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" who is Ra ? part 20 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

Who is Ra ? Part 20

 Balancing the Chakras

 23 - January - 2015

 Instead of taking Ra’s quotes from the Law of One Study guide, which was compiled by Bob Childers and David Wilcock, I’ve decided to start quoting from The Law of One information website, which contains categorized quotes from the Ra material that’s presented in a format that’s even easier to explore (in my opinion) than the study guide.

 You might notice a small change in how the material looks or how it’s presented, but it’s the same material nonetheless.

 Here, we’ll hear Ra’s perspective on the subject of balance. Balancing ourselves and living in alignment with spirit and the higher goals we’ve cultivated is our main reason for being here, and as we’ll learn, we’d actually stop aging if we were fully balanced and aligned with the Law of One. 

We’ll talk more about the Law of One another time, and for now, we’ll read Ra’s perspective on keeping ourselves as balanced and aligned as we can. First, they tell us that while we’d still pass on to another sphere once we learned all our lessons on earth, achieving true balance would take away the need for us to age.

     Questioner: “If an entity were perfectly balanced on this planet with respect to the Law of One,
      would he undergo the aging process?

       Ra: “I am Ra. A perfectly balanced entity would become tired rather than visibly aged. The
       lessons being learned, the entity would depart. However, this is appropriate and is a form of
       aging which your peoples do not experience. The understanding comes slowly, the body complex
       decomposing more rapidly.” (1)

 They elaborate on what balance actually is.

        Questioner: “Can you tell me a little bit about the definition of the word ‘balancing’ as we are
         using it?

        Ra: “I am Ra. Picture, if you will, the One Infinite. You have no picture. Thus, the process
        begins. Love, creating light, becoming love/light, streams into the planetary sphere according to
        the electromagnetic web of points or nexi of entrance. These streamings are then available to the
        individual who, like the planet, is a web of electromagnetic energy fields with points or nexi of

        “In a balanced individual each energy center is balanced and functioning brightly and fully. The
        blockages of your planetary sphere cause some distortion of intelligent energy. The blockages of
        the mind/body/spirit complex further distort or unbalance this energy. There is one energy. It
        may be understood as love/light or light/love or intelligent energy.” (2)

 It’s obvious to any conscious person who looks around that there are a lot of distortions here on earth that can keep us from making progress if we let them.

 Our goal in being here is to balance out the negative and positive polarities and achieve a full, undistorted stream of creator energy, which we bring through our chakras and use to enhance our creativity or anything else that requires our spiritually-rooted abilities.

 In balancing ourselves, we enlighten ourselves and raise our vibration to the point that we can successfully influence and uplift others.

 We aren’t just here to find balance and enlightenment, even though they’re our main goals. We’re also here to help others find the balance that’ll help them raise the planetary vibration, and the more people who live in alignment, the easier awakening the world will be.

 Ra explains how we can attain balance, and they tell us about the first three energy centers (or ‘chakras’) we contain within that represent (and work with) our planet, our emotions and our ego. 

          Questioner: “How does an individual go about balancing himself? What is the first step?

           Ra: “I am Ra. The steps are only one; that is, an understanding of the energy centers which
           make up the mind/body/spirit complex. This understanding may be briefly summarized as
           follows. The first balancing is of the Malkuth, or Earth, vibratory energy complex, called the
           red-ray complex. (Note from Wes: Also called the ‘root chakra’)

          “An understanding and acceptance of this energy is fundamental. The next energy complex,
          which may be blocked is the emotional, or personal complex, also known as the orange-ray
          complex (or ‘sacral chakra’). This blockage will often demonstrate itself as personal
          eccentricities or distortions with regard to self-conscious understanding or acceptance of self. 

          “The third blockage resembles most closely that which you have called ego. It is the yellow-ray
          or solar plexus center (the ‘solar plexus’ chakra). Blockages in this center will often manifest as
          distortions towards power manipulation and other social behaviors concerning those close and
          those associated with the mind/body/spirit complex.

           “Those with blockages in these first three energy centers, or nexi, will have continuing
           difficulties in ability to further their seeking of the Law of One.” (3)

 All of these chakras or ‘energy centers’ represent and work with the most important elements in play for each of us right now, which include our planet, our emotions, our ego and the other elements we’ll learn about below.

 Ra continues to discuss the chakras and their relation to our internal and external world by telling us about the heart center, also known as the ‘green ray’. We’re also told about the ‘blue-ray’ energy center, which is commonly known as the ‘throat’ chakra.

           “The center of heart, or green ray, is the center from which third-density beings may
           springboard, shall we say, towards infinite intelligence. Blockages in this area may manifest as
           difficulties in expressing what you may call universal love or compassion.

           “The blue-ray center of energy streaming is the center which, for the first time, is outgoing as
            well as inpouring. Those blocked in this area may have difficulty in grasping the spirit/mind
            complexes of its own entity and further difficulty in expressing such understandings of self.
            Entities blocked in this area may have difficulties in accepting communication from other
            mind/body/spirit complexes.” (4)

 We’re then told about the third eye and crown chakras. Interestingly enough, it’s impossible for the crown chakra to be imbalanced (according to Ra), because it isn’t affected by our thoughts, feelings and actions like the rest of our chakras.

            “The next center is the pineal or indigo-ray center. Those blocked in this center may          
             experience a lessening of the influx of intelligent energy due to manifestations which appear
             as unworthiness. This is that of which you spoke. As you can see, this is but one of many
             distortions due to the several points of energy influx into the mind/body/spirit complex.

              “The indigo-ray balancing is quite central to the type of work which revolves about the spirit
              complex, which has its influx then into the transformation or transmutation of third density
              to fourth density, it being the energy center receiving the least distorted outpourings of
              love/light from intelligent energy and having also the potential for the key to the gateway of
              intelligent infinity.

               “The remaining center of energy influx (the ‘crown’ chakra) is simply the total expression of
               the entity’s vibratory complex of mind, body, and spirit.

               “It is as it will be, ‘balanced’ or ‘imbalanced’ has no meaning at this energy level, for it
               gives and takes in its own balance. Whatever the distortion may be, it cannot be
               manipulated as can the others and, therefore, has no particular importance in viewing the
               balancing of an entity.” (5)

 As we’ve learned here, it’s important to try to balance the six chakras that are affected by our thoughts and actions, but the crown chakra will remain powerful, aligned and unaffected no matter what we do.

 This isn’t a reason to slack on any crown chakra balancing we’ve been doing, and even if our attempts to balance it don’t really matter, I’m sure they’re recycled into another chakra (like the third eye), thereby helping us balance it.

 It’s safe to say that we have a lot of work to do before we can balance all of our chakras to the point that we enlighten ourselves, but we’ll get there with patience and effort. Like I usually say in these reports, we’re given plenty of help from Ra, our ‘higher self’ and the spiritual guides we each have, and we can call on them for assistance if needed.

 We aren’t required to, however, and we aren’t even required to believe we have a higher self or spiritual guides. We don’t even have to believe Ra exists! When it comes down to it, as long as we’re willing to do the inner work that’s required to find balance and enlightenment, the concepts we promote don’t really matter.

 We can believe everything under the sun if we want, or, we can have no beliefs. All that really matters is our internal and external work, and what we believe is of no consequence as long as we genuinely and openheartedly seek spirit and serve others.

 Let’s continue our attempts to stay balanced and aligned. Like we learned here, they’re very important to our work to raise the collective vibration and eventually establish a utopian world. Utopia will be a natural and inevitable result of a lightened collective vibration, so the best way to create it right now is to look within, balance our chakras and help others enlighten themselves. 


1.       Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert: “The Law of One”, All four of the Law of One books
         can be found at the LL Research website ( in full: Thanks to the Law
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" end of ISIS. absorbing large amount of information "

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey

 23 - January - 2015

 As events on Earth become more disturbing for you, so the Light is progressing more quickly towards its goal of bringing an end to the interference of the dark Ones. They have held the power for many centuries, and embarked on their plan to reduce the population of Earth to a manageable size. This they have partly achieved by keeping Man in virtually a continual state of war. Although they believe that they are achieving their aims, it is beginning to dawn on them that they can no longer control events on Earth. By now they would have drawn most countries into another global war, but through our actions have been unable to do so. Their ambition to bring about a Third World War has been prevented, and we are limiting their ability to delay the coming changes that will signal the true beginning of the New Age. From our position we see matters as progressing very well and the coming of the long awaited advancements that will truly indicate that the New Age has arrived.

 Do not be concerned about the group known as Isis, as their success is soon to be brought to a sudden halt when they shall be unable to continue with their war against the people of Earth. Many ask why we do not stop them now, but certain karmic issues have to be played out. There are many lessons being learnt that will well serve the souls involved very well, and help them to evolve. It may seem to you that many innocent souls are involved in the atrocities that are taking place. However, please understand that they are working off karma from previous lives that can only be to their advantage. You cannot progress into the higher dimensions if you are still involved in clearing up old issues. Nevertheless, you may draw karma to yourselves that can be easily cleared and will not in any way delay you on your path to Ascension.

 We realise that for many this period is difficult, but keep to your tasks and spread love and Light whenever you can. Times will be difficult as the old energies are being transmuted, and as the old way of life becomes unacceptable. Those of you who spread the Light have a very big responsibility to keep focussed on your path and let no one stand in your way. Your strength is in your resolve to keep going forward and bring the Light to people wherever you are. There will be signs along the way that will clearly show you that the New Age is manifesting, and we will be present to ensure that all progresses according to the plan given us by the Spiritual Hierarchy. The important development is that we along with other Beings from the higher dimensions are taking a direct interest in your activities, and will assist you to achieve success.

 You are seeing more of our craft in your skies and also some that are of an enormous size. This is to assure you we are quite capable of dealing with any problems that may arise, and that we command the airspace around your planet. It cannot have passed unnoticed that we share the skies with your craft, but when they attempt to shoot us down we are quite capable of disappearing very quickly, and thus avoid any confrontation. It is not our way to engage in a war in Space and indeed we have no need to do so. Our peaceful presence is sufficient to prove our superior capability, knowledge and ability to easily handle any threats against our craft. When the time is right we shall put a stop to warlike activities, and all that is associated with such intentions. We are here to bring lasting peace to Earth and her people, and assist you to take your place alongside us.

 It is only now that you are beginning to awaken to your true selves, and can understand your potential to become Galactic Beings. Understand that when this cycle began some 10,000 years ago you were coming to Earth with a very limited level of consciousness. It grew as you experienced more lives and has greatly speeded up in the last few centuries. In fact you are now able to absorb larger amounts of information, and through your experiences have achieved greater levels of consciousness. Some of you can acknowledge such advancements insomuch as when you read some of your older books again, you realise that you achieve a far greater understanding than previously. In any event those of you who continually seek enlightenment will undoubtedly evolve to higher levels of achievement, much more quickly.

 For those Dear Ones who have only recently found a path to the New Age, it is difficult to take in so much information when it is somewhat different to their earlier understanding. We ask you to keep an open mind and set aside anything that you cannot accept at this time, as the truth will always come back to you in the future. Cast aside anything that is not of the Light and does not “feel” right to you. You will find that the truth is not complicated and to be found in part in most religions. However, the truth is not a religion, as the “Truth” is capable of releasing you from ages old beliefs that no longer have a place in your lives. If whatever is placed before you does not “feel” right it will always come back to you at some time for further consideration.

 The more you can live in the Now the more you will leave the old vibrations behind. You will find a great feeling of happiness that sees you safely move within them, with no desire to engage them again. Living in the Now should be your aim if you have sufficiently evolved to seek the Light in the higher dimensions. The future is golden and you are approaching it much sooner than you might imagine. Be in joy as your journey has not much further to go before you celebrate the going of the dark Ones, who have created their own path to the future. Theirs is not as yours as they have already set their course and will remain in the lower dimensions. Their ability to interfere with your progress is slowly losing power and they will be the victims of their own actions.

 For millennia of time you have lived under the illusion created by those who follow the dark path. Your task has been difficult but to your credit you have persevered with your determination to find the truth. All souls that reach this level attract the help of evolved Beings and from that point onwards are given every help to progress with their own evolution. Sometimes you meet up with your Guides when in the sleep state, and they may help you with problems that arise in your everyday life. Sometimes you can remember such meetings but most times it is quickly forgotten, yet you may still have a vague feeling of what took place. Have you ever taken your problems to bed with you and slept on them, only to awake in the morning feeling that you have somehow been given the answers? It happens quite often and is how help is given you.

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius and ever pleased that we are able to help you through these difficult times. Remember that when you send your thoughts out to us, we do receive them, and where possible take whatever action may be needed to help you. Keep your focus upon your important tasks that will carry you forwards, and know that we are with you.

 Thank you SaLuSa.

 Mike Quinsey.

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" who is Ra ? part 19 1/2 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Who is Ra ? Part 19

 Time/Space and Seventh & Eighth Density – 1/2

 10 - January - 2015

 Here, we’ll learn about the sixth, seventh and eighth densities. Ra is a sixth density social memory complex, and like we’ve learned, they temporarily exist in fifth density so they can communicate with the earth (and other planets) and assist us with our ongoing spiritual evolution.

They do this to serve lower-vibrational entities, and their service will eventually allow them to evolve into seventh density. It’s interesting to think they could gradually evolve from sixth density while being rooted in the fifth, and the distortions they’ve taken on will actually help them progress from sixth density, where, I’d imagine, they’ve been for a while.

Most seekers know that serving others is one of the best ways to raise our vibration, and it remains helpful in the realms beyond the earth. Higher-dimensional entities probably serve with even more enthusiasm than awakening seekers on earth, and it’s all done for the purpose of helping oneself and others spiritually evolve.

I feel spiritually endowed every time I’m creative or I help someone learn about spirit, and the endowment’s probably magnified in the higher realms, where we’ll continuously strive to reach the next, purer state of consciousness until we reach a state of total union with Source.

Ra describes sixth density, and they tell us that they strive to reach the seventh.

    “6th density is white with a golden quality. This quality relates to the blending into wisdom of the
   compassion learned in 4th density.

    “I am 6th density with a strong seeking towards 7th density. The harvest for us will be in only
   (approximately) 2.5 million of your years and it is our desire to be ready for harvest as it
   approaches our space/time continuum.”

    Question: “And you ready yourselves for this harvest through service?

    “This is correct.” (1) 

They explain how they’ve raised their vibration with selfless service.

    Question: “Can you describe the techniques used by Ra in seeking in the direction of service? 

   “Much is lost in transmission of concept from density to density, and the discussion of 6th density
   is inevitably distorted greatly. However, we shall attempt to answer.

   “We seek the Creator upon a level of shared experience to which you are capable of knowing about.
   Rather than surrounding ourselves in light we have become light. Our understanding is that there is
   no other material except light.

   “Our techniques (i.e. the manner in which they grow and serve others) are an infinitely subtle
   continuation of the balancing processes which you are now beginning to experience.

   “We seek without polarity. Thus we do not invoke any power from without, but our search has
   become internalized as we become light/love and love/light.

   “We seek balances between love and wisdom which more and more allow our understanding of
   experience to be informed that we may come closer and closer to the unity with the One Creator
   which we so joyfully seek.” (2)

Like any other higher-vibrational entity, Ra uses the knowledge they’ve gained to help others understand the spiritual nature of our existence. They do it in a way that embraces love, wisdom and every other quality that’ll help them when their seventh density harvest comes around, and their evolution, while as gradual as ours (if not more so), is more intense.

Their ‘balancing processes’ are different from ours, and I’m sure these processes are more subtle because one doesn’t have to work as hard to find balance in the higher realms. Balance is probably easier to attain there, but nothing’s so easy that it doesn’t have to be worked for.

Since compassion’s replaced with pure wisdom in fifth density, an intense balancing process probably has to take place to adjust the entity to the conditions of their new higher-dimensional home. It could be hard to give up compassion if one’s practiced it for eons and eons, and this is where balance comes into play.

Now, we’ll learn about seventh & eighth density. Ra describes what seventh density is like by outlining the features of a seventh density entity, and they also tell us that portions of this density are still mysterious to them.

   “The 7th density being, the completed being, the Creator who knows Itself, accumulates (spiritual)
   mass and compacts into the One Creator once again (presumably as it enters 8th density).

   “There are portions of the 7th density which, although described to us by our teachers, remain
   mysterious. We have experienced a great deal of the available refining catalyst of this octave, and
   our teachers have worked with us most carefully that we may be one with all, that in turn our
   eventual returning to the great all-ness of creation shall be complete.” (3)

We’re then told about eighth density, which, according to Ra’s terms, is the highest.

   Question: “The Law of One is truly universal in creating a progression towards the 8th density in
   all galaxies. Correct?

   “That is correct. There are infinite forms, infinite understandings, but the progression is one. 

   “Intelligent infinity is brought into intelligent energy from the 8th density.” (4)


1.      Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert: “The Law of One”, All four of the Law of One books
         can be found at the LL Research website ( in full: Thanks to Bob
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Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow. 

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" who is Ra ? part 19 2/2 "

Wes Annac The Culture of Awareness

Who is Ra ? Part 19

 Time/Space and Seventh & Eighth Density – 2/2

11 - January - 2015

 Concluded from Part 1

Once we learn everything there is to learn in eighth density, which is the density of complete, unhindered union with Source, our journey will reset and we’ll reincarnate in first density.

    “The 8th density functions also as the beginning density or 1st density of the next octave of

     Question: “Are you saying that there are an infinite number of octaves of densities?

    “We can not speak in firm knowledge of all the creations. We only know that they are infinite. 
     We assume an infinite number of octaves. 

     “However it has been impressed upon us by our own teachers that there is a mystery-clad 
      unity of creation in which all consciousness periodically coalesces and again begins. We 
      understand it is cyclical in nature.” (1)

It should be mentioned that we probably aren’t required to go back to first density once we’ve completed all of our lessons in the eighth. I’ve mentioned in other articles that we’ll start this crazy lower-dimensional journey over again once we’ve learned everything, and some people have told me that the last thing they want to do is go through all of this again!

Some seekers are ready to be back with Source, and when they finally get there, they probably won’t want to come back to the lower realms for a while. It’s our choice whether or not we come back and do it all again, and we can stay with Source in its inexplicably pure realms for as long as we want.

We don’t ever have to come back to the lower realms if we don’t want to, but I’m sure everyone eventually tires of the eighth density and craves the adventure that comes with the lower realms. This lower-dimensional experiment of ours is nothing if not interesting and adventurous, and I’d probably do it all again if given the choice.

Ra also tells us about Edgar Cayce and the famed ‘Akashic Records’.

    “Intelligent infinity is brought into intelligent energy from 8th density. Edgar Cayce used this
   gateway to view the present, which is not the continuum you experience but your planet’s potential
   social memory complex – which you call the ‘Akashic Records’ or the ‘Hall of Records’”. (2) 

Edgar Cayce was a pretty amazing psychic who gave accurate readings about people’s health and various other topics that had to do with science, spirituality and lost civilizations, and he was apparently peeking into the ‘Akashic Records’ when he gave his readings.

We can all develop our psychic abilities and gain access to the ‘Akashic Records’, but Edgar Cayce seemed to have a special ability that helped a lot of people. The spiritual side of the veil is referred to as ‘time/space’, and according to Ra, we enter physical ‘space/time’ when we incarnate on earth or another lower-vibrational planet.

    “The incarnative process involves being incarnated from time/space to Space/time.” (3)

Ra then describes the difference between the two sides of the veil (physical = space/time and spiritual = time/space).

   Question: “As an entity goes through the death process in 3rd density it finds itself in time/space.
   Would you describe that?

   “In space/time the spatial locations of different material objects, all of which appear in the visual
   field at the same instant of time, produces a tangible framework for the illusion of space. In
   time/space the inequity is upon the shoulders of what you call time. This property renders entities
   and experiences intangible in a relative sense.” (4)

We’re also told about the time we spend on the other side (time/space) healing and reviewing our previous experiences.

    “In these metaphysical planes there is a great deal of what you call time which is used to review
    and re-review the learning and teachings of a previous space/time incarnation.

    “The extreme fluidity of these regions makes it possible to penetrate many things which need to be
   absorbed before healing of an entity may be accomplished.

    “Each entity is located in a somewhat immobile state in space — much as you are located in  
    space/time in a somewhat immobile state in time (i.e., it’s not that time is unchanging in space/time
    but rather that we do not have any control over the flow of time by making it stop or go slower or
    go faster).” (5)

We’re apparently given a lot of ‘time’ to review the lessons we learned in our previous incarnations, which is probably pretty helpful.

We’ve already learned that the only real or potent way to spiritually evolve is to incarnate in a place like third density and take on a physical body, but when we aren’t incarnate, we spend time reviewing the things we learned and integrating our lessons for the next incarnation.

I’d imagine we also spend a lot of ‘time’ planning out the lessons we’ll learn in our next incarnation, which are even more important and intense than the last.

If we’re going to incarnate in a lower sphere, we might as well learn as much as we can without overloading ourselves, and Ra’s mentioned before that some entities accidentally plan too many lessons or have too many experiences because they’re so passionate about evolving.

I’m sure some kind of balance is possible, but I’d want to learn and do as much as I could in each incarnation before I took a break to review what I’d learned.

Ra tells us that we’ll be given assistance with our reviews, which are coordinated primarily by the higher self, and they affirm that we’ll plan out the next set of lessons we’ll experience in the next life.

   “There will be certain helpers which assist in this healing process. The process involves seeing the
   experience in fill against the backdrop of the entity’s total experience, forgiving the self of all mis-
   steps as regards the missed guideposts during the incarnation and, finally, the careful assessment of
   the next necessities for learning.

    “This is done entirely by the Higher Self until an entity has become conscious in space/time of the
   process and means of spiritual evolution at which time the entity will consciously take part in all
   decisions.” (6)

Gaining consciousness in space/time (the physical realm) can allow us to contribute to our review and the planning of the lessons we’ll learn in the next incarnation, and those of us who are spiritually aware now will be able to consciously review and plan the next lessons without the higher self being the only entity involved.

It and the ‘helpers’ Ra mentioned will still be the primary planners and helpers, but we’ll contribute to the process with more clarity than before.

In our final quote, Ra tells us that we can’t see into the future to stop ourselves from making mistakes in our physical reality, and we can’t correct our past mistakes on the spiritual side of the veil. Space/time (the physical) and time/space (the spiritual) both have their advantages, however.

    “In space/time it is not possible to determine the course of events beyond the incarnation but only 
    to correct present imbalances.

    “In time/space, on the other hand, it is not possible to correct any imbalanced actions but 
    rather to perceive the imbalances and thusly forgive the self for that which is. 


This quote inspires me to remind us that this moment of now is the best time to do the things we know we’re meant to do. We can’t stop ourselves from making mistakes in the future and we can’t go back and fix those mistakes in spirit, but we can use this now moment to make sure we follow our life path to the best of our ability.

 Mistakes are inevitable in third density, and like Ra said, we’ll have to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made when we review them in time/space. We can make as few mistakes as possible while we’re here, however, and even though we’ll forgive ourselves and move on either way, living in alignment now will make our review easier when we’re done with this life.

 We’ll continue to hear from Ra in the weeks ahead, and we’ll learn more about time/space and third density incarnations in our next report. We still have a lot to learn, and I’ll probably be writing these reports for months before we make a dent in the material.

 This is good, because we have a lot to learn about spirituality, the structure of the dimensions and our journey back to Source, which, as we learned here, will probably reset after we spend so much time in eighth density. Spiritual evolution is a blessing we’ll experience for eternity, so we don’t need to be in any hurry to evolve right now.


1.      Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert: “The Law of One”, All four of the Law of One books
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

" who is Ra ? part 18 1/2 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Who is Ra ? Part 18

 Fourth and Fifth Density – 1/2

 28 - December - 2014

 We’ve probably talked a little about fourth and fifth density so far, but here, Ra will share more information about them and their conditions.

 As we’ll learn, fourth density entities choose to stay invisible to human eyes, and this is partially because we wouldn’t be able to handle seeing them.It’d definitely shatter some paradigms if we suddenly witnessed fourth density and its various life forms, and we have to gradually adjust to a higher state of consciousness before we can perceive it.

 We aren’t given anything we can’t handle, and if we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that our evolution entails a gradual progression through the densities.

 We’ll perceive fourth and fifth density when we’re ready, but for now, we still have a lot of growing and learning to do before we can handle them.

 Most people on earth are still primarily adjusted to third density, but a lot of seekers think this will change as the collective vibration rises and more people become aware of spirit and the wonders that exist beyond our conscious perception.

 As we’ve learned in previous installments, fourth density harbors intense compassion, which is resolved in fifth density where we learn to be more harmonious; more in sync. We won’t require lessons that have to do with compassion in fifth density, because we’ll have long graduated and, in doing so, realized that it’s a distortion.

 Everything in this reality (and the realities beyond) is technically a distortion – even the famed love and light – and we won’t need to express compassion in fifth density because we’ll have resolved any negative polarities that require it.

 We’ll have entered a realm of pure bliss and harmony, and we’ll no longer express or require compassion because there’ll be nothing low or negative to express it about.

 Ra tells us about fourth density’s invisibility.

  “The 4th density is, by choice, not visible to third density. It is possible for 4th density to be
  visible. However, the 4th density entity must concentrate upon a rather difficult vibrational pattern
  or complex – which is the 3rd density you experience.” (1)

Fourth density entities compulsively protect and care for others, we’re told.

   “The impulse to protect the loved other-self is one which persists through the 4th density, a density
  abounding in compassion.” (2)

We’re also told how long a traditional fourth density lifetime takes (as measured by our time), and how long a fourth density cycle lasts (i.e., how long we might stay there before we graduate to the fifth).

   “The typical time for one incarnation or ‘lifetime’ in the harmonious 4th density is approximately
   90,000 of your years as you measure time.

    Question: “How long is a cycle of experience in 4th density in our years?

   “The cycle lasts approximately 30 million of your years if the entities are not capable of being
   harvested sooner.” (3) 

Ra then describes what fourth density’s like for negatively polarized entities.

    Question: “Could you give me some idea of what conditions are like on a 4th density negative or
   service-to-self planet?

    “The planetary conditions of 4th density negative include the constant alignment and realignment
   of entities in efforts to form dominant patterns of combined energy. The early 4th density is ore of
   most intensive struggle.

    “When the order of authority has been established and all have fought until convinced that each is
   in the proper placement for power structure, the social memory complex begins. The 4th density
   effect of telepathy and the transparency of thought are always used for the sake of those at the top
   of the power structure.

    “In the 4th density the methods used in battle are mental rather than manifested weapons.” (4) 

There are no physical fights in the negatively charged fourth density – it’s all mental, emotional and spiritual. From what Ra says here, it seems that entities try to control, hurt and/or ‘destroy’ each other in a bid to reach the top of a self-created pyramid, and if you look around our world, you’ll notice a similar battle playing out in the halls of power.

The planetary elite are playing a game with our society – a game where they strive to reach the top of their own power structures. Most people don’t know it’s going on, but it’s been happening for centuries.

People have always fought to retain wealth and power, and this battle can apparently carry on into fourth density. It seems that if we aren’t careful here on earth, we’ll enter a place that’s just as divisive and strife-fueled (if not more so) when we pass on.

Now, we’ll learn about fifth density, which has been called the ‘wisdom density’. As Ra tells us, entities can either learn lessons independently or collectively in this sphere.

    Question: “Graduation into 5th density is a function of the violet ray for the entire memory
    complex. Is this correct?

    “This is correct although in 5th density entities may choose to learn as a social memory complex or
    as mind/body/spirit complex. The wisdom density is an extremely free density whereas the lessons
    of compassion leading to wisdom necessarily have to do with other-selves.” (5)

If you think about it, we can experience third density together or separately too. We might not all be literally stuck together, but we can grow and learn lessons as a unit or as individuals. The choice is ours, and it basically comes down to whether or not we want to experience life with other people. 

Married couples who are close can attest that life provides them challenges to handle together. I think it was Ra who said that experiencing life with a significant other is necessary so we can practice for the experiences we’ll all eventually have together, and whether or not two people are married, they can learn and grow as one if they stick together.


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Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

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" who is Ra ? part 18 2/2 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Who is Ra / Part 18

 Fourth and Fifth Density – 2/2

 29 - December - 2014

 Concluded from Part 1

 Fifth density is ‘extremely white in vibration’, Ra tells us. They also tell us that the Law of One is understood and embraced in this sphere.

    “5th density is extremely white in vibration.

    Question: “At what point in the densities is it necessary for an entity to be consciously aware of the
    Law of One in order to progress?

    “The 5th density harvest is of those who accept the honor and duty of the Law of One.” (1) 

Consuming food is still necessary in fifth density, we’re told, and it’s used as a reason to come together.

    Question: “I am guessing that it is not necessary to ingest foodstuffs in 5th density. Is this correct? 

   “This is incorrect. However, the vehicle needs food which may be prepared by thought – a nectar or
   ambrosia or light broth of golden white hue.

    Question: “Does the fueling of the body teach, i.e., is it a catalyst for learning?

    “In 5th density it is a comfort for those of like mind gathered together to share in this broth, thus
   becoming one in light and wisdom while joining hearts and hands in physical activity. It becomes a
   solace rather than a catalyst for learning.” (2)

People enjoy consuming this golden, nectary broth together in fifth density, because it’s another reason to come together and share the joy of communion and consumption.

 Needless to say, rampant consumption isn’t an issue in fifth density like it is here in the third, and instead of embracing gluttony, fifth density entities recognize that consuming light-filled foods is necessary to help their bodies grow and to have a reason to enjoy each other’s company.

 A lot of people on earth use eating as a reason to come together and celebrate on various occasions, and the celebration’s constant in fifth density. If one isn’t celebrating by consuming the nectary broth, I’m sure they’re doing something else that unites hearts and celebrates their harmonious existence. 

Fifth density entities can change their form to appear more human, according to Ra.

    Question: “Do some of them look just like us? Could they pass for Earth people?

    “That is correct. Those of this nature are most often 5th density.

    Question: “I assume the same answer would apply to the Orion group. Is this correct?

    “This is correct.

    “In 5th density the manifestation of the physical complex is more and more under the control of the
   conscious mind complex. Therefore the 5th density entity may dissolve one manifestation and
   create another.” (3)

In fifth density, we can actually embody qualities that are recognizable to third density entities. Maybe this is how Ra (who’s a sixth density collective consciousness) and other entities have appeared before humanity without startling or overwhelming us.

Ra is one of many entities who are believed to have assumed a recognizable form and shared revolutionary technologies with humanity, but we don’t hear about their contact or the contact we’ve made with various other entities who wanted to introduce spirituality and help us advance into a new age.

We’ll learn the truth in time, but for now, we might have to accept that there’s a lot we don’t know.

In our final quote, Ra tells us that light is a useful tool in fifth density.

    “In 5th density light is as visible a tool as your pencil’s writing.” (4)

I’d imagine light is helpful for anyone who wants to do anything significant in fifth density. I’m not sure what exactly it does, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s used to create other fifth density realities or help lower density souls evolve.

Ra mentioned that the drive to help others excel is lessened in fifth density because it doesn’t feature fourth density’s intense compassion, but this doesn’t necessarily mean fifth density entities aren’t passionate about helping their counterparts in lower spheres evolve.

If they are, they can use light and whatever other tools are available (I’m sure there are a lot) to help as many souls as they can to graduate into their sphere. Given that light’s usually paired with love, which is a distortion that creates realities and enables people to spiritually progress, it’s main function is probably to create things out of love.

Light’s probably paired with love to manifest things that didn’t previously exist in fifth density, but it doesn’t create these things out of thin air. Anything that can be created already exists in another place, so maybe light’s used as a tool to bring things over from other realms and manifest them in fifth density. This is all just speculation, of course.

In our next installment, we’ll learn that Ra exists in sixth density (which I mentioned earlier).

We might learn about how they’ve lowered their vibration into fifth density, which they did so they can help humanity excel after the teachings they gave us were suppressed by people in power who twisted their doctrines around to mean something completely different from their original meaning. 

I’ll repeat that our history’s nothing like we’ve been told. One of the most surprising things for people to learn will probably be that the current power structures have always known about certain spiritual teachings, the existence of extraterrestrials (both good and bad), and various other things we’ve been conditioned to believe are fictional.

We have a lot to learn about what’s been done to keep us pacified and unaware of the spiritual nature of our existence, and this is why I’m always grateful for genuine channeled entities like Ra, who are here to clear away the fabrications and reintroduce the pure, aligned teachings they gave the ancient Egyptians.

Everyone will learn the truth in time, but it’ll be hard for a lot of people to come to terms with the idea that a corrupt, self-serving elite has kept us from understanding and receiving things that would’ve drastically increased everyone’s quality of life.

Once we learn about how we’ve been kept down, we can start the difficult but necessary process of building ourselves back up.

I’m sure we’ll be given even more higher-dimensional assistance when the time comes, but for now, we’ll have to be content with the insights we’ve received from spiritual teachers, genuine channeled messages, truth-seekers or any other source that’s proven to be spiritually aligned and genuine in their desire to help humanity out of the darkness.


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 I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

 The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

 I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter. 

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" who is Ra ? part 17 1/2 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

Who is Ra ? Part 17

 The Physical Body Enables Growth and Evolution – Part 1/2

 16 - December - 2014

 The physical body’s necessary for our evolution into higher, more refined planes of consciousness, and we inhabit it so we can live comfortably in our density and learn lessons that are necessary for us to evolve.

As Ra will tell us here, our spirits exist independent of a body, but we can’t really evolve unless we incarnate in a physical (or non-physical) temple. Inhabiting a body is necessary while we learn, grow and progress, and without one, we’d miss out on essential lessons and experiences.

As Ra will also tell us, every density up to the eighth requires a body of some sort, but I’m sure our bodies become less physical and more etheric as we continue to evolve. When we reach a higher density, we lighten our vibration and refine our physical bodies, thus adjusting them to the next realm.

As badly as some seekers want to leave their body behind and explore the higher realms, they’re necessary for our evolution. Without them, we’d be stuck in the same place, wishing we could progress or evolve in some way.

Our evolution’s based on the progress we make from within our bodies, and personally, I’m grateful to be on this earth. Even though it offers a lot of pain, hardship and general negativity, I think we’re blessed to be here and I wouldn’t leave if I were paid to.

I plan to experience the higher realms (what some have called ‘heaven’) from right here on earth, and maybe some of you can agree.

According to Ra, the purpose of the physical body isn’t to speed up our evolution – it’s to enable it. 

   Question: “Was the physical body a device designed to accelerate the evolution of the mind?

    “It is perhaps more accurate to note that the yellow-ray physical vehicle is a necessity without
   which the mind/body/spirit complex cannot pursue evolution at any pace. The mind/body/spirit
   complex has an existence independent of any physical vehicle.

    “However, in order to evolve, change, learn and manifest the Creator, the physical vehicles
    appropriate to each density are necessary. Your question implied that physical vehicles accelerated
    growth. The more accurate description is that they permit growth.” (1)

They also tell us what’s required to grow into fourth density.

    “The necessity for graduation to 4th density is an ability to use, welcome and enjoy a certain
   intensity of the white light of the One Infinite Creator.

    “It’s a function of the intensity of the violet ray of the individual.” (2)

They then describe the fourth density to the best of their ability. Note that David Wilcock (and/or Bob Childers) compiled  their description into a handy list.

    “There are no appropriate words. We can only say what it is not and approximate what it is.
   Beyond 4th density our ability to describe the density grows more limited until we become without

    1.  “It uses a type of bipedal body which is much denser in consciousness and more full of life. It
          does not use your heavy chemical vehicles or body.
    2.  “4th density is not of words, unless chosen. One is aware of the thoughts and vibrations of
    3.  “It is a plane of compassion and understanding of the sorrows of 3rd density.
    4.  “It is a plane striving towards wisdom or light.
    5.  “It is a plane wherein individual differences are pronounced although automatically 
          harmonized by group consensus.
    6.   “There is no disharmony within the self or within other peoples. It is not within the limits of
          possibility to cause disharmony in any way.
    7.   “When sickness is present, it is easily healed.” (3)

Some seekers think that since Ra uses the term density instead of dimension, the fourth density is actually the fourth and fifth dimensions.

I used to think we’d have a choice between inhabiting a crystalline body in the fifth dimension and existing as pure energy or consciousness, but remaining in a body is apparently necessary as we traverse each density (again, up until the eighth, where we’ll merge with our creator).

As we’ve learned, the body’s necessary for us to grow – even in the higher densities. Our evolution doesn’t just depend on our willingness to learn the lessons we’re given in the lower and higher realms, but on our inhabitancy of a body as we learn them.

The body grows more refined as we reach lighter planes of consciousness, and the more we open our mind and heart, the higher of a density we’ll eventually reach. Each density comes with its own set of challenges, but if we’re motivated enough to progress, we’ll learn any lessons we face with ease.

Any destructive traits or tendencies that are hidden on earth will be revealed in fourth density, Ra tells us.

    “The 4th density is one of revealed information. Selves are not hidden to self or other­selves. The
    imbalances or distortions which are of a destructive nature show in [more] obvious ways, the body
    acting as a machine resource for self revelation.

    “Illnesses such as cancer are very amenable to self-healing once the mechanism of the destructive
    influence has been grasped by the individual.” (4)

Compassion’s necessary for a while, Ra tells us, but too much of it can cause an imbalance once we reach higher spheres.

    “The 4th density abounds in compassion. This compassion is folly when seen through the eyes of
    wisdom. It is the salvation of 3rd density but creates a mismatch in the ultimate balance of the
    entity.” (5)

I think compassion’s important, and it’ll be especially important for those with inner wounds who’ll require compassion from the people around them when those wounds are made apparent. In my eyes, the best thing we can do is express compassion to one another – especially those who have difficulty navigating the lower vibrations.

Compassion will cause imbalance when we reach a density beyond the fourth, but for now, it’s an important aspect of our existence that the world couldn’t live without. I think we’re meant to show compassion to each other, and the sooner we can, the sooner we can come together and change everything about this planet that’s clearly in need of attention.

Those among us with fear and hatred in their hearts could open up to the love that permeates everything in existence if they could be shown some compassion and understanding, but we’ll have to be careful not to let others take advantage of our compassionate nature.


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Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow. 

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" who is Ra ? part 17 2/2 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Who is Ra ? Part 17

 The Physical Body Enables Growth and Evolution – Part 2/2

 17 - December - 2014

 Concluded from Part 1

 Apparently, eating food is still necessary in fourth density.

    Question: “Is the physical vehicle similar to the one in 3rd density?

    “The chemical elements are not the same. However, the appearance is similar.

    Question: “Is it necessary to eat food?

    “This is correct.” (1)

 It’s necessary because we’re meant to interact with the light-filled foods that are consumed in fourth density (which we can also consume here on earth), and it’s also necessary to teach us patience by having us stop our selfless service, which we’ll be passionate about, to eat.

    Question: “This means that some kind of social catalyst, like having to work to get food, is active
    in 4th density. Is this correct?

    “This is incorrect. The 4th density being desires to serve and the preparation of foodstuffs is
   extremely simple due to increased communication between entity and living foodstuff. Therefore,
   the work needed to acquire food is not a significant catalyst.

    “But there is a catalyst involved. It is the necessity for eating the food. Eating food is not
   considered to be of importance to 4th density entities and therefore it aids in teaching patience. 

   Question: “How does it teach patience?

   “To stop the functioning of service-to-others long enough to ingest food is to invoke patience.”

 We’ll be so passionate about helping others in fourth density that we won’t even want to stop to eat, which might seem crazy but actually makes sense.

Some seekers are so passionate about their work right now that they hardly want to stop to eat or do anything else, and I’ve had my times when I didn’t want to stop writing an article or playing music to do something like eat. We have to learn patience in fourth density, even when all we want to do is work, and this is how food helps us learn and grow.

It should also be noted that the food we’ll consume in fourth density is alive and filled with the spirit, and those of us who resonate with the importance of eating healthily can gravitate to food that’s healthy and light-filled here in third density.

It’ll help us integrate a higher vibration, and while I don’t what to preach about what kind of food we should eat, I can affirm that eating light filled-foods over foods that seem to embody the vibration of death can help us feel more centered and lively.

Healthy foods will fill us with their light, which we can use to enhance our creativity, our meditations, and plenty of other things we do to serve others and/or find a higher vibration.

Once we find harmony with each other in fourth density, Ra tells us, we’ll use our experience to help others who are lost.

    “The work that is accomplished in positive 4th density is that work whereby the positive social
    memory complex, having through slow stages, harmoniously integrated itself, goes forth to aid
    those of less positive orientation which seek their aid.

    “Greater and greater intensities of understanding or compassion are attained. This intensity
   continues until the appropriate intensity of the light may be welcomed. This is 4th density harvest.”

We’re also told how an entire planet can attain ‘social memory’.

    Question: “At what stage does a planet achieve social memory?”

    “When its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. Then the group memory 
    lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind becomes known to the social complex, 
    thus creating a social memory complex. 

   “When a group of mind/body/spirits becomes able to form a social memory complex, all
   experiences of each entity is available to the whole of the complex.” (4)

It’s probably clear that we have a long way to go before we can achieve this, but with the inspired efforts of the conscious community, more people will awaken to the necessity to come together and use our unity to bring our planet into the light.

Bringing the world together can be easier than we think, but I think something will have to happen to shake people out of their self-instated and culturally accepted slumber.

I think something significant will need to happen before humanity can awaken to the spiritual truths of our existence and the necessity to come together and save this planet from the destruction we’ve caused, but in all things, our freewill’s important.

No higher-dimensional force wants to violate our sacred freewill, and thus, nothing too big can happen that’d jar people out of their slumbers too quickly or abruptly. The game our guides play is one of subtly awakening us to various concepts we’d benefit from opening up to, but I still think some type of magnificent event will need to happen to awaken people. Maybe it’ll have to do with exposing the corruption in our governments.

Maybe it’ll have to do with extraterrestrials or spirituality. I couldn’t say for sure, but it’s clear that humanity needs to awaken in one way or another so we can harmoniously create the utopian society so many of us are ready to establish.

I think utopia is inevitable (like I’ve said before), but in order to achieve it, we’ll have to let go of the mind-centered division and rigidity that have kept us from loving and respecting one another.

I don’t think our outer differences mean as much as people assume, and in order to change the world, we’ll have to see beyond them. There’s no way around it, and a lot of people are realizing this as they awaken to the importance of unity and strive to awaken those around them to its importance.

We’ll continue to hear from Ra about fourth density in our next report, and I’m sure they’ll continue to surprise us with interesting revelations about it (and our current density). I learn something new every time I write these reports, and hopefully, you all take something valuable from them too.

Ra still has plenty of enlightening information to share with us, and if we’re receptive enough, we can open up to this information within and learn things that might surprise and amaze us.

We have to be open to learn anything significant, and when the mind’s an open and willing conduit for the knowledge of our Christ consciousness, there’s no telling what we’ll be able to do. We’re as infinite as we let ourselves be, so let’s open our minds and hearts and rediscover the infinity that’s always been there, waiting for us to realize it exists.


1.      Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert: “The Law of One”, All four of the Law of One books
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 I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

 The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

 I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter. 

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" who is Ra ? part 16 1/3 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Who is Ra ? Part 16

 The Necessity of a Third Density Experience – 1/3

 4 - December - 2014

 In Ra’s terms, we currently exist in the third density. As we learn, grow and evolve, we’ll eventually be ‘harvested’ into the fourth density, and from there, we’ll continue our journey upward (or rather, inward) until we’re eventually back in seventh density, where complete and total unity will trump the physical and even spiritual identities we’re used to.

 Third density offers some of the most intense lessons we’ll learn throughout our journey back to Source, and our stay in this density is also shorter than the densities we have yet to experience. Most of us will spend less time here in third density than we spent in the first and second, but this sphere still has a lot to teach us about ourselves and our spiritual nature.

 Here, we’ll hear from Ra about third density and the densities directly beyond it.

 We’ll learn about our purpose for being in this sphere, along with the necessity to experience third density life with other people so we can gain an essential understanding of ourselves. We’ll also learn about our eventual ascent into higher spheres, where we’ll continue to learn about the inherent spirituality that comprises everything existence.

 As Ra’s told us before, the famed ‘love’ and ‘light’ we hear so much about are technically distortions that were created by Source to sustain the lower and higher spheres, and these tools have not only created these spheres – they’ll help us explore them when our time comes.

 For now, most of us are still incarnate in third density and have a lot of work to do before we can be back in the higher spheres, but after our inner work here is complete, we’ll ascend and see what they have to offer.

 The third density’s apparently important to experience, and some of the most intense lessons are learned here that help us in our higher-dimensional travels later on. We learn things here that just can’t be learned anywhere else, and I’m sure this can especially be said for the earth, which is one of the more intense lower-dimensional planets out there.

 I obviously haven’t been to any other planets, but we’ve heard from a lot of discarnate sources that the earth is among the most difficult and intense lower-vibrational planets to incarnate on. We experience a lot of darkness here on earth, but there’s also a lot of light here that we’d benefit from opening up to.

 The darkness can only keep us down if we let it, and the intensity of both polarities makes it possible to find the light and spiritually excel right here on earth.

 As Ra tells us, the third density’s much more intense than the others, and in the fourth, we’re refined to take in a greater spiritual perception.

     “The 3rd density being, having the potential for complete self-awareness, thus has the potential for
     minimum activation of all energy centers. The 4th, 5th, and 6th densities are those refining the
     higher energy centers. The 7th density is a density of completion and turning towards timelessness
     or foreverness.


     “This is a type of intensity which is not the property of 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th densities.” (1)

 Positive fourth and fifth density entities can function without the need for negative polarity, they tell us.

   “In the 4th and 5th densities the positive polarity functions without any need of the negative
    polarity and vice versa. It is to be noted that in attempting to sway 3rd density entities in choosing
    polarity there evolves a good bit of interaction between the two polarities.

    “In 6th density, the density of unity, the 2 paths must take in each other. This is not difficult for the
    positive polarity which sends light/love to all otherselves. For the service-to self polarized entities
    it is difficult enough that at some point the negative polarity must be abandoned.” (2)

The purpose of being in third density, Ra shares, is to “…learn the ways of love.” (3)

 When asked a question about why we spend less time in third density than the others, Ra tells us that our choice to come here in the first place was just that – a choice, and our journey here will take as long as required. They also share that there are other third density spheres that take longer to evolve from.

    Question: “The 3rd density is, comparatively speaking, the twinkling of an eye, the snap of a finger
    in time compared to the others. Why is it so short compared to 1st and 2nd density?

    “The 3rd density is a choice. The prelude to choice must encompass the laying of the   
    foundation, the establishment of the illusion and the viability of that which can be made 
    spiritually viable. 

   “The remainder of the densities is continuous refining of the choice. The choice is, as you put     
    it, the work of a moment but is the axis upon which the creation turns. 

   “We are aware of creations in which 3rd density is lengthier to give a variant experience of the
    Creator. This creation is somewhat more condensed by its Logos than some other logoi have
    chosen. This creation is seen by us to be quite vivid.” (4)

 As difficult as it could be to fathom, we chose to come to the third dimension so we could learn the intense yet necessary lessons that’d refine us and help us handle the fourth through seventh spheres more easily.

 There are things we need to learn here; experiences that are essential if we want to greet the higher spheres with any degree of readiness. When we can realize that even the hardest things we experience here are necessary, we can be thankful for the difficult polarity we’ve incarnated under as we recognize its importance.

 I’m sure most of us will continue to choose the higher polarity; the distortions of love and light, as we continue to evolve and greet higher and purer dimensions, but there are apparently other entities who stick to negativity right up until the point where they simply can’t any longer.

 At some point, negativity will have to be abandoned – there’s no way around it.

 The higher ‘distortions’ that lead us to infinity and complete un-distortion will have to be chosen at some point or another, and we can make it easier on ourselves by choosing these higher qualities now instead of miserably clinging to the older, more outdated qualities as we ascend up through the densities.


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Continued in Part 2 tomorrow. 

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" who is Ra ? part 16 2/3 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Who is Ra ? Part 16

 The Necessity of a Third Density Experience – 2/3

 5 - December - 2014

 Continued from Part 1

 I think David Wilcock has said before that in order to experience any degree of negative ‘enlightenment’ from the third density, we’d have to perform so many self-serving acts that we basically become the evilest, most malevolent people around. You know, like the cabal.

 I’d prefer not to describe some of the things he said we’d have to do in order to achieve this.

 We’ll make things easier by choosing light and love now, and like I’ve said plenty of times before, the terms ‘light’ and ‘love’ mean more than most people give them credit for. They’re important distortions that Source created to help us progress and excel, and they aren’t the airy, new agey terms they’ve been made out to be.

 Self-awareness is essential here in third density, Ra tells us. If you think about it, it’s the only reason we chose to come here.

    Question: “What is needed to be in 3rd density?

    “There is one necessity for 3rd density, namely,  self-awareness or self-consciousness. The body
    must be capable of abstract thought. The fundamental necessity is the combination of rational and
    intuitive thinking.” (1)

 Relationships are necessary in the third density, Ra shares, because they help us know ourselves in a deeper sense by interacting with others. 

    “Consider a 2nd density entity, the tree for instance. It is self-sufficient. Consider a 3rd density
    entity. The weakening of its physical vehicle, or body, was designed to distort entities towards a
    predisposition to deal with each other. Thus, the lessons which approach a knowing of love can be

    “The quickest way to learn is to deal with other-selves. This is a much greater catalyst than dealing
    with the self. Dealing with the self without otherselves is akin to living without mirrors. Then the
    self cannot see the fruits of its beingness.” (2)

 Even though we don’t usually stay in the third density as long as the rest of them, Ra advises that “There is very little work in consciousness in 4th and in 5th densities compared to the work done in 3rd density.” (3)

 The fact that we don’t stay here as long but do far more inner work than the rest of the densities goes to show that this sphere’s very intense.

We learn very important lessons here, and we learn them quickly, intensely, and in some cases, difficultly. Our third density journey’s nothing if not difficult, but this takes us back to the idea that it can also be lovely and enjoyable if we let it.

We can’t avoid learning difficult and potentially painful lessons here. There are experiences we simply have to undergo so our illusory perceptions of ourselves and the reality around us can be dissolved, and sometimes, this means taking on experiences or challenges that, at the surface, we might not feel like we can handle.

We can handle them, but we have to have faith in ourselves and in Source who, if we connect with him/her to the best of our third density abilities, will help us through our difficulties and challenges.

I think we’d all benefit from at least attempting to hold a strong link with Source, because even from third density, we can receive His/Her gracious and loving assistance.

We can connect with Source from any sphere – we just have to be willing to believe we’re capable of connecting and receiving divine assistance. We’re only as limited as we let ourselves be, even in third density, and every difficulty and challenge we face can be easier with this loving, everlasting spiritual link.

Ra then tells us that within the third density overall, there are seven main levels with infinite sub-levels.

    Question: “How many levels do we have then in the 3rd density at this time?

    “The 3rd density has an infinite number of levels. [Bob Childers Note: Elsewhere Ra explains that
    there are infinite octaves within octaves for every level of density.]

     Question: “I’ve read that there are 7 astral planes and 7 devachanic levels. Is this correct?

      “You speak of some of the more large distinctions in levels in your inner planes. That is correct.”

This is just an educated guess that’s based off of what others have told me about Ra’s ‘densities’ being different from the traditional ‘dimensions’, but I wonder if Ra refers to the fourth dimension when we talks about the inner levels of third density.

‘Density’ and ‘dimension’ don’t mean the same thing, apparently, and when Ra talks about third density astral levels and sub levels, they might refer to what those involved in the spiritualist movement (and similar movements) have called the fourth dimension.

I’ve studied and reported on channeled messages through spiritualists, and their messages talk consistently about the conditions of the fourth dimension, which include lower and higher astral planes.

Ra’s definitions may be different, but they could be talking about the same thing as the spiritualists and their fourth-dimensional sources. I couldn’t say for sure, but Ra’s mention of inner astral planes makes me wonder.

 This quote seems to support the idea that Ra could be referring to what some of us know as the fourth dimension.

     “The astral planes vary from thought-forms in the lower extremities to enlightened beings who
     become dedicated to teaching and learning in the higher astral planes. In the devachanic planes are
     those even more close to the primal distortions of love/light.

     “Beyond these planes there are others.

     “The invisible, or inner, 3rd density planes are inhabited by those who do not have body
     complexes such as yours; they do not collect about their spirit/mind complexes a chemical body.
     In the upper levels, desire to communicate knowledge back down to the outer planes of existence
      becomes less due to the intensive learn/teaching which occurs on these levels.” (5)

It seems that there are plenty of enlightened beings in the inner third density levels who do want to communicate with humanity and share wisdom and guidance about spirituality and the best ways we can traverse the densities. Others on more evolved planes, however, have little desire to communicate because they’re also learning and growing.

They’re learning too many lessons to be bothered with the idea of communicating what they’ve learned to others, but I’m sure they’ll eventually reach a stage where they can take a break from their growing and help others in the lower spheres.

Ra’s probably on a higher level than the enlightened beings they speak of, and they have chosen to communicate with humanity, so I’m sure every enlightened being is eventually given an opportunity to communicate with others in lower densities – even if it takes longer for some. 

The fourth-dimensional sources who were channeled during the heyday of the spiritualist movement were certainly enthusiastic about speaking with humanity, and they’ve given us a lot of descriptive information about their spheres and what life after death is like.


1.     Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert: “The Law of One”, All four of the Law of One books
        can be found at the LL Research website ( in full: Thanks to Bob
        Childers and David Wilcock at Divine Cosmos for their ‘Law of One Study Guide’ The quotes
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 Concluded in Part 3 tomorrow.

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" who is Ra ? part 16 3/3 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Who is Ra ?   Part 16

 The Necessity of a Third Density Experience – 3/3

 6 - December - 2014

 Concluded from Part 2

 According to Ra, reincarnation happens when an entity attempts to ‘follow the light’ and ascend into higher spheres but finds that they aren’t quite ready, at which point they either manually or automatically incarnate into the sphere that resonates with their current level of understanding.

   “The illusion is created of light, or more properly but less understandably, light/love. This is in
   varying degrees of intensity.

   “The spirit complex of an entity moves along the (spiraling) line of light until the light grows too
   glaring, at which time the entity stops. The entity may have barely reached 3rd density or may be
   very, very close to the ending of the 3rd density experience.

    “Some incarnate automatically, that is without any conscious self-awareness of the process of
   spiritual evolution. They are under the Guardians, beings whom you may call angelic.” (1)

 Once an entity realizes they have some work to do in lower spheres before they can reach the higher, they set up the right conditions and circumstances to complete their learning. The only downside is that some will be so enthusiastic that they plan to learn too much and overload themselves after they take on the veil of forgetfulness.

     “When the entity becomes aware of the mechanism for spiritual evolution, it will arrange and
    place those entities and lessons necessary for maximum growth and expression of polarity in the
    incarnative experience before the forgetting occurs.

     “The only disadvantage of this is that some entities will attempt to learn [too] much during 
    one incarnative experience that the intensity of the catalyst disarranges the entity and is not 
    maximally used as intended.” (2)

 The entities who need to experience certain things before they inevitably evolve from third density are usually given priority over those who are likely to stay here for a while.

    “Entities wishing to obtain critically needed experience in order to become harvestable are
    incarnated with priority over those who will, without too much probable/possible doubt, need to re-
    experience this density.” (3)

 Some will have to stay in third density for a while before they can grow into the higher spheres, but some only have a few lessons to learn before they can evolve. They’re allowed to incarnate here more often than those who still have a lot of learning to do, because the potential for them to evolve directly after (or during) their incarnation is greater.

 They aren’t favored by the entities who help them plan out their incarnations, but soul growth is always a priority in the higher realms. If any ‘council’ can help an entity reach the higher planes faster, I’m sure they’ll do everything they can to achieve this goal – even if it means letting them incarnate instead of someone who still has a lot to learn.

 We can choose who our parents will be when we decide to come to third density, Ra tells us, and over half of the entities who incarnate here do it manually (as opposed to automatically).

     Question: “When incarnation ceases to be automatic, can an entity decide when he needs to
     incarnate for the benefit of his own learning. Does he select his parents? “This is correct. 

     Question: “At this time what percentage of the entities incarnating are making their own choices? 
     “About 54%.” (4)

 In our final quote, Jim McCarty, who was partially responsible for bringing Ra’s material to the world, distinguishes between seeking worldly information from beings in the earth’s inner planes and seeking universal information from more evolved or enlightened beings.

     “The personal guides and teachers of the inner planes of our planet have much more leeway in
     offering personal information. Go to them for readings on your health and [other] specific issues.
     Go to outer sources with questions that transcend space and time. If it will matter less in 10,000
     years than it does now, it is probably not a universal question.” (5)

I don’t want to put down modern channeling, but I’ll admit that some well-meaning seekers might receive information from beings in the inner planes who they think are universally enlightened.

 It’s understandable, and we even run the potential of connecting with negativity charged beings who’ll deliver misinformation and attempt to sway our beliefs or opinions of various issues.

 This doesn’t mean a lot of the channelings we receive in this day and age aren’t pure or genuine, but I think any channel should put mental/spiritual safeguards around themselves to make sure they don’t connect with an entity of malevolent intent.

 I think there needs to be a little more oversight in the channeling community so the information that’s brought through is aligned with purity and truth.

 Like I’ve said before, if channeling’s our direct link to the higher realms and all of the beings in them, we’ll want to make sure the people who practice it are taking measures to ensure they don’t connect with a negative entity or their own mind.

 I’ve read a lot of genuine channelings, but I’ve also read some channelings that weren’t so pure or aligned. As with anything, safety and levelheadedness is appropriate. Channeling can be a tricky subject, but I think there are right and wrong ways to do it.

 Ra has plenty more interesting and insightful information to give us, so we’ll pick up our reports next time with more information about the necessity to exist in third density with a human body and the requirements for ascending into fourth density.

 I hope to see more people awaken to the pure channelings we receive in this day and age, like Ra’s and plenty of others. When all of humanity can understand that higher dimensions exist and boast entities who genuinely want to assist us along our growth and evolution, our collective spiritual exploration will become infinite.

 Some minds will have to be opened before humanity can even consider the idea that higher realms exist with entities who want to assist us, but as the planetary consciousness rises, spiritual awareness will rise too.

 Humanity’s widespread awakening is inevitable, but those of us who’ve already awakened will have to continue to lighten the collective vibration by producing as many spiritually focused works as we can.

 We still have a lot of work to do, and genuine channeled entities will help us with all of it as long as we can remember that the greatest source of inspiration and spirituality lies within – not in the words of any channeled source. Spiritual growth is our responsibility, and everything becomes possible when we look within.


1.     Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert: “The Law of One”, All four of the Law of One books
        can be found at the LL Research website ( in full: Thanks to Bob
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