose beauty and surprises will constantly delight all your senses.

 In Reality, Life awaits you! What you have been experiencing within the illusion is but a very poor and inadequate expression of life, soon to be forgotten as the perpetually entrancing wonders that God has prepared for you blow your minds in spontaneous amazement.

 What you have suffered and undergone for eons will be sunk without trace; not the least particle of those horrendous experiences will disturb your senses as you awaken from that dream into the brilliance that utterly surpasses all your expectations of what Heaven might be like. Home is where the heart is, and your hearts are leading you Home!

 With so very much love, Saul

Thank you Saul,
John Smallman

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