Tuesday, February 07, 2012

" the power of the Yes factor "

From Angela Peregoff

The Morning Blessing
07 - February - 12

In our Science of Mind studies, we are reminded over and over again of the power of the "yes factor". The word "yes" is like a mirror of the universe. The way it works is that all of our thoughts and beliefs are brought into our experience, because the universe always says "yes" to them. No matter what the real truth of the matter may be, the universe will always reflect back a "yes," just like a mirror. Our personal consciousness operates behind the scenes to produce factual events that the universe verifies for us. If you desire to be loved and yet hold your focus on the void of that love then the universe can never deliver that experience to you. It's impossible. The power of the universe to affect change on your behalf starts from within your own mind. In ordinary language, you must have faith in the truth and reality of what is wanted rather than what is not wanted.

The moment you adopt that stance of faith conditions will begin to change. My prayer for all of us this day is to have more dominion over our thoughts and to not embrace other's beliefs, thoughts, and opinions. Our entire focus is on shifting one's identity and not on changing conditions in the world because we realize the power of the "yes factor". The universe wholeheartedly agrees with our innermost private thoughts. It is no respecter of person. That is why certain things happen for certain people and not for others.

I invite you to say "yes" to the truth of who you are, and to all the desires of your heart. For it is the pleasure of the universe to say "yes" back to you in each moment. Students who find this beautiful, inner agreement with the universe and rest in it don't wait long for their choices to take form. So this week actively practice being in communion with the idea of the "yes factor" and be so immersed in fulfillment that we forget about everything else, even creating.

I claim and say "yes" to all good this day!

Angela Peregoff

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