Monday, August 20, 2012

" ascension aspects are impacting humanity at large "

Angela Peregoff
 20 - August - 2012

 Living during this time in Earth's planetary history comes with a unique set of challenges. Learning how to increase your life force by returning to inner balance, while being exposed to the many external influences we interact with on a daily basis has the potential to rattle the best of us. It is crucial, however, during the amplified energetic cycles of 2012 not only to maintain, but to increase your "inner awareness" attention.

 When you aren't grounded and balanced within the Self your life force energy is weakened. This can lead to feeling cranky, hot-headed, frustrated, constricted, lazy, and lack endurance and tolerance for others. Pay attention this week to what you are resonating with and to - your life force stream reacts and adjusts to every stimulus or energy that it is being exposed to within the body, mind, emotions or spirit. If an external stimulus is stronger than the inner awareness life force present, your being will be forced to adjust in a way where a consequence of that influence is perceived or experienced.

 If the impact of external stimuli is dissonant the consequence of that force can range from mildly unpleasant to excruciatingly painful. The level of development of your inner spiritual core will determine the corresponding reaction or response your body/mind/emotion/spirit will have to that force.  Nothing is more powerful than the commitment to your internal Self and its spiritual life force stream.

 It's important to realize that ascension aspects are impacting humanity at large. This includes you and everyone you meet. You may be having a wonderful day feeling inspired and confident about whatever is drifting your way. Other people, however, may be having a much different kind of day. An encounter with a stressed co-worker or spouse could leave you out of sorts, unless you remain mindful of the bigger picture. Remember, not everyone is consciously awake like you. Also, even aware and awake people can have a bad day as we lead ourselves away from the old paradigm of beliefs and into unity once again.

 To successfully navigate the currents of radical cycles energetically affecting humanity, it's helpful to understand how you are personally affected. Having an awareness of ascension influences will help you know what areas of life will likely be challenged, why, what remedies and what states of mind you can apply to make the journey smoother and more harmonious. When you can apply antidotes during the times you are challenged then life becomes more manageable. After all, you are a divine conduit of Eternal Source Energy [a.k.a. the Soul] learning to move into your authentic power to create. You are not a victim of circumstances - galactic, planetary or otherwise.

 To give you some wisdom assistance getting over the hump of 2012 I've compiled a "part 2" of ascension symptoms that may be impacting some of you. Some these symptoms may have already passed for some of you, or perhaps never occurred at all.

 No sense of place: It is very common to have this feeling during or right after a substantial upgrade or shift in energies. We receive an internal shake-up when we are catapulted to a new level of vibration, and the outside reality no longer fits us. We can thus feel that we no longer belong anywhere, cannot relate to anyone or anything, feel quite alone, and nothing much feels good to us anymore. I have listed some comforts for this symptom further along in this energy read.

Craving anything "new": After we move ahead to a higher vibrating "level" or dimension, it can feel uncomfortable to be in anything "old." For those who are highly sensitive, this can manifest as severe discomfort and an almost gagging or repulsion for anything which existed before. It is in our wiring . . . we are being encouraged to move ahead into the new, or rather can no longer tolerate the lower vibrations or things of the past. We have been rewired and are now vibrating within a new space and reality.

 Forgetting where you are and losing your place: Many times when I am walking the vast expanses of the Atlantic shoreline, I can forget where I am, who I am, or what reality I am in. This can occur at other times as well when we begin to vibrate higher. It is as if we are not connected to anything at times, and are thus hanging out there in a space which gives us the opportunity to create whatever we choose. As we vibrate higher, we hold onto much less. Energy is in and out, very quickly and moves very fast without clinging or holding on. Anything not being held in our consciousness will simply cease to exist. Getting used to this can be scary or at best confusing, but it can also allow us to create fresh and new at any given moment.

 Stay in your creativity as much as possible. In the higher realms, creativity is what it is all about. Thus, creativity always carries a high vibration no matter what dimension we are residing in. For me, painting, writing, gardening, cooking, and creating any DIY project (do it yourself) immediately takes me into a beautiful space and I feel wonderful and connected again. It also serves to get negative thoughts out of the way, as well as our ego selves!

 Be in the company of as many little ones as possible. Our little ones naturally carry a higher vibration and we can easily feel oh so connected once again. We see them and they see us. They match us so much more closely than much of anything else. My 5 year old next door neighbor has saved me countless times during an ascension shift. These little ones love us as much as we love them!

 Get distracted and stay away from the news, the outside world if need be, and just keep as busy as possible in your own world. This past week while I was with my mom I had no TV, no internet, and spent almost all of our time playing cards, laughing, and eating. It was pure bliss. The only reality I was aware of was the reality of a loving environment with my family.

 Spend time in nature as much as possible. This can be tough right now, as even when we are in nature, we can still pick up all the changing and disruptive energies. But the earth is ascending as our vehicle, and being around her energies can connect us as well. Her incredible sunsets, magnificent cloud formations, the smell of sweet earth , and wildflowers abounding can make one feel as if they have arrived in heaven.

Stay in your sacred space. Our sacred space, or what we have created, is very much in alignment with who we are. Thus, we can feel secure, grounded, and just plain good when we are there. Staying home can feel best at times. The ascension process is set to divinely prepare us for the higher realms completely on its own. It is a beautiful process that knows exactly what it is doing quite naturally.  Things will be settling down as our re-connections become more and more intact, and this is already happening now.

And yes, everyone will begin to experience miracles and new beginnings as we get re-structured, re-aligned, and settled into very new spaces. Hope this helps those of you who have been asking . . . it can be difficult to explain but I would imagine you get the drift. Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life during these miraculous times,


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