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our galactic family with Mike Quinsey

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On March 9th, our dear Mike Quinsey was interviewed by Graham Dewyaea, so here is below the transcript,

Our Galactic Family, with Mike Quinsey

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to Our Galactic Family. I’m Graham Dewyea. Our guest today is Mike Quinsey.

Mike is perhaps best known to our listeners as the channel for SaLuSa. From Kent, England, he lives with his wife Cathy, he has two sons, Alan and Colin, and since retiring in 1999 as a sales rep in the electrical-mechanical field, he has enjoyed hobbies such as gardening, playing competitive table tennis—for 53 years now, very impressive—writing artaicles and giving talks on ETs, UFOs and healing and spiritual matters.

In the mid-1990s, Mike became editor of the magazine Quest, which is devoted to spiritual growth and enlightenment, and he has his own radio show on BBS radio, interviewing authors who have just recently been published.

Well, welcome, Mike. It’s great to have you on the show.

Mike Quinsey: Well, thank you very much. It’s strange for me to be on the other side of the fence, so to say.

GD: I’m sure. There’s so much I’d like to talk with you about on many subjects, one hour will allow us just to scratch the surface. As you know, this show is about raising awareness about our star brothers and sisters. Perhaps, if you’re willing, we could start with your relationship with SaLuSa, how you came to know each other, and a bit about him for our listeners?

MQ: Yes, by all means. I’ll have to go back to the time when I retired in December 1999. I had been quite active prior to that, with running my own group. After about seven years it seemed to have run its course, so it eventually closed down. So, with my retirement, like a lot of people, I found myself a bit at a loose end. And for a few years I was sort of dabbling around following my own interests on the internet, and I was mentally putting out the word to spirit that I felt I had a lot to offer and I wanted to be used; I wanted to do more, because I had more time at my disposal.

Anyway, hunting around the internet, I came across the website that I currently have my pages on, Tree of the Golden Light, and I noticed they had a page where they invited people to send in articles. Well, as I had over a long period of time given talks on spiritual matters and things related, it didn’t really take much of my time up or present any difficulty in starting to write articles, which they accepted and are on my web pages up to this time.

So, for a period of time I was submitting articles. Then, one day, Nancy Tate – who is also a channeler, who had established the website in the first place, along with Bob Towers – said to me, “I’ve got St. Germain here, and he wants to have a word with you.” That was a surprise! Anyway, so, she…St. Germain spoke through her, and the crux of the matter was, he said, “I would like you to sit by your computer every morning and start to receive messages from me,” meaning St. Germain, and eventually from extraterrestrial contact.

So, I’d never even envisaged or thought for one moment that I would do something like that, or even entertained the idea, so that was a bit frightening in some ways, to be suddenly asked to do that. Well, I’ve always felt that if people offer you a proposition like that, particularly if it’s for spiritual goals and enlightenment, that one should do it, or try. So I’ve always been willing to try things.

So, anyway, I spent some days thinking to myself, “Well, how on Earth do you start?” I’d get up in the morning, early, because I know the best time to do this is when you’ve just got up and your mind isn’t cluttered up with other things. And, to be honest, I didn’t quite know how to start it. And I thought, “Well, supposing I think I’m doing it, and I’m not?”

Anyway, I was sitting at the computer one morning, and I distinctly heard a voice say, “Do you remember me?” And I realized—and this is how it seems to work, when these contacts are made—that it was St. Germain reminding me that he expected me to do this work, and I had agreed to undertake it. So that sort of geed me up a bit. And eventually I got round to doing it.

And I felt then—and I suppose this comes to people who take up channeling—that I could then determine when the energy that was present was somebody else’s, like St. Germain’s, and not my own. Then, over the weeks, gradually other energies came in, and at one time I started to link with a number of different extraterrestrials. I think I had about three from Sirius, one from Arcturus…don’t remember who the others were, an added one at a quite later stage, from Venus.

And I was taking these messages five days a week initially. And then about, I think it was, three years ago, I was given the information that in future it would come through the one contact, which was SaLuSa, and that he would represent the energy for the group of beings that came through on those earlier occasions.

GD: I see.

MQ: I already knew this – because I was already channeling SaLuSa – that he was from Sirius. He’s with the Galactic Federation, I gather—along with my other contacts, with the exception of St. Germain of course, who started it—onboard one of these giant motherships from which they operate. So that’s it, right up, really, to the present time. And I’ve been channeling SaLuSa three times a week for a few years now.

GD: And do you have experience of him beyond the connection you just described? Have you seen him? Have you been on the ship astrally or physically?

MQ: I have no other knowledge at all, which is rather galling at times. I wish I did. I’d love SaLuSa to appear. The only link I’ve ever found that’s additional to my contact is a couple of years ago a person emailed me and said that, “I’m sending you a psychic drawing of SaLuSa.” He apparently appeared to her; she drew him and sent me a copy.

It was strange, really. She never made much contact with me. It was simply a matter of sending that psychic drawing to me. So I wasn’t sure whether I could validate the one that she sent me. I mean, I couldn’t really say, “Yes, that’s him,” because I’ve never seen him. But I have to say, I did feel that it seemed right. And I think that’s what we go by, is our sort of intuitive feeling at the time.

I have no direct contact with SaLuSa in the sense that I can call him up. But I suspect that when I do sit down to do my messages…I mean, I do mentally send out the message that I’m ready and I hope he’s there, and I put my protection in place, et cetera, et cetera. So, I do feel there is an energy there, and when he’s with me the message gets underway.

Sometimes it flows very, very quickly, and I can sort of feel a presence. Sometimes—maybe this is down to me and how I feel, whether I’m feeling well or whatever—it’s a bit difficult sometimes to get started. At least, that’s the way I feel. But usually, once it kicks off, then it flows right through to the end. So, that’s all I can really tell you on that side.

But I wouldn’t mind betting that, when people ask me questions and I sort of sit and to some extent meditate on it, that SaLuSa probably does contact me, and he’s prompting me to give the right answers. That’s what I feel.

GD: There’s a lot happening right now. Things are building. And if you were to distill his recent messages into one—and I appreciate that this might be a challenge—what would that message be? I mean, what is it that you feel is most important for people to hear right now?

MQ: Well, I have thought about that, since you tipped me off that you might ask me a question like that. And I think possibly something that appeared in the message today—and it’s not for the first time, it’s just really confirming and making sure people realize this.

And the part of the message I think that is very important is that, now [that] we are really in the time of the changes—and to a lot of people it may already appear quite chaotic, and it may reach that pitch before it settles down—to remember that, regardless of what happens now, whatever your experience is, there is nothing that can alter the final conclusions of this period, in December this year, when the alignment takes place, which will lead to Ascension. It’s to try to comfort people and say, “Don’t get discouraged, don’t worry, don’t get fearful. Whatever comes your way, just remember that you will go forward on the timeline to Ascension.”

GD: Beautiful. And…yeah, beautifully said. And, for our listeners, this interview is being recorded on Friday, March 9, even though it will air on the following Sunday, so the channeling that Mike is referring to is for Friday, March 9th.

I’d love to hear your perspective on, you know, given these exciting times and these very important historical times—which you refer to as Ascension, others refer to as unfoldment, the Shift—what’s your understanding in terms of how our star brothers and sisters are assisting us at this time?

MQ: Well, I’m absolutely certain—and they’ve confirmed this—that they’ve been with us for hundreds and thousands of years. Their presence is obviously more obvious at this particular time because of the end of this cycle of duality. Thinking back, it was in 1990, I think, that the Sirians decreed that they would start preparing us and themselves [ready? really?] for first contact.

So I think that the emphasis on contact with them has really started since 1990. And of course if you go back to the late 1940s, when the first UFO flap started, I guess that was an earlier stage in this emphasis on making themselves known to us—at that time, mainly through their craft appearing in the skies, and of course making some contact, like George Adamski, for example—and then [buffing? boffing?] it up again, making the sightings a bit more regular, sometimes a bit more amazing, until we’ve reached this stage where there are a lot of people like me doing channeling—and that’s really I think something that never existed if you go back even just 50 years.

And, of course, there’s been more contacts made, and I understand that they have regularly, for example, been in contact with each President of the US when they’ve come in. So. they’ve been making themselves known I think for quite a long time, but more emphatic since the beginning of the ‘90s.

GD: And the research that I’ve come across is that they come here as benevolent, loving beings, as our brothers and sisters, wanting to help us during this important time, during this Shift, in addition to helping Mother Earth heal, and providing technology toward that end, and to help assist our evolution as a society. You know, they have other gifts as well.

MQ: Oh, absolutely. I agree with what you said entirely. And of course their interest in us, that is the main extraterrestrial groups of the Sirians, the Pleiadeans, the Andromedans—probably the most significant ones—is that they are our actual family, and they relate to us over thousands and thousands of years, because they’ve followed our development, and of course they’ve had some hand in genetic development. We’re part ETs already.

GD: And you’ve had some direct experience, is that right? Contact with UFOs?

MQ: Yes, I have yes. Yes, I’ve been—well, if I can put it this way—fortunate, according to a lot of people who’ve never seen anything at all to have had what I would say is my personal experience, and it was arranged for me. I know that sounds a bit bragging, but if I explain the circumstances, you’ll probably accept my feelings about it.

In the ╩╝eighties, I used to go to a regular small group of people that met once a month to try and develop contact with the ETs. And the guy who ran the group was a fantastic psychic. Funnily enough—well, I say funnily enough!—he’s still alive now, and he was…he was 88 years old yesterday, so he’s still going strong. Anyway, he could contact ETs. He could call them up. And he used to write his messages out, even in those days, although he never distributed them in a sort of public way that people could get hold of. It was just sort of done in a small, private group.

Anyway, we used to meet every Saturday, once every Saturday evening in a month. And I left the group one evening, on my way home—it must have been getting on for 11 to 12:00. And it was quite a nice evening. It wasn’t raining or anything like that. And part of my journey home took me through an area in England called Sanderstead—some people listening might actually know the place; it’s sort of semi-country area—and at one stage I went down a hill with a few houses on my left and a big open area and a field on my right.

And as I was going down the hill, suddenly I saw, moving into my view through the windscreen, that was coming from the t0p, going ahead of me, was a silvery blue craft. And it was quite low, as well. I mean, to me it looked quite big. But you know you have a sense of height when you see anything, and I wouldn’t have thought it was any more than about 300 or 400 feet above my car.

And it was going very slowly, I think purposely so I could get a good look at it. So as I went down the hill towards the T-junction at the bottom, I could see this craft moving very slowly in front of me, and then it disappeared over the roofs of the houses ahead of me.

Now, what was odd about it—or it seemed odd to me at the time, although I’ve since found out this is not unusual at all—it looked as if it was pulsating, and left a slight image of the craft behind it. But that, I thought, since I was already meeting regularly to make contact with ETs, was one of them acknowledging the fact that we had made the contact and showing themselves. So, I thought that was really, really wonderful.

I had one other positive sighting. I’ve seen, seen, quite…on a number of occasions seen things that could have been UFOs, but I’m talking here of the two that I identify as proper sightings of flying craft.

I had a telescope also that I used to use during that period of time. And it didn’t have a fantastic magnification, it was 70 times. And what I used to do, because my interest was in looking at the moon, I used to wait for a nice clear evening, obviously, and focus on the moon. And one evening when I was looking at the moon through the telescope I could clearly see this flying saucer come from one side and move across my vision. And I suppose because it was a long way off it moved quite slowly, and I could distinctly see the typical flying saucer shape, with the cupola on the top, you know, with a cabin, and – couldn’t see the portholes, obviously. So I thought that was quite a chance sighting, that one should just pass by at that particular time.

So, yes, that’s the two that I feel quite confident were actual UFO sightings.

GD: There are millions of ships around the Earth right now. And they’re waiting for the right time to come to the Earth. And you were talking about how—you were talking about, earlier, about why they’re not quite…why they haven’t engaged fully yet.

MQ: Yes. Well, they’ve repeatedly said that they can’t make open contact until they’re satisfied that it’s safe to do so. Which of course makes some people raise their eyebrows, because they think, hey, with their technology why would they see any danger from any opposition on the Earth? Well, of course that is correct.

But they’re more concerned with the safety of the people on the Earth, in case the dark ones try and make some scenario out of it to fake an attack. Because I have been informed that the US Government already has a fleet of about 100 flying craft, so it would be very easy—say, for example, for them—to stage a fake attack.

GD: And they’re also mindful of not wanting to instill fear with humans on Earth. I’m thinking about the propaganda and the media that we’ve seen over the years, oftentimes in movies, where there are ships that are coming in large numbers, and it’s a fearful scenario that’s played out. And they certainly don’t want to encourage that kind of scenario, either.

MQ: No, absolutely. I suppose we’re fortunate that we’ve had good series like Star Trek which has been very important, I think, in conveying to people that you can get human-type extraterrestrials that don’t differ too much from ourselves. And they’ve shown them cooperating with Earth people and working together, so there is a balance of a kind. But I think—for so many years, particularly in films—I’m afraid ETs have been depicted as beings that want to try and take over the Earth and come here to destroy us.

GD: Now, you mention the dark cabal. It seems pretty clear that the dark cabal is rapidly losing strength. In what ways have you been seeing that happen?

MQ: Well, I think it’s the awakening amongst the people. I think it’s still got a way to go, but now people are becoming aware of the truth of what’s been going on behind the scenes, the way they’ve been manipulated and controlled, I think they are finally breaking away from that control. But on top of that, they are able to motivate themselves and get into groups, and give some opposition to what is happening, make their voices heard. So I think they’ve been turning the balance, maybe, a little bit into their own favor.

And of course with the extraterrestrials being behind us, that’s—at least since 1990, in a way that they weren’t prior to that date, which is when it was agreed by the Sirians to help the Earth—I think that’s helped us even in ways perhaps that we’re unaware. But even they, through their channeling to the Earth, are becoming more open in telling us the nature of what they’ve been doing. If we make the first moves and put the effort or the intent in, I think they are, as it were, allowed to give us help.

GD: And I appreciate what you’re speaking to in terms of people raising their awareness, raising their consciousness, coming together. I’m thinking about Arab Spring, I’m thinking about the Occupy Movement, and in terms of the dark cabal losing ground, I’m also thinking about the recent arrests that we’ve been hearing about.

And from what I’ve learned, there have been reports that there have been efforts that have been quelled or diminished or squashed, in terms of trying to start another war, engaging Iran, for example; new financial system coming on board. So there’s a lot of encouraging things to point to.

MQ: Oh, yes. And in the recent weeks you could almost say they have been very, very active. It was only recently that John Kettler revealed some of the incidents that have been taking place. And, as I recall, there have been two false flag efforts in the Persian Gulf to try and create an incident to bring about World War Three. And the Iranians, I suppose who feel rather victimized and picked upon in their own situation, and with their anger possibly, have actually mounted an attack back.

But all of these things have been stopped. And the ETs have said that they will not, under any circumstances, allow war, and in fact they’ve warned people not even to be aggressive to one another. So, I think before very long there will be some sort of happening, and it will force all these military set-ups to bring it to a halt. And if they don’t, I think they will just be disabled, as the extraterrestrials have done over a period of time to these underground nuclear bases.

GD: Right, right. Good point. Do you have any idea how many extraterrestrials are on our planet right now?

MQ: No, I don’t really, the point being, I suppose, that some are here by reason of reincarnating here. But I know you don’t mean that, you’re talking about actual ETs. I gather that they’ve had bases on the Earth for quite a long, long time, I mean, hundreds of years. They have some obviously within the Earth; some below the seabed—or on the seabed, rather. So, they’ve been operating from bases from the Earth for a long, long time.

GD: One thing that maybe you can help me understand more, I know that—getting back to your earlier point—that many of us, perhaps the majority of us, are connected to our star brothers and sisters genetically. I’m not clear how many Earth humans here are true Earth humans versus those that would be considered starseeds. Do you have a sense of that?

MQ: Well, I suppose we are all space beings on the Earth, because we do not have…I doubt the Earth is our origin.

GD: Right, yeah.

I doubt that any of us originate from the Earth in the first place, so we must all be space beings, by that interpretation. But I think we’ve come from various other civilizations. In fact, it was only recently that we were told that the human race are quite unique in their own way because of the genetic involvement of the various extraterrestrials. And we have no less than 12 different civilizations that have contributed to what we are now. So, it’s no wonder they actually say that we are unique, and we are a very special breed, if you like to call it that.

GD: Right. What do you envision the new Earth will look like, once first contact occurs, Ascension occurs?

MQ: Well, I suppose—apart from what they may have indicated to us—we can only compare that to the way they’ve described their own homes, because obviously what you actually do, I suppose, for yourself does depend on how far you have advanced and what sort of technology you have got. But my feeling is that it will be similar to those planets that have the crystal cities, that’s my feeling; where you do not have any separate source of energy within your homes. Which are usually circular; they don’t use the square design of things like we do.

GD: Is that for the energy flow?

MQ: Yes, it is. It’s the perfect shape for that. And they make them of materials that are unknown to us, which have their own, as you might call it, inbuilt source of light. And of course we’ve already been promised that we will have devices, which are energy devices, through which—although we can’t understand how yet—we can produce our own clothes, our food, and any other energy sources that we want. So….

GD: This is through the replicator technology?

MQ: Yes, that sort of thing, indeed, yes. And the planet would be absolutely, a hundred percent clear of any pollution, and there would not be anything on it that would cause pollution. And furthermore, you wouldn’t need anything to use that would cause it anyway. So, it would be far removed from what we know here, and, of course, the very energy itself around you is very uplifting. I suppose it’s a little bit like when people have had a near death experience and they nip up into the slightly higher levels, where the energy is really so beautiful that they rarely, if ever, want to come back…

GD: Yeah.

MQ: …it’s so nice. I suppose it’s indescribable, really. But I can only think that, having been out of the body into the higher realms, being met by my…an angelic type person, who surrounded me in a feeling as though I was in a sort of a syrup of love, if you like, that it must be something like that. It’s as though somebody’s beaming love at you the whole time, and it’s a great feeling.

GD: And it reminds me of this term, “unity consciousness,” which I’ve learned is really the model, really, what we’ll see and experience with the new Earth.

MQ: I think that’s definitely so. And we should really be, within our minds, trying to work to that type of understanding already. Of course it won’t be possible I don’t think until we’ve Ascended. But yes, unity consciousness is really the norm, I think, and I suppose another terminology would be group consciousness.

GD: Um-hmm. And I also think about what we do for work, how we associate with each other, how we share resources – I mean, all of that will completely change. And the struggle that so many on Earth are facing…I think about the current Earth. And certainly the future Earth will have so many resources, plentiful for all, so there’ll be no struggle. And all beings, and Mother Earth, will be given the opportunity to thrive and continue to thrive.

MQ: Yes, indeed. As I see it, we’re moving into an age where technology will take over all of the chores and labors that we do ourselves, at the moment. They’ve got highly sophisticated computers that are organic and have a very high level of their own consciousness. So, a lot of the work is done by these fantastic computers. And I think what we move into, really, is a time where it is leisurely. You do what you want. It’s all your time, I think, to play with.

GD: And to allow us to pursue our spiritual endeavors as well, as we are spiritual beings, and to give us the opportunity, the freedom to deepen our spirituality and continue to grow.

MQ: Yes, I believe that. And I’m sure when we take that step up with Ascension, obviously our own level of consciousness is going to expand quite dramatically, and I think our natural urge would want to be to serve other people. I think that is how it goes, which is of course what the Galactic Federation is comprised of, evolved civilizations that have reached that point where their members can work with unconditional love.

GD: With the theme being service to others as opposed to service to self?

MQ: Absolutely, yes.

GD: You mentioned the Galactic Federation. What is the Galactic Federation and what’s SaLuSa’s role in it?

MQ: Well, I think you can be invited to join the Galactic Federation. I’m never quite sure how many nations are in it, but at one time I was told it was about 36. But I don’t think it’s a natural progression. As I said, I think when you reach the level where civilization has Ascended, you have that opportunity to join the Galactic Federation.

There are other ones, apparently. It’s not the only one. So that would be a way of serving other people, for sure, I mean, if you join them. So yes, that’s a choice you make of your own volition.

GD: The Galactic Federation is a representation of planets, or representation of societies, or ships, or all of that?

MQ: I think it’s of civilizations, because you…they talk to themselves in the terms of being Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Pleiadeans, so to my mind they’re talking of a civilization in each case.

GD: And we, it sounds like, will have as Earth humans some options when Ascension comes around, which includes going back to our original home planet, staying here on Earth, and perhaps serving with the Galactic Federation. Is that right?

MQ: Yes, I think every one of those would be an option. I suppose some people would, on learning who they really are, and then remember their family perhaps, back on their home planet, would like to return to it. But even beyond that, I suppose you could pay a visit back and then decide that you perhaps wanted to join something like the Galactic Federation. This is the beauty of it, you’ve got total freedom to choose your next stage of evolution.

GD: And it sounds like many of us may already be members of the Galactic Federation. We are here in service on planet Earth, and we just don’t know that.

MQ: I think that’s true. Yes, yes. I’ve been told by a psychic that I’m from…a Sirian. So I can accept that.

GD: Yeah.

MQ: And I think there are a lot of other people like me that have specially incarnated perhaps in recent years, maybe not just this one life, but perhaps had a series of lives building up to this period of time, specifically to be of service when you’re needed.

GD: Um-hmm. And what’s SaLuSa’s role with the Galactic Federation?

MQ: Well, strangely enough, I’ve never actually been given any other detail.

I suspect perhaps, inasmuch that he took over the role of contact, that perhaps he is a leader, if you like, of some kind of that particular branch of their activities. That’s all I can think.

GD: And when we were talking earlier, you were sharing a bit about the ships. And I thought that was really interesting, particularly how ships can emulate what we might be experiencing here on Earth. So, for example, they might…they could replicate a forest, or they could replicate other surroundings to the extent that we might not even tell the difference.

MQ: Absolutely. Because you see some of the ships are so enormous, that they…they’re probably beyond our belief and almost comprehension. I mean, some of the mother ships apparently are a hundred miles or so in diameter, where you clearly could get easily lost inside one of those without realizing that you’re even on board a ship.

GD: So, when I think of a mother ship a hundred miles in diameter, how many stories are we talking about? Do you have a sense of that?

MQ: I have heard that some of the levels are sort of four or five. Usually the bottom one is where they—is like a hangar where they keep the scout ships.

So, where…they’re launched from the bottom level. One of the levels is also for the crew, as you might call it. And I guess the others are facilities, say, these replications of people’s own planet, where people choose to live because they’re familiar with it, it suits them.

GD: And I think…you mentioned Star Trek, and I think about, when I think about Star Trek, and perhaps more the more recent episodes, I think about ships that cater to a number of different societies, if you will, or different entities or beings representing different societies, working in harmony and being on ships for years. Is that accurate?

MQ: Yes. Well, one of the reasons for that is a lot of the extraterrestrials live for hundreds of years. And, in fact, I was reading about one particular group that live for around 2,000 years. So, of course, [the] reason being that in that higher energy the body doesn’t age at all. So, you could sort of, in a manner of speaking, live forever!

But I think that when you want to change, of course, you can. You just exit your body and take another one. And it was interesting, I read about the same people that if they, say, were involved in some sort of accident and lost their life, all they would do is immediately reincarnate as an adult. So, they cover it all. There’s a big continuation.

And it’s very interesting, I think, because you can understand how some of the extraterrestrials that give us messages talk about periods of time like Atlantis and Lemuria. It’s quite possible that they were in the same lifetime, and they recall these civilizations quite clearly.

GD: It’s interesting. You were talking about how beings can assume a younger form. And that’s, I think, one of the things that we can look forward to, especially when we think of our current planet Earth, where there’s so much disease and ill health. Our new Earth won’t have a place for that.

MQ: Absolutely. It’s the norm amongst—in the higher level, that you don’t age at all.

GD: So, one could assume a form that could look 20, 30 years old and maintain that for many, many years?

MQ: Absolutely, yes. You could walk up to one that looks about 30 years old and say, “How old are you?” And they’ll say…

GD: Hundreds of years. Or thousands? Yeah.

MQ: …“Oh, I’m only one thousand years old.” Yes, right.

And of course this applies to everything. That’s the point. Unlike here, where radiation can age and eventually destroy material things, at their level, and because of their own composition—you have to remember that we’re moving into a crystalline body rather than carbon-based—there is nothing outside of your body to cause the aging of your body. So this is the reason why you actually stay young.

GD: I see. I see. You mentioned the cities of light earlier, and you made a reference a little bit just now. What’s your understanding of how cities of light will come on line here on planet Earth?

MQ: Well, there is the one that is hardening out and probably will become visible in a matter of just a few months, the first one that’s going to appear, in Sedona. And there will be others throughout the Earth in the course of time. I get the impression—although it isn’t actually said—that perhaps this is, in fact, a mother ship. It isn’t a city in the way that we would have the concept of. And it is a healing city. They’ve got various buildings there and other facilities that seem to be entirely set up for healing.

GD: And we’re expecting a number of those cities all around the world?

MQ: Yes, there will be, yes. The figure they’ve mentioned so far is not very great. But yes, once Sedona appears, the rest will follow on.

I have to think to myself that a lot of what is going to happen does depend on getting rid of all these dark entities that are in places of power and authority, and ceasing the wars. And then with the governmental changes and provisional leaders of the governments, then I think the scenario would be ready to accept these sort of things.

If the city of light, say, suddenly appeared tomorrow, I think in five minutes it would be surrounded by about 5,000 troops and you wouldn’t be able to go within five miles of it. You would get all this sort of normal, Earthy-type cover-up and control straightaway.

GD: So there’s still a presence —with the Illuminati, the dark cabal—there’s still a presence. It may not be…it sounds like it’s been…their strength, their stronghold has been diluted considerably, but we still have some clearing left.

MQ: Well, there are still people that support them all down the line. I think some of the military might be divided on that, but certainly when you look at the top levels of control, some of them are totally with the ideas of what the Illuminati are doing. They are—I’ve only got one word for it—they’re out and out warmongers.

GD: Could you speak to your perspective on Bill Wood and the convergence of timelines?

MQ: Yes, well, I believe what is being given out at the moment because it makes good sense to me and it’s confirmed by more than one source. But the one I like, that seems to satisfy me, is the one that I think it was Bill Wood traveled down, because he was a time traveler, and found that when you get to the 21st of December this year they converge. Eventually, there is only the one timeline. Apparently at the moment there are basically the two, there’s the one of the light and the one of the dark. But the dark one has no chance against the timeline of the light.

So, that’s my reason for totally believing it. And when you think about it, it makes sense, really.

GD: Well, what I think about is—and we talked about this earlier—is we are so empowered to affect what things look like, how things roll out, how events take form, ultimately there is a timeline, or there is a Divine Plan, and yet we still have a lot of control over how things look as we get there. And one of the messages that I’ve been hearing clearly from our star brothers and sisters is they’re not coming here to do it for us. They’re coming here as co-creators, as equals, to assist us. And there are a number of reasons why they’re doing that.

I think it’s important for us to remember that they’re not coming to save us, and we do have—they’re coming to help, for sure, as our galactic family—and we do have a lot of influence as to how things play out.

MQ: Yes, I think all along—although we’re only just beginning to realize our own individual power of creation—we have been projecting our thoughts and ideas and creating our future. So whether we have a smooth ride to Ascension or a rough ride is, to a large extent, down to us. But in light of what is happening now, I think it’s beginning to prove that our consciousness levels have lifted quite considerably, and we’re more in line for, I think, a smoother ride.

It wasn’t long ago that people expected it to be quite catastrophic and get the Apocalypse and all this sort of business, and here we are in March, and it’s been in that sense relatively quiet. Because if people say, “Oh, what about the tsunamis?” well, you have to sit on the fence about those because there’s every indication that they’re actually man-made anyway.

GD: Over the years we’ve heard of dates, we’ve heard of predictions around Disclosure and other announcements. And you’ve been doing this a while, and I don’t want to put you in a position of speaking to dates or predictions, but what advice do you have for light-workers who are experiencing frustration around what seems to be frequent delays and postponements? We’ve been hearing things, to your point, since the ╩╝90s, and a lot of people have been expressing, “Hey, you know, when is this going to happen? Why the delays?” What would you like to say around that?

MQ: Well, you just have to keep on being patient. I know it gets very trying. Even I have felt the frustration at times. It’s a matter of having faith and—I don’t know whether I mentioned this earlier, when I was speaking to you—but the message is that, don’t get worried, or don’t get fearful about anything that happens around you, or to the Earth, or whatever, because nothing can actually stop Ascension taking place.

Now, that is the important issue. Nothing else really matters very much. So why worry about whether Disclosure was promised last year and didn’t take place or pillars of light were promised and didn’t appear? It doesn’t matter one iota, to be honest.

GD: Are you feeling that this year is different to you, compared to other years?

MQ: Oh, yes, yes. I sense, again this year, that time is speeding up more than ever. I think it’s true to say, although it might be down to me to a certain extent, that I feel more uplifted. I mean, it is a state of being, and obviously each individual can affect that within themselves. But I feel like I could sail through anything and it wouldn’t matter. It’s like—it’s as though I’m in my world, and everything around me is in the other one.

GD: What are you personally most excited about, with the new Earth changes, and what Ascension will bring about? And, do you know what your role will be after Ascension?

MQ: No, I haven’t got a clue. And, although I have this contact with SaLuSa, and probably other ETs, I have never had any waking knowledge of meeting them when I’m out of the body, which I undoubtedly must have done. I’ve never seen one, so I’m really, in that sense, in the dark, to be honest.

GD: And is there anything in particular that really resonates with you when you think about Ascension and the new Earth?

MQ: Gosh, well, it’s so exciting and so great to look forward to it because of the total change it’s going to bring. I think just to be a higher type being is something in itself, and not to have all the ills and worries and problems that you get as an Earth human. I mean, to think that you can be free of disease and illness, it’s just such a remarkable change, I think I’m looking forward just to being a higher being, let alone anything else.

GD: Sure. It’s really exciting to think about and talk about, isn’t it?

MQ: Yes, absolutely.

GD: Now, when you’ve gone out and have spoken to groups about extraterrestrials and UFOs, what kinds of things do you tell people, particularly to the skeptics?

MQ: Well, skeptics of course are very difficult people to tell anything to, because skeptics tend to want absolute proof. And then when you can offer them some, often it’s not enough. It’s not the sort of proof they want. So, I don’t know. I tell people if they disagree with SaLuSa’s messages or anything, I say, fine, I respect your right to have your own opinion and to follow your own truth.

And that’s how I deal with anyone who’s got anything to say, because the whole point is eventually there will only be the one truth that will remain. So, we don’t have to sort of argue about it, we just say, “Okay, you think your way, I’ll think mine, and one day we’ll both know the truth!”

GD: Well, that’s a good point. And I think that’s one of the things that we can look forward to, or look to, when we think about unity consciousness, in recognizing the diversity and recognizing uniqueness and differing opinions and positions, and still embracing all of that.

MQ: Absolutely, yes. Well, I think they make the world go round in a manner of speaking. It would be maybe boring if you were in such an idyllic situation that nothing ever happened!

GD: Yeah. Right, right. What advice do you have for people who are just opening up and deepening their spirituality and are just learning about these significant times?

MQ: Well, obviously if they’ve started to do that, they have an open mind of a kind, but there will be so much happening and so much information given and so much revealed about the past, you’ve really got to have a very, very open mind, and don’t jump to conclusions. And of course it’s very important that you try and just put your earlier beliefs behind you. Don’t let them rule your life or be the level by which you judge anything new, because that won’t work. You’ve got to have an open mind and be prepared to accept a totally different, new view of life and its purpose and so forth.

GD: Beautifully said. And I did want to come back to the extraterrestrial history, and just acknowledge that, while we’re talking about, presently, benevolent beings that come in love, we haven’t always had that here on Earth. There have been beings from other planets that have wanted to take resources and assume control and partner with their Earth allies to carry out agendas that haven’t been so benevolent.

MQ: That’s right. Well, I think going back before the Earth was populated by humans of the type we are today, I think other extraterrestrials were probably quite free to visit the Earth, to take some of the resources, or even live here for a period of time. But for a long, long time we’ve been in quarantine, and the extraterrestrials that look after us and protect us have kept away unwanted visitors.

But, having said that, there is the law of attraction that they obey, and, for example, when the Illuminati were first contacted by the Grays, instead of saying, “No, buzz off. We’re not letting you stay on our Earth in exchange for these advanced technologies because we’re spiritual beings.” I mean, they took the opposite approach because they couldn’t wait to get hold of advanced technology to put themselves in a prime position to control the Earth and the people on it.

So, yes, there have been visitors that haven’t been of the type that have our best interests in mind, but they, unfortunately, although not invited by me or you, were invited by other people.

GD: And any of those beings that are still on Earth as Ascension comes won’t be able to stay here because the vibrational level will be such that they won’t be able to survive, is that right?

MQ: Quite correct, yes. That is the beauty and, I think, the justice and the fairness of what is going to take place with Ascension, is that it’s all down to whether you are of the right vibration to go forward with Ascension. If you’re not, then, you’re quite correct, you can’t go. So that is the great cleansing and sorting out, really, of the human race.

It’s not to say that the people that aren’t ready are in any way inferior. We all follow our own path at our own pace. And they will be given another chance somewhere else to continue their evolution, and one day in the future they’ll have another chance like this.

GD: What…and I’m recognizing we’re wrapping things up here, and I wish we had many more hours. This has just been such a lovely conversation and discussion, certainly for me and I know for our listeners as well. You mentioned that we’re in a period of flux and chaos and change, paraphrasing your words. As we come to the end of this calendar year there’ll be more changes. And you spoke to vibrational levels.

What recommendations do you have for people to hold on to a higher vibration, to stay centered in the peace during these times of change?

MQ: Well, I think one of the most important things is not to allow anything at all to make you feel fearful, because fear and any of the other negative emotions pull down your vibration. So, you’ve got to insulate yourself, in a manner of speaking, against any attempts or any events that take place that might drop your vibrations. And the main way, I think, to do that is to focus on the Ascension and try to live your life now as you believe you will be living it after Ascension.

GD: I like that. I like that very much. Well, Mike Quinsey, it’s been such a joy to have you on the show. And thank you for your time, and I hope that we can do it again someday.

MQ: Well, who knows? In a few months we might! Hopefully, we will have a lot more to talk about.

GD: I’m sure we will. Well, thank you, again.

MQ: You’re very welcome. I enjoyed it. Thanks a lot, Graham.



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