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' many lives. all experiences essential. "

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey

31 -  October -  2014

 We will reiterate that nothing can change your destiny to leave the lower dimension behind, except that you lose your way and cannot lift up out of it. The opportunities to rise up are unlimited and if you are on that path you should already have made such progress, that you have established yourself in the level of vibrations that will see you safely through. You will get all the encouragement you need, and as your level of consciousness increases so you will achieve a greater understanding of what you need to do. Keep in the Light that you surround yourself with, and know that you are secure within and safeguarded from any attempt to interfere with your plan for Ascension. Allow the lower vibrations to pass you by without becoming involved in them.

 The turmoil that many countries are going through is a sign that they have tried to solve their problems or differences by force, which will never be the answer to such situations. They will come round time and time again, until it is realised that only co-operation will achieve a solution that will bring lasting peace. Your history is a monumental testament of repeated attempts to rule by force, and shows that peace achieved by such methods is never lasting. The answer to all such problems is the application of “love” and the understanding that you are all One. Yes, we know that until people are ready to respond in this way you will not get far, but all solutions have a beginning when the seeds are sown. Love is a most powerful energy that can bring about miracles when all hope seems to be lost. It is therefore important that those who can provide and share the higher energies are dedicated to their role.

 After many lives in the lower vibrations you are able to meet the challenge that they present, and as you progress matters will seem easier to deal with. They are helped by the incoming higher energies that are being beamed to Earth from other civilisations. Be assured that many of them are aware of your plight and most pleased to have the opportunity to assist. Indeed, when you have successfully achieved Ascension many civilisations will joyously await their invitation to meet you. There will be a gradual coming together which is consistent with you taking your place in the Cosmos. However, much has to precede such times but you are on course to rise up and become Cosmic Beings.

 These are wonderful times to be associated with Earth and her journey into the higher vibrations. Many souls would have liked to be part of the experience, but you who have been selected are the ones that are best suited to the tasks ahead. You are much more than you are aware at present, and it is as though you are coming out of a dream state. Some might liken it to a nightmare but whatever way you view it, the time has arrived for a massive change in your fortunes. Be patient and apply yourself so that you can use your best attributes to help others awaken to the truth. Many souls are unaware that there is no such thing as total death, as the soul is immortal. You may cloak yourselves differently to experience particular lives according to your needs, but always the soul is supreme and holding the Light of Love.

 We are both surprised and pleased that you have taken on your tasks with such commitment. Instinctively you know the importance of this time and your joint efforts are achieving success beyond your knowing. So never lose faith in your ability and know that you have much help to ensure you cope with the demands upon you. As you open up you will find that you have far greater abilities than you imagined. It is the reason you were selected for the end times, and we know that you will succeed in your tasks. Indeed for some of you this time round will not be your first experience, and for that reason you may find yourselves on familiar ground. Be aware that the importance of the present time for you and Mother Earth has not gone unnoticed, and Beings from many civilisations are gathered to observe your Ascension. We remind you that it will be the first occasion that you will have risen up, without making the transition through the “death” of the body.

 There will be so much to learn that will be new to you, and it will set you on the path to being a Cosmic Being. That is of course quite a way ahead but we would like you to know what you might expect in the higher vibrations. Every effort you put in now will be well rewarded and you will not regret a single moment. Mean time you will be gradually enlightened as to the changes that will be the first of many, and they will help you to quickly adjust to the new vibrations. This is where we can be of great assistance and share with you the benefit of our experience. We want to help you make up for lost time where you have been held back, and quickly introduce you to the many advancements that will speed up your transition to the higher realms.

 It is not given to any individual to know the life plan of another soul. You should therefore exercise caution when judging another soul, as you cannot know what the future holds for them. Each of you have made your commitments where your progress is concerned. They are tempered by karmic needs that are neither good or bad as you would term them. All karma no matter who it involves will provide the lessons that will help the soul to evolve. So treat all experiences as essential to your development and upliftment.

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that our contact with you has helped your evolution. Bear in mind that we have been drawing ever closer to you for some 70 years, and in that time we have noted your rapid growth in consciousness. It will continue as the vibrations keep on rising up, and in time they will enable you to completely leave the lower ones behind. I wish you continued success in your work on behalf of the Light, and the Love that you spread around you. Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey. You can subscribe to the mailing list for these messages by going to: www.treeofthegoldenlight

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" end of cycle "

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey

24 - October - 2014

 Dear Ones, we hear the cries of those who are those who feel that they have been abandoned, and try hard to find a purpose in life. In the midst of the turmoil that is going on they are confused and unable to see a future for themselves. If only they could grasp the enormity of what is taking place they might see that major changes are underway. The New Age commenced earlier this year when the old energies started to withdraw to be replaced by the new ones coming in, meaning that for the time being they have both influenced your thinking. However, the new energies will replace the old and bring about advances and changes, that will clearly indicate the path Mankind is taking. It is realised that you are confused by events taking place, but if you stand back and take a good look at them you will see that things are changing for the better. Yes, conflicts are still taking place and peace on Earth seems miles away, yet already the futility of war is being realised. Beings with an understanding of how to bring about peaceful solutions are rising up, and their voices will be heard and taken notice of.

Try to see beyond the present unrest on Earth and know that your future is assured. Many groups from the higher levels are supporting you and using their influence to bring about peace. They cannot enforce their help upon you but are ready to do so when you respond in the right manner. When you first entered the last Age you were given the freewill choice to grow in accordance with your choice of progress. You were however always given guidance when you turned to Higher Beings for help. But often ignored it to go your own way, and consequently you set yourselves upon a path of your own choosing. In accordance with the freewill given you proceeded to grow but instead of working towards becoming one with each other, preferred to go it alone. All along you have been given guidance but in the final reckoning it is you who have decided the direction that you followed. So as you look back at Man’s history you are looking at the outcome of your choices.

 Today, you face a much more acceptable situation, as the influences that have kept you in a virtual state of war no longer have the power to keep you in that state. All around you there is a movement growing for peace and change that will become so powerful, that nothing will be able to stop its progress. The New Age has begun and the more of you that focus on it the quicker it will come into being. Many advances in technology await that moment, and when it comes you will leap ahead at a rapid pace. You will then find peace at last and there will be a great coming together of the people. All needs will gradually be satisfied and with our help at a pace that will surprise you. So we ask you to not allow your faith to ebb away, and know that the future has been seen and you will be lifted up out of your present demise. The end has been decreed and no one can change it, and unlike previous Ages, this one will have a “happy ending”. The majority of you will see that changes in your life time, and already some of them are taking place now.

 We are as always looking after you and Mother Earth, as she also is greatly involved in the changes that shall eventually see a new Earth emerge. These are of course changes that will not happen overnight, but it is as well that you know what the future holds and be prepared. Earth has been the place where you have made the most progress in a relatively short space of time. In mentioning it I remind you that you have lived many lives in all manner of different circumstances, and you are helped by your Guides to choose those that have the most benefit for you. You now find yourselves reaping the benefit of such experience, and many of you have progressed to the point of no longer needing to incarnate again in the lower vibrations. No one chooses who is ready to leave them, and it is by automatic selection based upon the level you have attained. Rejoice and be of good cheer as your long journey is almost over, and keep firmly within the Light.

 The whole Universe waits for the Human Race to move on, and it is a far greater moment in your evolution than you can probably appreciate. There will be much joy following your Ascension, and old friends and associates from many incarnations will join in the celebrations. We of the Galactic Federation who have closely followed your adventures will at last be able to show ourselves and meet you on Earth. We have much to do together in the near future, and we shall help speed up your arrival into the higher dimensions and assist you to settle in. These are exciting times regardless of what is taking place on Earth, as the New Age is emerging quicker than ever before.

 What is being shown to you in these closing stages of the old Age is the extremes of those who still cannot release beliefs that are holding them back. Yet the simple answer is to recognize and acknowledge that all souls are One. In such circumstances what you do to another you also do to yourself, because you cannot be disassociated from anything that happens. The “Oneness” is complete and as a collective you determine the path that Humanity takes. The only exception is when powers greater than those on Earth decide to step in and decide your future. This has often occurred at the end of a cycle when it is brought to a close. However, it does not interfere with your freewill, which you exercise at all times. Naturally there are always influences that will attract you one way or the other, allowing you to make your freewill choice. As an individual you make your own choice as to the path you take, yet there are certain stipulations that apply depending upon your ultimate goal.

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as time passes I note that more souls are beginning to expand their consciousness and the Light is ever expanding. There is a distinct division taking place as those who have chosen the path of Light lift up out of the darkness. It is inevitable that they will move ahead and eventually take their place in the higher vibrations.

 Thank you SaLuSa.

 Mike Quinsey.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

" freewill and soul contracts "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Freewill and Soul Contracts – Two Contradictory Concepts

20 - October - 2014

 If you ever deviate from your life plan in favor of materiality or make choices that aren’t in the best interest of your growing perception of spirit, it helps to remember that you’re doing your best.

 You exist on a planet where humans have been taught to believe material things and the luster that comes with them grant eternal happiness, but in reality, this happiness is only temporary and the materiality that drives it will away seek satisfaction; feeding; stimulation.

 If you catch yourselves in the trap of materiality, you’ll find that you always strive to enjoy the next new or big thing; the next shiny or glossy thing; the next thing that temporarily takes your attention away from your growing spiritual perception and puts it on your external reality.

 Needless to say, this doesn’t fill you with much love or wholeness.

 With love in our one heart and compassion for how easy it can be to lose yourselves in materialistic traps, we recommend you put your focus fully on spirit and what you can do to achieve a higher vibration every day and in every moment.

 You’re Spiritual Beings 

 Don’t hold yourselves back any longer, and instead, allow yourselves to soar with the understanding that you’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

 Like plenty of others have said, you aren’t simple human beings who’ve suddenly awakened to spirit – you are and have always been spiritual beings. You were spiritual beings before you made your way to the earth, and you’ll be spiritual beings far after you leave your little blue world, which’ll happen after you’ve helped her and all on her surface achieve planetary evolution.

 Again, we recommend keeping in mind that you’re all doing your best with the currently limited perception you possess on the earth, but if you ever feel like you’re deviating too far away from your life path or denying your intuition to the extent that your spiritual perception’s distorted, we wholeheartedly recommend breaking the spell and doing everything you can to live for love and spirit – two qualities that are desperately missing from the minds and hearts of humanity.

 You have far more potential than you realize, and you can achieve a wealth of spiritual phenomena right from the surface of the earth if you allow yourselves. Should you decide to, you can bridge the gap between the earthly and the spiritual; the unreal and the real, and all you have to do is believe in yourselves and your divinely ordained abilities.

 Detaching from materiality and everything that feeds it is one of the best things you can do, and in doing this, you’ll break the spell that’s entranced millions of people on your planet who don’t understand or believe that something very real and pure exists beyond the external, material things you’ve been taught to believe provide the happiness you seek.

 They don’t, and instead, they provide a temporary materialistic ‘high’ that has to be continuously satisfied to be enjoyed. With each time you satisfy a materialistic urge, your consciousness and your sense of spirituality deplete a little bit.

 The souls on your planet who are entrenched in materiality to the point that they can’t seem to find their way out have zapped their spirituality and their greater perception for the most part, but if they were to detach from their material goals and pursuits and perform a wealth of diligent and focused (yet detached) inner work, their spirituality would naturally return to them.

 You’re meant to enjoy the greater perception that comes with embracing spirit instead of the temporary and limited ‘high’ that comes with embracing materiality, and with all of this said, we’ll answer the question we’ve been given today.

 Question: Freewill or Soul Contacts?

 “On different channellings I often hear that we all have free will but on the other side they also say we all have an agreed life plan before reincarnation. I feel contradiction here. Can your higher self explain how they are related?” 

 Both aspects of our reader’s question are correct. You have indeed been given universal and inalienable freewill, and you’ve also come to earth with a pre-planned life contract that your higher selves and guides help you stick to while you’re there. How is this not a contradictory statement, you ask? We’ll be happy to provide our perspective.

 From our vantage point, you’re the ones who plan and stick to your life paths. Even though you’re given assistance from your higher selves, your guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven, you plan out your lives and the things you’ll do and experience while you’re on earth – nobody else.

 If you begin to deviate from your life path, there’s no grand oversoul or leader who attempts to put you back on it. Your higher selves and guides don’t take commands from some supreme spiritual authority who makes sure you stick to your life path, and instead, you’re the ones your higher selves and guides listen to.

 If you stray from your life plan and your guides attempt to help you get back on track, it’s because they’re following orders that originate in your subconscious.

 You’re the ones who plan the things you’ll do and experience on earth, and when you stray from your paths, certain aspects of your subconscious will lovingly request your higher selves and guides do what they can to keep you on your path without invading or interrupting your divinely ordained freewill.

 Your guides are quite limited in the things they can do to keep you on your path, and this is because of your freewill.

 They can send you signs here and there and make suggestions about the things you can do to remain on your path, whether you’re aware of these suggestions or not, but they can’t and won’t ever force you to stick to your soul contract, which you created and planned.

 Some souls stray very far away from their life paths, and this includes conscious seekers who intend to do and complete certain things in their lives but fall short of their goals or expectations. In some cases, a conscious seeker will subconsciously ask their higher self and guides to do even more than they’re permitted to keep them on their life paths.

 This request is usually humbly denied, because if the conscious public has learned anything by this point, it’s that no higher-dimensional entity would violate your freewill for any reason. Your freewill is as honored as the life plan you’ve each come to earth with, and your individual freewill is the only thing that can keep you from fulfilling your plan.

 You’ve given a wealth of assistance from various facets of the Company of Heaven with staying on the path you’ve planned for yourselves, but at the end of the day, your willingness to do the things your intuition recommends determines the evolutionary progress you make.

 One of the things we’ll recommend for those of you who want to remain on your path with no hindrance is to listen to your intuition in every moment.

 We’d say that your intuition is a little voice in your head, but this isn’t an accurate way to describe it. It’s more of a constant inner guide or companion that sends you impressions related to the choices that are and aren’t best for you to make in any given moment.

 Your intuition is your link to your higher selves, your guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven, and if you listen to it, you’ll find that your lives become much easier and more free-flowing. This is because you’ll live in alignment with the divine, and when you do, a lot of the pains and difficulties that are bred from resisting your life plan, soul contract, etc. practically disappear.

 When you can release any and all resistance, everything flows as if by magic.

 If you’re willing to see that you’ve meticulously crafted a specific soul contract to adhere to, as opposed to another entity crafting it for you and attempting to make you stick with it, you’ll have much less difficulty understanding the concept of soul contracts and the importance of adhering to yours while you help the earth and its people ascend.

 The deeper you venture into your own consciousness; into the pure and blissful vibrations of the Self, the clearer various important spiritual concepts will become and the easier it’ll be for you to get a perceptual grip on these concepts when you could otherwise know little about them.

 With the intuitive link you now possess with your higher selves and guides, you’ll be practically infinite in terms of what you can do and be, and your choices will always be in alignment with your life path if you let them.

 Freewill Transforms into Divine Will 

 Your freewill could never be abridged, on earth or in the higher realms, and like many of your famous spiritual teachers have told you, your freewill steadily yet surely transforms into divine will as you reach higher and purer states of consciousness.

 You’ll seek to satisfy your egos less and the divine more, and your desire to live for spirit will be far purer and more potent than it’s ever been.

 You’ll be very glad you made the decision to listen to your intuition and your higher selves and guides when you could’ve otherwise ignored them and satisfied the nearly endless demands of the ego, and your willingness to work hard to bring yourselves and those around you into the light will increase exponentially.

 You have a lot of divinely inspired changes to make to your once broken planet, and with each step you take in the right direction, you help yourselves and everyone around you see that you don’t have to feed the materialistic condition your collective consciousness has been in for a long time.

 You can break the spell by detaching from materiality and your physical reality as much as possible while making sure you don’t directly deny or resist them, because to resist anything is to create an energy that doesn’t help you progress into the higher spheres.

 The energy of resistance will hold you back more than anything else, and you can experience materiality without directly feeding it; without expanding your ego to the point that you can’t control your own wants or desires. So many earthly souls have fallen into this trap, and it’d be very unfortunate to see the conscious community knowingly or unknowingly fall into it as well.

 You’re given the freewill to fall into it if you really want to, of course, but most of you have designed your soul contracts to include the transcendence of materiality and anything else that keeps you from discovering and acting on the spiritual nature of your existence or the incredibly pure and blissful vibrations you now have the opportunity to feel and enjoy.

 Your potential to use the good vibration you’re feeling within to create a wealth of important and needed changes is growing by the day, and if you can only realize how potent your abilities are becoming, we’re confident that you’ll each happily choose these abilities over the materiality you could otherwise easily feed.

 We note that it seems much easier to feed materiality than spirit on your evolving planet, but if you make a diligent effort and remain committed to your mission, you’ll find that spirituality becomes much easier and far more fulfilling to access than the material things that can block your spiritual perception if you let them.

 Because of the perspective we’re blessed to have, we recommend you fully shift your focus onto spirit instead of materiality, and when you do this, you can experience and even enjoy material things without letting them overpower you.

 There’s nothing necessarily ‘wrong’ with enjoying a video game every now and then, for instance, but if you aren’t extremely careful, you’ll be easily trapped in the desire to feed or stimulate the ego, which video games and plenty of other things can cause.

 A Thin Line

 You have to be careful when it comes to experiencing materiality, because there’s a very, very thin line between experiencing it and feeding it.

 Many seekers have unknowingly crossed this line and suddenly found themselves craving materiality over spirituality, and if this has happened to you, you can recognize that you’re swaying from your path and seek to mend any perceived errors.

 Know that you’re infinitely loved by your creator, who simply wants you to experience and enjoy the lower vibrations until you’re ready to experience the higher again, and do everything you can to embrace spirit (if you’re ready to, of course) and follow the life paths you’ve planned for yourselves. 

We’ll make our final expressions for this communication with the usual gratitude for everything you’ve collectively done so far. We know that many of you have a lot of trouble dealing with the pains and stresses of earthly existence, and we empathize with the fact that many of you are ready to see what the higher realms have to offer once and for all.

 Many of you have been involved in the earth’s ascension for decades in your current life, and if you understood how long you’ve been involved in this important mission beyond your current life, you might be surprised. Some of you, however, might not be surprised to learn that you’ve spent literally hundreds of lives on the earth’s surface preparing for the time you’re currently in.

 The more you utilize the blessed opportunity you’ve been given to uplift yourselves and everyone else who’s in need of the sacred upliftment your purer vibration will provide, the more you can get done in your current life and any others you may choose to experience – on earth or anywhere else. 

Continue to be the light bearers and ascension assistors you’ve been for so long, and know that you’re being given all of the assistance you require with remaining firmly on the path that’s best for you. You’ve planned this path for yourselves, and we’ll continue to do everything we can to keep you on them so you can explore your true potential and get the fullest out of your evolving earth experience.

 You’re eternally loved by every facet of consciousness in the higher realms, and with the extent to which many of you are knowingly receiving this love, we’re confident that you’ll be able to express and radiate it in a time of heightened consciousness and awareness on the part of all of humanity. 

Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

Wes Annac

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

" failure of pandemic. 10 year delay, Earth into 4th density "

Matthew Ward via Suzy Ward

 19 - October - 2014,

 With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. For the most part, mainstream media coverage of Ebola is straightforward; but like most major world issues, it is marked by political finger-pointing, particularly regarding the few cases in Spain and the United States.

 Given your mobile world, the appearance of symptoms several days after onset of the disease and their similarity to symptoms of other maladies, the sickness popping up outside of the heavily-stricken western African countries was inevitable. The heartening aspect is that the medical community has been given a forum to allay fear that the disease can spread out of control. Of course, no one can report that once again the light is insuring that the Illuminati’s intention to create a pandemic and worldwide fear is a failure.

 The political penchant for assigning blame is hotter and heavier about ISIS, which isn’t faring at all well insofar reports to allay fear about their intentions, and justifiably so. Those forces will continue to make headway until an allied regional effort stops them, and that will come. The underlying factor, ever-increasing light, will be construed as self-serving interests of neighboring nations, and indeed pragmatism will enter the stage. As leaders who are refraining from active involvement realize that ISIS forces could carry their terror-based “Islam state” across whatever borders they wish, vulnerable countries will jump into the fray.

We know that as those two situations run their respective courses, they are providing many souls the opportunity to work through chosen karmic lessons. Still, it is a sadness for us that some of our Earth family are treating others without a shred of mercy.

Now then, we welcome your many insightful questions and comments about “decade of delay,” years 2007 and 2017, NESARA and how the plan for Earth’s Golden Age came about. To show the interrelatedness of all, we shall connect the dots in prior messages and fill any gaps in that information so you can see the tapestry unfold in its entirety, so to say.

The master plan for Earth’s Golden Age was predicated upon your world’s readiness for international reconciliation and cooperation by your year 2007. It’s not that the cause of the delay began then, but rather that the council had expected your society to have reached that stage of spiritual and conscious preparedness by that time. As we continue, you shall see why the expectations were logical, why they were not met, and why that year on your calendar was pivotal in the council’s timeline. Everything took place beyond your concept of time, but we shall do our best to explain it within a sequential frame of reference.

The plan came about because Gaia, the soul that eons ago embodied in what now is your homeland planet, sent out a call for help. The negativity that had accumulated due to civilizations’ relentless blood-shedding had so diminished Earth’s light that her ability to remain in orbit was severely imperiled. The two previous episodes when the planet’s very life was at stake, the release of amassed negativity happened with such cataclysmic force that all life forms perished. Gaia loved them all, even the people who contributed to the negativity, and each time of departure sorrowed her deeply. This time she wanted her residents not only to survive, but physically ascend with her planetary body, which would be restored to its original pristine health and beauty so all of her life forms could flourish and live together joyously and harmoniously. Her clear vision of that Earth became manifest in the universal continuum.

Accommodating Gaia’s desire and her body’s immediate need to start ridding itself of negativity required a massive amount of light, and God authorized powerful civilizations to provide it. The initial infusion stabilized Earth’s orbit, jarred her loose from deep third density’s entrenched negativity and enabled her to begin ascending. Naturally, that light and all forthcoming from those far distant sources would be available to all of her life forms, too, but how to motivate humankind to peer through the darkness that shrouded the planet so they could “see the light” was quite another matter.

It was at that point the council entered the picture. They accepted the task of inspiring the peoples to take charge of their personal ascension by receptivity to the incoming light so they could start generating their own with forcefulness. This was essential for two reasons of equal importance to ascension: Light transforms bodies’ carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that can survive in vibratory levels that eventually Earth would reach; and by dissolving the “veil” between third density consciousness and soul-level knowledge, the light opens hearts and minds to the spiritual enlightenment that engenders soul growth.

After discussing all the intricacies, complexities and requirements involved—first and foremost that everyone’s free will must be honored in accordance with Creator’s edict to rulers of all the universes—the council came up with a plan. It had to be put into a linear timeframe for your understanding, and since it is your world, it could only be what you want it to be. Therefore, all aspects of the plan had to become part of the collective consciousness, that energy mass of countless thoughts, feelings and deeds that steers activity in Earth’s field of potential and determines what happens in your world.

So a major consideration was how to present the plan in a format that would start people thinking about it. At that time in your history, the United States was considered to be the most globally influential of all countries, making it practical to start there, and so it did—members of that government were inspired to form the National Economic Security and Reformation Act that is commonly known by its acronym NESARA. This legislation has been the dark ones’ target of manifold lies and sabotage, which led to denial of its existence by some who heard of it and to serious misconceptions by others. If you don’t know what NESARA actually encompasses—it is no less than the basis of world transformation and spiritual renewal!—and its evolution through both light and dark passages, please read previous messages that give detailed accounts. [Special NESARA edition, August 13, 2006, provides background information; a number of other messages include additional coverage.]

The provisions of NESARA and all other facets of the plan were developed in the continuum, where what you think of as past, present and future is a series of simultaneous happenings; where souls’ evolutionary station is known by the amount of light they radiate and matching them up according to their interests, innate capabilities and necessary karmic experiencing can be easily arranged. Always pre-birth agreements are made with unconditional love and designed to benefit every soul participating in the shared lifetime, and so it was with the council’s plan, albeit the most unusual and far-reaching ever devised. Never before in this universe had an entire civilization entered into an agreement whereby the vast majority would undertake such a monumental challenge: completing in only one lifetime all third density karmic lessons they needed to achieve balance and evolve spiritually and consciously into fourth density.

This unique opportunity attracted trillions of eager souls, far more than could enter Earth’s population, and those who were selected were apprised of every part of the plan. They knew that after birth they would not remember any of it, but inner guidance would keep them on track via soul-level messages to the consciousness—conscience, intuition, instinct, aspirations and inspirations—because this is true of every physical life. The stunning difference this time was, all participants knew that they would be helping to create in linear time a world that already exists in the continuum by virtue of Gaia’s manifestation. And, all felt certain that they would masterfully perform their chosen roles.

Nevertheless, in the council’s planning of a process unprecedented in speed and scope, they wisely took into account that some of the weaker souls might falter and welcome assistance in addition to the continuous in-beaming of light from distant civilizations, and the plan included several means to handle that contingency. Stronger souls who had shared lifetimes with weaker ones could take upon themselves a portion of those souls’ heavy karma; volunteers for those roles were in fourth or higher densities, and so were the energy healers, psychic intermediaries and receivers of telepathic communication, who would help in their respective ways. A multitude of souls was needed to become way-showers and standard-bearers. Some would intuitively know the truth of information transmitted by messengers in the light and share it with all who were receptive; others would become active in various reform efforts or prepare for professions where they could influence positive changes; and some of the many souls who would exemplify the power of positive thoughts and feelings and the joy of living in godly ways would fill other roles, too.

Surely it is no surprise that you who have stayed steadfast in the light despite obstacles, disappointing setbacks and perhaps scornful disrespect are among the volunteers selected to fill one or more of those roles that have helped so many along their ascension pathway!

Vital to the plan were souls who would create the harsh circumstances the masses needed and when that was completed, join the light forces. Only the most highly evolved beings could be entrusted with those missions, and the council selected the volunteers whose dependability in the most challenging areas of light service had been proven time and again. There was no reason whatsoever to anticipate that they would renege on the latter part of their agreement, but that is what happened. Those individuals had fallen under the spell of the darkness that engulfed the planet and they refused to relinquish their power, control of the masses and fortunes gained illegally or immorally. No amount of urging at soul- and conscious-levels, pledges of assistance or warnings about self-judgment in lifetime reviews convinced them to honor their agreement.

They are the top of the Illuminati, an alliance of disparate groups that own or have infiltrated every organization, institution and corporation that impacts life in your world, from governments to banking and commerce, religions to education and media, military, entertainment, legal and justice systems. The alliance, which is pyramidal with a handful of individuals at the peak and many, many minions at the bottom who have no idea that they are working in league with a malevolent force, also is known to you as the secret government, one world government, new world order, the cabal or the elitists.

Although the council’s timeline for world situations to be greatly improved and the peoples’ burdens eased so they could “see the light” had arrived in your linear time, the Illuminati continued hiding truths and fomenting wars, destruction, disease and impoverishment just as many generations of dark ones had done before them. That didn’t affect Earth’s ascension pace—she entered fourth density right on target as predestined, at the end of 2012—but relentless turmoil and hardships and ignorance of truths have kept most of her peoples within third density’s limited conscious and spiritual awareness.

The billions who are coping with one hardship or injustice piled atop others or are barely surviving cannot imagine anything except the violence, misery, despair and fear in their lives. Troops in combat believe what they have been told: It is your patriotic duty to fight for freedom or it is your responsibility to avenge what was done to your ancestors. The large numbers employed in companies that produce the machinery of war may abhor war’s death and destruction, but their foremost interest is their livelihood that supports their families. Thus, contrary to the council’s expectations of your society’s advancement by 2007, thoughts of a peaceful world where everyone sharing equally Earth’s abundance had but a feeble toehold in the collective consciousness.

Our replying at this point to the numerous readers who have expressed interest in the political future of the United States may seem strange, but you shall see that it is purposeful. The two cited questions are representative of the others: “Will the November elections give Republicans control of Congress?” and “You predicted correctly that Barack Obama would be elected US president in 2008. Will Hillary Clinton become that country’s first female president in 2016?

We won’t know which candidates will be elected in November until that nation’s voters decide. Since we often have said that the outcome of everything transpiring on Earth is known because it is fait accompli in the continuum, it is natural to wonder why we don’t know who the winners will be. The election results won’t affect planetary ascension one whit and will have little impact on the collective consciousness, which comprises the energy put forth not only by humans, but also every other life form on the planet. Because the winners aren’t significant in those contexts and there is no clarity in Earth’s field of potential, there is no way for us to know who they will be. As for the 2016 presidential election, so much will take place during the next two years that even hazarding a guess about who will want to run for the office would be senseless and futile.

We did not predict, we stated with certainty that Barack Obama would be elected, and this brings us back to why 2007 was a pivotal year: That is when thoughts about his being a potential US presidential candidate entered the collective consciousness. The soul that embodied as Barack Obama was chosen to lead your world into Gaia’s long-awaited era of peace, so it was essential that thoughts and feelings favoring him as president emerge, then keep increasing until the energy momentum was unstoppable. The voters’ decision to elect him the following year was as predestined as surely as was Earth’s ascension.

Let us tell you why a personage of this soul was Gaia’s and the council’s choice. After the soul originated in a fourth density civilization, its lineage became universally respected as personages evolved into seventh density through multiple lifetimes of leading conflicted peoples into harmonious cooperation and assisting in civilizations’ advancement. Personages were instrumental in ending wars between civilizations as well as between warring factions within a population; others were members of universal consultancy councils for upgrading civilizations’ educational, governing or justice systems; and many held topmost positions in highly evolved worlds. Barack Obama is innately endowed with that cumulative wisdom, knowledge and experience, and lifelong he has followed soul-level guidance to fulfill the peace mission he doesn’t consciously know he accepted prior to birth.

Had the souls who came in to create havoc for the masses—and indeed did—not reneged on their agreement to join the light forces afterwards, the timeline in the Golden Age master plan would have prevailed. By now Obama would have completed much of his presidential mission and your society would be well on the way to living peacefully. Instead, he inherited two wars and now is combatting the terrorism that in no small part is their offspring. And, despite the light’s immense headway in weakening the Illuminati’s global network, they retained enough power within and beyond the Congress to doom most of Obama’s visionary initiatives, and their efforts to keep the negativity of divisiveness alive and thriving in your society have been aided unwittingly by his political adversaries. The United States has no monopoly on this—very few governments in your “free” world have been free of Illuminati influence, and most are beset with competitive members who produce stalemates instead of progress.

By no means are we saying that everyone should have the very same idea about governance or any other issue—it is by assimilating the diversity of ideas, cultures and philosophies that a civilization is enriched and advances! What we are saying is that many souls who clamored to participate in significant roles to usher in the era of peace have not done what they felt certain they would: make choices in fulfillment of their chosen missions. This is both the cause and the effect of the ten-year delay.

Beloved sisters and brothers, please don’t translate “delay” into “it could take forever!” as one reader wrote. There are myriad areas throughout your world where betterment is flourishing thanks to dedicated individuals, civic groups or national and international organizations. Mainstream media are expanding reports of such stories and there is a plethora of heartening information in televised interviews, documentary films, conferences, workshops, books, magazines and the Internet. Of course not all of you can actively take part in those kinds of forward-moving endeavors—most of you didn’t sign up to do that anyway—but feeling grateful for these successes, excited about them and optimistic about Earth’s future sends forth a profusion of light. Light, the same energy as love, is the key to manifesting fuller realization of the council’s Golden Age plan.

Now then, just as there was no evidence of a dramatic event when Earth entered fourth density, nothing profound will be evident as 2017 nears its end and the planet enters the density’s higher “layers.” There is no demarcation between those just as there is none between the densities themselves, which we number only to indicate advancement in location or spiritual and conscious awareness. Energy simply flows hither and yon in accordance with the vibrations emitted by its attachments that include all the thoughts and feelings constantly shooting up from Earth, and ascension is moving into areas where the vibrations are higher, or faster, than where you were previously. However, at times celestial alignments produce energy surges that rapidly propel orbiting bodies into higher astral planes, and such will be the case the latter part of your year 2017, which coincides with the decade of delay reaching its end. During the interim Earth will be traveling through increasingly high vibrations that will birth new changes and add impetus to all underway.

Our beloved Earth family, if we knew when the major changes you asked about will come to pass, we would rejoice in telling you—our last message explained why we don’t know. Even God doesn’t know. Let me speak for myself for a moment to give you a little illustration about foreknowledge of free will choices. Several years ago, when two men were courting my sister, my mother asked God which she would choose or neither. God said, “I don’t know.” My mother asked how He could not know since she is a part of Him, and God replied, “Yes, and as soon as she knows, so will I.” Lighted souls throughout the universe are with you in spirit, cheering you ever onward, and some are right there beside you on your ascension pathway.


Suzanne Ward


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" resting in the borderlands part 1 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 The Spirit Chronicles : Resting in the Borderlands - Part 1

 13 - October - 2014

  Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.

 When most people pass into the fourth dimension, the first place they go is the Borderlands, which we’ve talked about in various Spirit World Chronicles segments.

 Most people stay in this realm for as long as they need so they can adjust to the conditions of the new dimension they’re in, and as we’ll learn here, some will rest for quite a while before seeing what the next fourth-dimensional realm has to offer.

 It almost goes without saying by this point that the fourth dimension isn’t one solid realm. It’s comprised of various realms and sub-realms – one of which is the Borderlands, where recently departed spirits stay for as long as they need.

 The Borderlands are open for as long as departed souls need them, and only when they’re ready will they leave this realm and enjoy the next, higher state of consciousness. As we’ve already learned, the Borderlands are where one greets their departed loved ones, and I’d imagine their loved ones are with them for their entire stay.

 Here, we’re going to examine the period of rest and adjustment that’s spent in the Borderlands, and we’ll learn about the things that spirits do and experience before departing for the next realm.

 From the Borderlands, one’s explorative options are practically infinite, and if we’ve learned anything about the fourth dimension so far, it’s that there’s plenty to do and explore there.

 A channeled source who goes by the name of Archdeacon Wilberforce tells us about the Borderlands, which he elected to stay in so he could serve as a transition guide.

 “In this borderland world where I elect to stay, [the individual] needs refreshment and rest.” (1)

 W.T. Stead tells us that most people who initially pass into the Borderlands require a lot of rest.

 “At first [the newcomer] takes a great deal of rest, having the earth habit of sleep – and it is a necessity – he needs sleep here too, for the present. We have no night as you have, but he sleeps and rests just the same.” (2)

 Raymond Logde, who refers to the Borderlands as the ‘vestibule’, tells us that both transitions – from spirit to earth and from earth back to spirit – can be disconcerting.

 “The purpose of the time spent in the vestibule is to give the transition from the outer planes to the inner planes more continuity. 

 “Even though any given person lives more of his lifetime on the inner planes than on the physical, the transition of death is still very abrupt. It can be almost as frustrating as the transition involved in entering the physical plane; in that case, the frustration is being unable to function as you’ve been used to because you are now a tiny baby. 

 “But in the transition at the time of death, the vestibule experience permits you to continue your patterns of thought about life and afterlife – until you begin to see that these beliefs are all made out of tissue paper and smoke, as it were.” (3)

 Resting in the Borderlands with our physical memories intact makes the experience easier, but we aren’t so fortunate when we’re born. We still have quite a few memories of spirit when we’re born, and we perceive spirit more than the earth we incarnated on, but we’re limited in terms of what we can do.

 When we pass back into the fourth dimension, however, we’re able to do things we would’ve never thought possible on earth. Most people probably wait to explore their greater capabilities until they’ve adjusted to their ‘new’ homes a little more, but those of us who are knowledgeable about spirit could explore our abilities pretty quickly.

 Raymond tells us more about the ‘vestibule’ (i.e. the Borderlands), and likens its experience to the experience of a newborn baby who sleeps a lot.

 “It is a kind of layer in one of the inner planes that helps you lessen the shock of passing over. Again I’ll use the analogy of a baby just entering physical life: the baby sleeps a great deal during the first years of its life. During these sleep periods, the spirit of the baby is returning to the inner planes where it can be a total being. 

 “So these long periods of sleep help the baby make its transition and become accustomed gradually to its new life. The vestibule is a period in which a person who has recently died gets used to being just a spirit.” (4)

 He also describes the experiences we have in the Borderlands, which are tailored to fit the expectations we had on earth.

 “Everybody goes through a number of stages after passing over, you see. When you first pass over, you usually enter a stage of awareness called the ‘vestibule.’ During this period, you usually experience the kind of afterlife that you have always expected, due to your conditioning, your religious upbringing and training, and your mode of thought. 

 “As long as you are in the vestibule, these expectations have a kind of reality. In an ultimate sense they are not real, but they are real enough during this period of transition.” (5)

 A Christian might perceive Jeshua, for instance, and even if they aren’t technically convening with Jeshua in a real way, they can rest assured that they’ll perceive him on what’s known as the ‘Christ plane’.

 Something tells me that the self-created holograms we witness when we pass on contain glimmers of the consciousness of the guides they appear as, but for all we know, they really could be simple holograms created by the mind that are based on our expectations.

 Either way, we’ll perceive exactly what or who we expect to perceive in the Borderlands.

 We may perceive Jeshua; Mother Mary; we could even perceive an extraterrestrial if we wanted! We create our reality with the things we think, say and do, and this is especially true in the Borderlands and every other fourth-dimensional realm we have yet to explore.


1.      Henry Thibault, Letters from the Other Side. London: 1919, 10.

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Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.

 Source :

" resting in the borderlands part 2 "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

The Spirit World Chronicles :  Resting in the Borderlands - Part 2

14 - October  - 2014

 Continued from Part 1

 The Borderlands are real, Raymond shares, but they also contain a hint of etheric artificiality.

  “I want to distinguish between the vestibule and the portion of the astral plane that some of the others participating in [this] project have referred to as the ‘Peter Pan department.’ The vestibule is not necessarily a fantasy, but it’s not quite real either.” (1)

 The Borderlands are real in a sense, but they’re more illusory than the higher fourth-dimensional realm one experiences when their stay in the Borderlands in complete. The realms that lay beyond the Borderlands are far realer, but this initial realm still contains the same glimmers of reality as the rest of the fourth-dimensional realms.

 The Borderlands are certainly realer than the third dimension, and this is because our manifestations are less hindered in this realm. We experience a greater degree of spiritual reality than we did on earth, but our experiences and manifestations are still technically illusory compared to the higher fourth-dimensional realms (and the realms beyond them.)

 As Raymond tells us, the Borderlands exist to make the transition into the fourth dimension easier. 

“It’s really not a fantasy because that sounds as if there are lots of little munchkins running around putting up fake scenery to fool everyone with and that isn’t quite what happens. The vestibule experience is a necessary part of nature. …

 “Eventually, … you begin to realize that the vestibule is only a vestibule, made of tissue paper and smoke and cotton candy – it’s not real. This realization is, in a sense, what is meant by the term ‘the second death.’ 

 “You give up your cherished connections with the physical life and begin to adjust to life on the inner planes as it really is - which is startlingly different. If the transition to full reality were abrupt and you weren’t prepared for it, it would be quite a jolt. Something akin to a psychiatric problem could develop.” (2)

 We can experience and plan certain events in the Borderlands, Raymond tells us, and we can also receive a unique brand of healing that can only be received in this realm.

 “I believe that it has been mentioned that Colene’s grandmother and grandfather [Colene Johnson, David's wife] were given the chance to have something of a second honeymoon in a part of the vestibule before getting down to the real business of living on the other side. 

 “I think that this was described as happening in the Peter Pan department, but it was really the vestibule. There is also a certain kind of healing that must be done in this time right after death. This healing is much easier when the person is on somewhat familiar surroundings and has a sense of continuity with his physical life.” (3)

 I’d imagine it’d be pretty difficult to heal someone who’s too panicked about the new realm they’re in to receive any sort of healing, and this is why the Borderlands come in handy.

 They help people adjust with the fact that they really have died and they’re now experiencing life in a different sphere, and even with the assistance of the Borderlands, I’m sure it can be difficult for some to cope with their deaths.

 This is probably why they receive the healing they do, and in the end, I’m sure everyone’s able to adjust and eventually greet the higher realms. A lot of souls are obviously stuck in the lower fourth-dimensional realms where strife and agony rule the day, but even they will eventually be receptive to the healing they require to spiritually soar.

 According to Stewart Edward White, some people have to be taught very basic things in the Borderlands because they were unprepared for spirit life when they were on earth.

 “Some … people remain in the vestibule quite awhile. They almost have to be taught how to walk again because the adjustment is so difficult. But for physical people who have an awareness of the inner planes, or who prepare themselves for the transition, the period in the vestibule is very short. 

“There is an immediate example here in the room – Colene’s grandmother made a very quick adjustment to being on the inner planes and was even able to attend her own funeral. That may sound a bit morbid to you, but it was important to her. It was just a matter of hours for her to make the adjustment to moving around on the inner planes.” (4)

 Mike Swain describes what it’s usually like for a ‘backward’ soul to wake up in the Borderlands.

 “In the case of the rather backward soul, we place him into a deep torpor as soon as we take charge. When he arrives in this world, he wakes in what appears to him to be a hospital ward. 

 “The realization filters to him that he is safe and being well looked after; then it gradually dawns on him that there are no doctors or nurses in this hospital; no bandages and no surgical instruments. He himself feels no pain; so his next move is to get out of bed and start exploring, to find out what sort of hospital this is. 

 “Only then does he realize that he has successfully passed over. It is wonderful to watch his amazement and relief when he realized he is more alive than ever.” (5)

 The realization that death isn’t the end has to be one of the most liberating things a person can experience, and it probably helps to wake up in a hospital bed or another setting that’s commonly associated with safety and being looked after.

 It helps the recently deceased come to terms with their transition, and the sooner they can come to terms with it, the sooner they can start exploring. I’m sure they’re eventually greeted by a transition guide or a departed loved one, and then, they can really start to learn about their deaths and the realm they’re now in.

 Everyone’s experience is obviously different, but a lot of recently deceased people probably experience the familiar hospital scene in the Borderlands before realizing that there’s nothing wrong with their etheric health. They don’t need to worry about their physical health anymore, and their etheric health’s as strong as they’re willing to let it be.


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Concluded in Part 3 tomorrow.

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" resting in the borderlands part 3 "

Wes Annac

 The Spirit World Chronicles : Resting in the Borderlands, Part 3

 15 - Ocober - 2014

 Concluded from Part 2

 Mike Swain confirms my musing that someone eventually greets and informs the recently deceased. 

“It takes some time, quite some time, for all this to register completely; often his first reaction is to go back to bed for another couple of days to get used to the idea of what has happened to him!

 “Then one of the elders visits him and answers all the unanswered questions in his mind. You see, the laws of creation are not as easily grasped by these backward souls as they are by their more experienced brothers.” (1)

 Gordon Burdick also confirms that departed family members are with the recently deceased in the Borderlands shortly after their transition.

 “I have been with your family today, but they are all waiting for your Aunt Marian, who is at present resting here in the place set aside for that purpose. When she really feels rested and refreshed, she will be ready to be received by those members of her family who have been here long enough to be able to introduce her to the new life and help her to get used to it.” (2)

 A woman named Barbara, who died after a long bout of illness, describes what it was like to be ‘alive for the first time’.

 “I must have slept from time to time, and when I had slept the weariness out of my bones I remember lying in complete harmony and comfort, waiting for the next event, and it came in the form of a voice. I couldn’t see anyone. It was just a voice calling me by name. But my name sounded so beautiful, I hardly recognized it.

 “I sat up in order to listen more easily. The voice seemed to be coming from everywhere and it told me to get up and walk to the lake and bathe, and see how the water would give me back my strength. I got up without any effort and we walked, the voice and I, towards the lake.

 “When I got there it seemed only natural to jump in from an overhanging rock and the moment I touched the water I knew that I was experiencing real life for the first time. These were the waters of Lethe where one learns and forgets.” (3)

 She continues describing her experience.

 “I found ecstacy in that lake. The power of movement and the sense of force within me were beyond anything I could ever imagine. How long the voice and I stayed in the water I have no idea. It might have been hours or days. 

 “I found I could dive to immense depths, lie on the surface and rest without any special effort. And all the time the voice was with me, telling me, holding me, and urging me to do more and make new efforts, to look around and see the country, and then lastly to listen…. I lay and listened. 

 “At first I heard nothing but the lapping of the water, then a tiny network of sound emerged. It grew until I could define notes and then gradually the whole orchestra of Heaven burst forth – and I just lay and listened.” (4)

 I don’t know If Barbara was experiencing the Borderlands, but if she was, her experience was clearly unique. She was almost immediately able to perceive the intense wonders of the fourth dimension, and as she said, they allowed her to feel more alive than ever.

 We’ll experience a much greater level of freedom in the higher realms than we do on earth, and we won’t be limited by any constricting rules or practices. We’ll finally be able to be the free spirits we’ve always wanted to be, and we won’t be weighed down by any sort of limitation or hindrance to our ability to enjoy our lives.

 Personally, I can’t wait to see what the higher realms have to offer, but we still have a lot to do here on earth before we can greet them and their liberated experiences.

 In our final quote, Donald Macleod describes his experience passing into the Borderlands.

 “I was not allowed to see much of my surroundings, as I was immediately assailed by a weariness when I experienced the full glory and warmth of the spirit vibrations without the protection of earthly conditions, so I was taken in the sleep state to the spirit hospital.

 “Time rolled by, and from a great depth, I slowly emerged from the trance state. I am now aware that I was there for just over seven of your earthly weeks. Through the waves of sleep there came slowly the haunting, beautiful music of the silence.” (5)

 Donald and plenty of others like him had to sleep for a long time before he could be fully awakened, because transitioning into the fourth dimension takes a lot out of the spirit. One leaves the physical body, which they were comfortably nestled in for a long time, and experiences an unhindered sense of freedom for the first time.

 Perceiving the fourth dimension and all of the wonderfully intense things it offers must be intense and exhausting, and it makes sense that most people need a lot of time to rest and fully cope with their transition before they’re bouncy and jubilant.

 Some people probably have a lot of emotional issues to deal with when they initially pass on, because it can be difficult to give up all of their material possessions – not to mention their family on earth.

 Luckily, most souls don’t give up their families, and they remain as close to them as they can, guiding them along the difficulties and pains that come with existing on earth. Our departed loved ones likely guide us, and if we’re particularly willing or receptive, we can open up to their presence and thank them for the selfless assistance they’ve given us.

 One of the best ways we can raise the planetary vibration is to raise as much awareness of life after death as possible, because it’s the most liberating truth out there.

 We can liberate ourselves and the people around us by opening our minds and hearts to the idea that life continues when the physical body ceases to live, and it’ll help us when our time comes to leave the physical body behind and greet the higher realms for good.

 We have a lot of awareness to raise about life after death, and this is why I’ll continue to write these reports in an effort to expand our collective understanding of this interesting and important subject. 

Our departed friends, family, etc. are watching and assisting us wherever possible, and like I mentioned earlier, we can open up to them and thank them for their assistance if we’re willing enough.


1.    Jasper Swain, From My World to Yours: A Young Man’s Account of the Afterlife. New York: Walker, 1977, 52.

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Source :

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" questions on upgrade of crown and other chakras "

Channeled through Wes Annac, 

 The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings Q & As : Crown Chakra Expansion - Part 1/2

16 - October - 2014

 In this time of heightened consciousness and awareness on the part of the conscious community and, eventually, all of humanity, certain bold phenomena will grace you at times that are related to your ongoing ascension and your receptivity to the higher vibration descending onto your minds and hearts.

 If you’re particularly attuned to this phenomena, many of you will begin to notice strange and interesting things in your meditations that are related to your ongoing ascension. 

 Interesting happenings and circumstances may greet you at times that leave you wondering what exactly you’re experiencing or going through, and we’re here to let you know that it’s all for the greater good. 

 Even the most bizarre ascension-related experiences you go through are all part of your ongoing ascent into a higher frame of consciousness, and in order to experience something paradigm-shattering, you’ll have to be open to having experiences that are very far outside of your conscious perception. 

 If you can ready yourselves to experience bold ascension-related phenomena that’ll vastly expand your individual and collective paradigm, you’ll greet the things you witness and experience with a greater degree of ease and readiness than if you enter into them unprepared. 

 Call on Spirit 

 Always call on spirit for the assistance you require with navigating your difficult ascension journeys, and know that as long as you call on us for inspiration, insight or energy, we’ll be with you. 

 We’re here for every receptive godspark who’s ready to enter the next, purer phase of consciousness and see what it has to offer, and we’ll always offer our energy and insight in hopes that it helps you navigate your earthly journeys with the greatest degree of joy and ease possible. 

 We want you to enjoy yourselves and your existence on the earth, and we want you to know that your enjoyment’s very important to your planetary ascension. 

 Even though we understand that many of you feel inspired to work as hard as you can to bring yourselves and the planet around you into the light, one of the best ways to raise the collective vibration is to get out and enjoy yourselves when you could otherwise work away. 

 The work you’re doing is very important and needed, but the time you can spend with your family is also very important and the level of joy you can collectively feel from doing things that are unrelated to your work but still fill you with a sense of love and wholeness is greater than we can express, through this or any other channel. 

 The best advice we can offer many of you at present is to simply detach. 

 Allow your ego-driven perception of the reality around you to fade and be replaced with the slow yet steady descent of a pure, loving perception, because this’ll strengthen your ability and willingness to be an infinite conduit of love for those around you to draw off of in every moment. 

 You have the potential to create a wealth of needed and important changes simply by enjoying yourselves and your lives, and the upliftment you can find in this transformative time will motivate many of you to start offering yourselves to the restoration of consciousness in whatever ways work best for you. 

 Your ability to find and remain in a lasting, loving space hinges on your willingness to claim the sacred upliftment you now have the opportunity to feel, and your work or anything else you do is never intended to drag on your sense of enjoyment. 

 Quite the opposite – you’re meant to feel inspired and passionate about every bit of work you do to bring yourselves and your planet the light. 

 You aren’t meant to slave away at your respective missions in bringing your planet into the light – you’re meant to feel as passionate about this work as possible. Let love (and the willingness to do whatever you feel inspired to do, which comes with it) reenter your hearts when you’re stuck with the draining emotions of the ego.

 Let brimming joy replace the dull tiredness and depletion that tend to overtake the minds and hearts of so many of you, and let yourselves see that despite the ego’s attempts to convince you otherwise, you are free. 

 You’re free and sovereign beings who are meant to use your freedom for positive and progressive purposes, and you can use your inalienable freedom to embrace your developing creativity and help others find an immense sense of joy, positivity and upliftment because of the spiritually inspired things you decide to do.

 In doing this, you’ll enable them to begin contributing to your planetary ascension in immense and extraordinary ways, and with this said, we’ll happily answer the question we’ve been given today. 

Question: An Addition to the Crown Chakra 

 “I have had many metaphysical experiences in my life including contact with both galactics and gnomes, orbs and other unidentifiable creatures. 

 “This is different. The latest one has been that I sense something directly over my head (over my crown chakra I guess). That is hard to describe. I want to say it is a few feet over my head but you know that’s hard to really describe too.

“Also it’s about as big as a candy bar with an opening like an envelope. When I ‘go up’ to it I feel my vibration rise. The strength of the sensation and awareness comes and goes. I’m not sure what it is or why it’s there but I’m comfortable with it. Any ideas about what it may be?” 

This question, which we and our scribe anticipated, is the reason we gave the introduction we did for this message, and we’ll repeat that certain bold phenomena will begin to be experienced as you continue to lighten and refine your vibration. 

 Even though our scribe has understandably chosen to distance himself from explanations and predictions that have to do with your ascension, we’ll affirm the words of various channeled sources of late who’ve told you that you’re in a certain phase of your ascension at present and as your years tick on, the phases will begin to intensify. 

 The phase you’re currently in is allowing for many of you to begin witnessing things you would’ve never thought or expected – things you may seek advice and guidance about from a channeled source or a seeker who’s started to experience the same things. 

 You, dear reader, witnessed what we’ll call an addition or expansion to your crown chakra. The energies on earth are intensifying exponentially, and this is resulting in an occasional need for your crown chakra to expand and take in a greater and purer amount of energy than it has so far. 

 Your crown chakra isn’t the only one in need of certain upgrades at times, and as you continue to greet various energetic and celestial events that’ll turn up the purity and quantity of energy you receive through your sun (and your moon, but that’s another discussion for another time), you’ll find that many of your chakras begin to accommodate certain energetic expansions. 

 Exactly what you witnessed is difficult to describe with earthly words, but we’ll do our best with the limited expressional arsenal we have at our disposal. 

 Your crown chakra was in need of an upgrade, and you subconsciously decided you were ready to witness this upgrade as it was being put into effect. If you try hard enough, you may notice that you can experience the rush of energy you first experienced when you perceived this ‘crown chakra expansion’, as we’ll call it. 

 Especially if you sit down to meditate, you’ll feel this energetic phenomenon at practically any time of day, and this is because you and plenty of others are now expanding and taking in a greater amount of love than you would’ve ever thought or expected. 

 In fact, even before you experienced this upgrade, you still brought through a wealth of pure energy that you’d be very surprised if you witnessed yourself bringing through from an outside perspective. If you could see just how pure your ability to be a conduit for the light is becoming – and we mean this for our reader and everyone else out there – you’d be very surprised. 

 You’d see that you truly are lightworkers and energy conduits in the greatest and purest sense, and you might be dazzled at the impressive extent to which you’re able to bring this energy through. 

Concluded in Part 2 tomorrow.

Wes Annac

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" questions on meditating on crown chakra and changing your planet "

Channeled through Wes Annac,

 The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings Q & As: Crown Chakra Expansion Part 2/2

17 - October - 2014

  Despite your immense and impressive ability to be energy conduits, your chakras are still occasionally in need of certain expansions or upgrades that help them bring this energy through in an increasingly pure way, and if we haven’t stressed this enough by this point, this is what happened for our reader and plenty of others who wonder exactly what it is they experience when they witness this bold phenomenon.

 A Portal to the Other Side

 We also want to let you know that if you let it, the upgrade you’re witnessing can allow you to perceive the higher realms in a very clear and pure way by actually traveling into them.

 If you meditate on this addition to your crown practically endlessly, you’ll eventually be able to travel up through the opening and perceive a higher state of consciousness.

 The experience will be very intense if you do this, and even though one should be careful with their Kundalini, we recommend you practice raising your Kundalini before you attempt to travel through this opening.

 This is because you might not yet be ready for the intensely dazzling experiences that can result from traveling through this portal, and greeting the bold experiences that result from raising your Kundalini will help you prepare.

 We encourage you to continuously meditate on your crown if you want to feel or access this addition a greater way, and there may be times when you can’t feel it – times when you’re encouraged to be calm and patient instead of letting the fact that you can’t feel it bring you down.

 As your consciousness and awareness continue to rise, you’ll witness and greet various bold things that are related to your evolution and the increasingly pure and refined energy you’re being given from various parts of the cosmos, but for now, you’re just beginning to feel and express this energy in the intensely pure ways you now have the opportunity to.

 Even though you’ve brought through a lot of pure energy already – so much that, again, you’d be surprised if you knew the extent of your work – this work has still just begun and you still have a wealth of even purer energies to bring through and express, which this recent upgrade will help you with enormously.

 One of the best things we can recommend for you and everyone else is to remember to stay focused on the aspects of your ascension that are rooted the most in spirit; in the qualities that can’t easily be felt or perceived with your human senses.

 If you’re interested in channeling, for instance, we’d encourage you to practice it a little each day so you can bring through the universally pure energy that’s helping you adjust to the increasingly direct roles you’re playing in your ascension, which, if we haven’t stressed enough by this point, are far greater and more potent than you’ve let yourselves believe.

 Many seekers who channel find that their ability’s dulled if they don’t practice it a little each day, and the same can be said for any creative or spiritually oriented pursuit. If you want to continue to feel the sometimes bizarre sensations that come with accessing this expanded aspect of your crown chakra, you’ll want to practice feeling it.

 Do What You Can With the Tools You Have 

 Use visualization, affirmation and other spiritual tools to help you perceive it in a pure and direct way, and even on days when you don’t think you have the time or energy to access it, do what you can to make a connection.

 In doing all of this, you’ll find that you’re easily able to perceive your crown’s addition and various other bold things that’ll leave you surprised and perhaps amazed, and with everything you do, remember that you have the assistance of higher-dimensional souls who wait for you to ask for their assistance so they can help you with any given aspect of your earthly mission.

 If you require assistance with perceiving this expansion, call on your higher self, your guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven for the loving assistance they happily offer. They’ll be with you in an instant if you call on them, and they’ll help you witness a plethora of other phenomena that’ll introduce you to the reality of everything you’ve begun to learn and empower.

 Because of the ascension phase you’re currently in, and especially because of the increasingly pure phases you’ll greet as your vibration continues to rise, many of you could begin to notice explicitly pure, direct and maybe even intense visions, feelings, sensations, etc. that are related to your ongoing rise into the higher realms and everything that comes with it.

 You’re expanding and refining your ability to feel and express the pure energy you’re being given in every moment, and we’ll make our final expressions for this communication with encouragement to keep going. You only have so much ’time’ on your little blue word to create all of the changes that need created and perceive all of the amazing things you have the potential to perceive, so let yourselves embrace spirit when you could otherwise embrace the dullness and spiritual emptiness that come with feeding the ego.

 Despite how hard the ego strives to keep you from discovering and accessing the purer vibrations you can now access, you’re on earth for a far greater purpose than to continuously feed it.

 You’re on the earth to create all of the spiritually inspired changes that need created, and with the love and support of the entirety of the Company of Heaven, we’re confident that you’ll achieve your respective missions with grace and ease. As long as you can feel just as confident in yourselves, you’ll have little difficulty changing your planet.

 Thank you to my higher self and spiritual guides.

We Annac

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" no random climate patterns. Oneness spreading "

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey

17 - October - 2014

If ever you needed proof of the weather changes that are taking place, you only have to look back at the difference now to what it was just some 50 years ago. The changes are dramatic and do not appear to follow any particular pattern and at times seem chaotic. Yet the changes are not random happenings, but leading to a more acceptable pattern and one that ensures that the extremes you usually experience no longer occur. Around you the chaos is another sign of what is happening, although much of it is karmic as old problems between people and even nations are sorted out. Yes, it is an unsettling time but it is necessary as you might say, to clear out the rubbish that will have no place in the higher vibrations. Your individual role is to clear out your own “rubbish” to enable you to take your place in the New Age, and enjoy all of the changes that will lift mankind to a higher level. If it is your desire to be part of the changes, your intent will carry you along and attract Guides who will assist you.

 We have often told you that nothing happens by chance, and it is worth bearing in mind as you might otherwise feel that you are at the mercy of random events. Where your own life is concerned there is always a plan that will enable you to evolve, so no opportunity should be wasted. You proceed at a rate that is agreed with your Guides who will help you to achieve success, however you always have freewill and the final decision is yours. Clearly if you desire to evolve you will do what is necessary to be successful, and that often means following your intuition without necessarily knowing the purpose. Of course some experiences take place to clear any karmic debts that you may have, so with this in mind it would serve you well to accept such situations with good heart. Nothing happens without good reason so make the best of such opportunities. This is a time for forgiveness for all perceived wrongs against you, and bear in mind that all experiences are of value.

 Good news rarely features in your media’s reports, and we can assure you that there is a trend for more people to help others who are in need. The feeling of Oneness is spreading with the realisation that you “are your brother’s keeper” although some beliefs are so powerful that the differences are totally maintained. In such circumstances souls with such pronounced beliefs are born into countries where they can best learn their lessons and that “All Are One”. This is why wars still continue and would only normally cease when peace is seen as the only way forward. As one who is more aware, your presence can be very helpful when by example you live life as it should be, in peace and harmony with all living Beings. Indeed, by living your beliefs you are helping others simply by being amongst them. Your Light will most likely attract others to you who desire to know how you can live at peace, when often chaos is all around you.

 As you have become to realise, we are keeping a close eye on those who could destroy the Earth if their activities were left unchecked. The Illuminati and their minions are carefully monitored and they cannot do anything without our knowledge. You can therefore be assured that there will be no major incidents of destruction, and certainly no wars other than small disputes. Our role is to lead you safely to a peaceful conclusion, and then circumstances will allow us to openly come to Earth. It will be a great time of rejoicing and revelations that will clear up the mysteries of your past history. You have been deliberately kept in the dark, and held back from advancements that would have immensely improved your quality of life. It is as if you have been locked in a time capsule where time has stood still. This will all change in the near future and you will be amazed at how quickly you will make up for lost time.

 Think big where your future is concerned, as you will find your consciousness expanding more quickly as you enter the higher vibratory rate. You will be astonished at the extent of changes that will see you enter a New Age of peace and prosperity. The fruits of the Earth will be more than ample for your needs, and sharing will become normal and there will be sufficient for everyone’s needs. New inventions that are being held back will be released, and the drudgery and hard work to survive will become a thing of the past. The world will open up to you and travel will become quite normal, where distant places can be easily reached in next to no time. It will of course mean that new forms of travel will have been introduced, and much of your present means will have become obsolete. It is going to be an exciting time for everyone and the changes will happen quite quickly with our help.

 At a time when it is difficult to comprehend where events are leading to, we hope we have lifted you up by giving you an insight into the future. Nothing can stop the plan for your future and we are as you might say, raring to go and looking forward to bringing you into the New Age. Previous cycles have ended in major changes that have put Humanity back to commence another new one. This time you have completed a Solar Cycle successfully, and those of you who have lifted up your vibrations will continue to evolve as you enter the New Age. Every soul will find itself exactly where it is best placed to continue its experiences. We know that such statements cause some concern within family groups that wish to stay together. We would like to assure you that there are usually strong ties within them, and it would be unusual if they did not progress as one unit. However, you will find that as you evolve you will be drawn to groups of a like vibration, where you will continue to evolve until you find the need for a different experience.

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I enjoy my time with you and look forwards to meeting many of you in the near future. Time itself will not have the same effect on you as now, and in a manner of speaking will no longer rule your life. There are so many welcome changes that await you, and once we are able to introduce ourselves we shall all go speeding along into the New Age that holds so much for you. Keep looking ahead and know that your life is one story that has a happy ending. 

Thank you SaLuSa

 Mike Quinsey.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

" questions about channeling our higher self "

Via Wes Annac,

 The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

 9 - October - 2014

 As your consciousness and awareness grow to new heights, you’ll find that your ability to remain in the calm, loving center so many of you have started to find is sometimes challenged.

 When this happens, it’s very important to refuse to sway from your balance in favor of the low emotions that can result, and if you find that you’re being challenged in immense or difficult ways, you can continuously reaffirm your connection with spirit and reap the flowing benefits of this connection – one of which is the ability to remain calm, centered and loving in the face of challenges or adversity.

 You aren’t meant to see life through a narrow or difficult lens – you’re meant to enjoy your experience to the fullest, welcoming any challenge or adversity that makes its way to you.

 Let Spirit Guide You Instead of Emotion 

 We note that it can be very easy to let your emotions get the best of you in difficult or stressful times, but it’s far more rewarding to let spirit guide you through every obstacle you face – from the easiest to the most difficult.

 Realizing that you’re conduits for the higher facets of your consciousness that are descending onto your minds and hearts will help you deal with any difficult or negative circumstances you face, and overall, keeping in mind that spirit is with you will give you a lot of needed assistance throughout your lives.

 Many people who are currently unaware of spirit tend to have a lot of difficulty navigating the stressful experiences they face, but some have found unprecedented strength from the adversity they’ve faced because they’ve learned through it all that they can survive and thrive.

 Whether not you’re aware of spirit or willing to believe and empower certain concepts related to the spiritual nature of your existence, you can find the strength that’s missing for so many of you and use it to do a wealth of positive and progressive things that’ll bring your planet into the light more than anything else.

 Like we and plenty of others have said in the past, your spiritual work’s very important but it’s incomplete without your willingness to walk your talk – to live the teachings you preach day and in and day out. You have to be the examples of real and lasting change if you want to do anything significant, and with this said, we’ll answer our first question for today.

 Question #1: A Direct Higher Self Connection

 “I know I am in communication with my higher self and guides since I couldn’t have accomplished, for example, the album, songs and lyrics I have just released (without having learned music or ever having done something like this before) or any of the tasks I have been involved in, without some kind of assistance.

 “But how can I magnify this communication to one more concrete as channeling, hearing or seeing their words? Not merely feeling their assistance as having intuitions I perceive as my own.”

 Your higher self and guides have been clamoring to get your attention, dear reader, and we’ll be happy to offer a few ways you can connect with them more directly. You’ve indeed been receiving a wealth of intuitive ‘hints’ and guidance from them, especially in regards to your creativity, and to connect with them more directly, the first thing we’ll offer for you is meditation.

 We recommend you enthusiastically meditate on the idea of connecting with them in a deeper and realer way, and after you’ve practiced a good meditation, you can attempt to open up and communicate with them more directly. There are a few different ways you can do this, and we also recommend you act on your budding passion to directly channel them.

 You don’t have to publish anything you channel to your internet – you can receive personal guidance at first and, if you feel confident about the development of your connection and your ability, you could perhaps publish the messages at a later date.

 As we have with many others, however, we’ll recommend you attempt to channel personal advice and guidance from your higher self/guides and see how pure you can get the connection to be. You might have some trouble at first, because every soul who attempts to channel their guides for the first time will inevitably run into some difficulty.

 The best thing we can recommend in regards to channeling your guides is, again, to meditate first and then open up to the subtle yet direct impressions you can receive. It always helps to know that you don’t receive literal words and phrases from your guides – you pick up on energy that your mind translates into words, phrases, sentences, etc.

 Our scribe isn’t picking up on literal words and sentences as he channels us. He’s receiving and interpreting a wealth of energy through his heart space, and his mind’s primarily responsible for the translation of our energy into the words you’re reading.

 Keeping this in mind, seek to connect with an energy when you channel your guides. Seek not to bring through specific words and phrases, and instead, attempt to pick up on and really feel the energy of your higher self and your guides.

 Any message you attempt to channel will be muddied and distorted if you overlook this basic yet very important necessity, and only when you’ve confidently picked up on and brought through the energy of your guides a few different times will you start to get a grip on the ability and really flow with it.

 Again, you may experience some initial difficulties in regards to making the actual connection or translating your guides’ energy into something legible and easy to understand, and like any other ability, the most important aspect of channeling is having faith and confidence in yourself and your ability to be a conduit for your higher self and guides.

 Believing in Yourself

 It’s very easy to let the mind convince you that you aren’t making a real or pure connection or that you’re simply ‘channeling yourself’, but you’ll have to believe in yourself in the face of all odds and all adversity. Channeling might not be easy at first, but with confidence, determined practice, effort and patience, it becomes much easier and more free-flowing.

 Since you’ve started to receive the intuitive hints from your higher self and guides that have helped you strengthen and sharpen your creativity, you can be confident that you really are channeling them when you pick up on their energy and interpret it into words and sentences.

 As far as the actual interpretation of their energy goes, we recommend you make sure your mind and ego are involved as little as possible.

 As our scribe has learned and helped others learn, the ego will distort any message that’s channeled if it’s involved to any degree other than acting as a passive interpreter of the energy, and you’ll notice when the ego’s involved because the message you want to channel will come through very slowly. 

You’ll feel like you’re hardly receiving any genuine energy or information from your guides, and you’ll find that your mind attempts to paint the communication with its own musings and philosophies.

 To channel your higher self and guides purely, the mind and the ego will have to be completely transcended, and this is the most difficult aspect of the process for many seekers.

 The majority of seekers who attempt to channel usually give up after a few tries, deciding that it simply ‘isn’t for them’, but with the aforementioned determination in the face of any and all adversity, every seeker can develop this ability if they’re particularly inspired.

 We, the higher self and guides of the soul channeling this, and plenty of others will be with you, dear reader, to help you in your channeling endeavors.

 If you decide to embrace the connection you can now make, you could very well become a prominent channel who frequently publishes genuine messages from your higher self and guides that uplift various seekers who might even be inspired to try the ability themselves.

 With this said, we’ll answer our second question from the same reader.

 Concluded in Part 2 on October 10

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