Saturday, May 02, 2015

" innovations. Universe watching the Earth."

SaLuSa  via Mike Quinsey

1 - May - 2015

We are keenly following your progress as you get nearer and nearer to the first positive signs that will indicate that the New Age has begun. By now you should have a good idea of what to expect and you will not be disappointed. Most of you have had many lives in this cycle both as Man and Woman, and hopefully you will find a balance between the two. There will come a time when you will not be as concerned with gender as you are at present. In your dimension whether you are male or female tends to dictate where your place is in your society, and your roles are clearly defined. Yet as you rise up the differences between you will largely disappear, but the feminine and male energies will remain. 

For the meantime you should keep an open mind because as time passes you will be made aware of many new innovations, and be able to discard that which will no longer serve you. You are to become Beings of a much higher vibration with a greater level of consciousness that will carry you into new realms of beauty, and complete happiness. The dark days that you are still experiencing will gradually disappear and a joyful time of celebration awaits you. We can look ahead and tell you for certainty that the welcome changes are much nearer than you might imagine.

 Many of your younger people are here to play key roles as the changes take place. They are often of a higher vibration and have volunteered to be part of your introduction to the New Age. Some of you who are from the older generations have helped prepare the way, and we owe you much gratitude for sticking to your task when at times you lacked encouragement. As time progresses many souls will be called upon to contribute their knowledge, and a great expansion will take place. The eyes of the Universe look your way as what is about to happen is an event of great significance. After the number of cycles that have ended in catastrophe, you are to witness the successful conclusion of this period of your evolution. So you have everything to look forward to and it is not far away at all. So allow the dark energies to be played out as they need to be and as they do so, much remaining karma will be cleared away for good.

 The next step will be to move you all into the Light and help to fully establish the New Age. Such events will happen all over the Earth, as all countries will come together in peace and goodwill. Eventually there will be no way that the lower vibrations can remain or return, and the higher ones will grow stronger and stronger. Words cannot truly convey what a grand future awaits you and it is not far away at all. Those of you who have an open mind will no doubt sense what lies ahead, and your intuition will help you understand. You have been very patient and it shall be well rewarded, and indeed more than compensated for for the sacrifices that have been made. After many lives in duality you are to experience many changes that will lead you to a more fulfilling life. One without the continual interference by the dark Ones that has created an unreal life for you. They have maintained the status quo that has kept you in a continual state of “want” whilst allowing them to spend astronomical amounts on their own secret projects.

This situation is rapidly changing and their power over you is diminishing. Indeed, they are being carefully monitored and are restricted as far as the extent to which they can go. Now is the time to realise that you are not bound to any other soul except your soulmate, and although you have personal relationships on Earth they cease to be binding once you have risen up. Many are for the purpose of clearing karma by providing the type of experience needed to do so, but naturally some bonds are made in “Heaven”. In the higher realms you are free from attachments, unless of course you desire such an arrangement. The Truth of your Being is so much more different than you have been led to believe. However, as the vibrations lift up so will your level of consciousness and you will be able to assimilate all knowledge. At present your lower vibrations prevent you from being able to grasp the Truth about Humanity, but you will learn quickly through the expansion of your consciousness. It is re-learning what was already known to you before you dropped down to the lower levels. So it should therefore come easy and you will have other more enlightened souls assisting you.

Be assured that there are many civilisations interested in helping you, who are already in the higher dimensions. So there will be no lack of assistance and help to set you right, and to ensure that you take the correct path. The Universe will be waiting for you to rise up and welcome you as Galactic Beings. Hold your heads up high and know that we hold you in high esteem for your willingness to live through this period, even although you are not yet returned to full consciousness. Your journey has been long and full of challenges that you have successfully risen up to and overcome. All of these experiences will give you great strength and the ability to handle whatever tasks you are asked to do. However, the future is gradually taking shape and will be most acceptable to you after all of the obstacles you have overcome. Identify with your heart-felt energies and live your life as one able to share your Love unconditionally.

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and always so pleased to share my thoughts with you. I know that so many of you are seeking the truth about yourself, and feel the call to give of yourself to others. The feeling of Oneness comes very strongly and you know without doubt that you are All One. With such awareness the acts of Man against his sisters and brothers causes much pain and heartache, but you can calm the angry waves that cause turmoil. Send out your love at all times, and whilst you have little or no idea of how potent it can be, it can bring about miracles. I continue to send my Love and the strength to overcome whatever challenges you meet, to all of you. We are never far away from you and tell you once again, that you can always call upon us and we will respond in whatever way is the best for all concerned.

 Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey SaLuSa.


Monday, April 27, 2015

" karma easier. new plan before the new year "

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey

 24 - April - 2015

 The way ahead is going to be full of pleasant surprises, beyond what most of you have anticipated. Yet many will fulfil your present expectations based on what you have projected into the future. It is not set in stone, but will nevertheless take you into the New Age you have been preparing for. Your destiny has been decreed by the higher forces, but you have had freewill to determine the manner in which you travel that path. You have so to say done the hard bit, and now the negative forces will no longer be able to interfere with your progress as they have done in the past. Their power has already been curtailed and they no longer have the ability to do as they please.

 Your aim should now be to centre your attention more upon yourself, to ensure that you do not slip back having achieved so much already. Your journey through duality has been tough and demanding, and your strength has been honed in the fires of life. Your place on Earth is almost as an onlooker as you live your life within your own energy field, largely unaffected by events occurring outside of you. Sometimes you will need to step outside, but you can return unaffected by the lower energies. Your role is to be a “glowing” example to others so that they may learn from it. They will be attracted to you and this gives you the opportunity to help them raise their vibrations. As you know, “like attracts like” and as you move further into them, a natural cleansing takes place of all the lower energies.

 Where karma is concerned you may still be tested, but as you rise up you will find the challenge easy to deal with. These are the times in the lower vibrations of the final lives for many of you, when as you progress you will begin to understand where your next experiences are required to be. A panorama of choice lays ahead of you, and you will be helped to make a wise choice that ensures your continued progress. The difference between the past and now is that you are sufficiently enlightened to make your own choices. Mother Earth has given much of herself for the evolution of Mankind, and she also is evolving and many of you will join her.

 As you know everything is happening in the “Now” which is why we can look into your future and see which way you are likely to go. What we do know for certain is that you will continue to progress quite quickly within the Light, and once more become Galactic Beings. Once again help will be given to assist you along that path, by those who have already walked it successfully. Life will be completely different to what you experience now, and the most notable change will be the degree of freedom that you will gain to travel the Cosmos. You will have seemingly endless opportunities to meet other forms of life, and be a mentor to them.

 At present it is difficult for you to comprehend what lies ahead for you, because the Cosmos is so vast and life forms exist everywhere. You also have many dimensions ahead of you that you can explore, and your only limitation is your own vibration. Intelligent life abounds, and Man of Earth will find that there is so much more to learn and experience. Imagine always being able to travel by the power of thought, so that distance as you presently understand it presents no obstacle. By comparison your time on Earth is very much like being in quarantine, and that is very much the truth. Of necessity you had to be protected from outside interference, although other Beings have been allowed to make contact with you. Taking all things into consideration, you should now begin to understand why your experiences on Earth have been closely monitored and carefully planned. Whatever they may have been, please bear in mind that you have as you would say “been fast tracked” to ensure your rapid evolution, and each one of you volunteered to take part in it.

 Coming back to Earth, it is a beautiful planet that one day in the near future will be returned to pristine condition. You have heard of your Garden of Eden, and those days will return once again as Mother Earth takes her place once more in the higher vibrations. Evolution is ongoing and the ultimate is when perfection is achieved, and all life returns to the Godhead. However there is a lot to experience before that level is reached. Enjoy yourselves as you discover the wonders that lay ahead of you, and encounter the most godly Beings that live in the higher dimensions.

 Coming back to your present situation, you are shortly to experience some events that you have been eagerly awaiting. The dark Ones are not to be trusted and have frequently broken their promises to allow the progress of the Light as planned. However, they have inevitably broken their word, and caused delays in bringing you the benefits of the New Age. They are waiting and ready to be revealed, and plans are well advanced to make announcements as soon as possible. We refer to the period that is coming up before the New Year, and that is the earliest opportunity to do so. Others will quickly follow once they get started, and by that time the dark Ones will no longer be able to influence the outcome.

 Dear Ones, we admire your determination to win the battle with the dark Ones, and that has been already been achieved by your dedication to establish the Light upon Earth. The establishment of it has commenced and there is no going back now, and no way that it can be stopped. The battle has been won and all that remains is to tidy up after the remaining karma has been fulfilled. It is of course too early to claim a total victory, but that glorious moment will come in most of your lifetimes. The lower energies are being further reduced by your continued actions to fully establish the Light upon Earth.

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius and blessed to be the one appointed to continue this contact with you. We know that you are responding well to the information given out, and we see the Light growing faster and a great web being placed around the Earth. Our love is with you as you keep your focus on the goal for complete success.

 Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

" the purpose of your lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities. "

John Smallman

Jesus through John

21 - April - 2015

 Here in the spiritual realms, the formless arena where the potential for creativity is infinite, we watch over you with intense loving interest as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer. You have heard that many times before but I assure you it is true, it can only draw closer, there will be no backsliding because it is humanity’s collective intent to awaken and that intent is in total alignment with the Will of God.

 It does seem to many of you who are working consciously and valiantly towards this major event that it has been delayed, and others among you sometimes doubt the authenticity of the various channelings you read that continue to uphold and present to you the inspiring vision of your imminent awakening. Please release your doubts because all is on schedule as divinely planned.

 Try and understand that the illusion, in which you are immersed as humans, uses time quite flexibly. It seems from your modern scientific measurements that time is a constant, but in fact this is not the case, like the illusion, of which it is an aspect, it is illusory, it is not what it seems. It does not operate as a constantly flowing medium like a river to the sea, but is more like an ocean in which events occur, events that may not be related in time or place but which nearly always appear to be connected like cause and effect. It is a very confusing medium, especially as it appears to be so consistent and unalterable.

 You have all experienced time as moving slowly, normally, or rapidly depending on what activity it was that you were engaged in, but then you have tended to dismiss the experience as illusory and of a purely personal nature. And of course it was! Every single one of you, every human, has their own deeply personal experience of life in the illusion. There are of course many similarities, but basically the experiential and illusory state that each human undergoes is deeply personal and is never repeated, it is truly unique.

 Time is not fixed, it shifts, but the field in which it operates shifts with it, thus giving it an unreal impression of stability. So, the moment of awakening has not been delayed, quite the contrary in fact, it is approaching faster than ever because the collective intent to awaken has intensified, and it is that intent that is bringing it about.

 You all – and there are no exceptions here – incarnated at this moment in Earth history to assist one another in your awakening process, but the environment of the illusion is so incredibly dense that the vast majority of humans have utterly forgotten why they are on Earth. Many are seeking guidance from religious organizations, from self help “experts,” gurus, and a varied assortment of therapists and personal growth workshops and seminars as they desperately attempt to find a deeper meaning in their lives than just earning a living. Earning a living is essential for 99% of humanity, and for 90% it is a grindingly boring chore that many seek to escape from through a variety of addictions that only temporarily ease the stresses and anxieties with which your human lives present you daily.

 Your nature is Love. At the deepest and most real level of your being, your center where your true Self is aflame with the Light of God’s Love, you know this. The effervescent You, that God in His infinite Wisdom and Love created for all eternity, is always alive and well. However, once you chose to experience the illusion of separation from your Source you temporarily closed down your access to your true nature to make the games in the illusion seem very real, and in that you succeeded extremely well. You do get intimations of your true nature from time to time when your meditative practice takes you deeply into yourselves, but mostly you are seemingly caught up in the distractions of the illusion – the egoic drives that so frequently set you in conflict with one another.

 Life is beautiful! Unfortunately the illusory experience with which it seems that you have to absolutely engage with in every moment for the sake of survival distracts you from this wondrous truth as you struggle with the ugliness and anxiety that life as a human entails. Yes, of course there are moments of joy, of pleasure, but they are but brief and infrequent rewards for your good behavior, or so it often seems. And yet most of you know that good behavior has little to do with rewards – the sun shines and the rain rains on everyone.

 As small children it was suggested to you that this was the way the world works, but as you grew and matured it became obvious to the majority that this was most definitely not the case. Nevertheless, because you had been so well trained to behave well – frequent punishment and shaming for misbehaving, infrequent rewards for exceptionally good behavior – you do tend to put on a mask or a front of good behavior that is culturally and socially acceptable. Beneath that mask you may fume, rage, or sink into depression.

 The purpose of your human lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities, your divine potential. And each one of you has your own unique gifts awaiting discovery and development. But, of course, many of you were educated, went to college or university and obtained professional qualifications to enable you to earn a living, and you are now perhaps trapped in careers that bring you very little satisfaction apart from enabling you to pay the constant stream of bills in which life as a human buries you. How, you ask, do you get out of that trap and give yourself the time and the space to allow your creativity to blossom?

 Well, the trap is the illusion which for many is indeed a nightmare, and your awakening is essential and imminent. And it is all of you who are making the awakening happen. You have been asleep, unaware, and unconscious for far too long as the games that the illusion has presented you with have engaged nearly all your faculties. And those games are games of sickness, suffering, conflict, betrayal, and war.

 Games like that automatically lead to fear and distrust, and to a belief that you can only survive by being strong, powerful, and dangerous, so that no one will dare to attack you. And those games and beliefs are based on your belief that your bodies are all that you are, and that when they die, you cease to be. That instills within you enormous fear because it mightily enforces your sense of separateness and aloneness, and, in the end, your utter insignificance in the grand scheme of things. 

Therefore to understand that it is indeed an illusion, that you are all divine beings eternally alive in the Presence of God, and at One with Him and with each other, is a most wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring realization. Remind yourselves daily of this great Truth, in fact remind yourselves hourly until it becomes truly true for you and remains constantly in your awareness, as it will. And then you will awaken. That is divinely assured. Focus on Love, your true nature, and open your hearts to receive the constant and abundant flow that is offered to you, and then share your joy as you feel that Love, by sharing it with everyone with whom you interact. That is why you are on Earth at this moment, and you do know this.

 Your loving brother, Jesus.

Thank you,
John Smallman

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Monday, April 13, 2015

" time quicker "

SaLuSa via Mike Qinsey

10 - April - 2015

From our perspective time is moving so much quicker than you experience. So whilst you have been without our messages for what seems some time, to us it is just a fleeting moment. Over a long period you have read or heard of many experiences where people have been out of the body and been “away” for days, to return and find that only a short time has elapsed. Sometimes it has only been a matter of hours or minutes as opposed to days. In such circumstances you begin to understand that everything is in the Now. You are learning that time is not constant, and it will become more apparent as you move away from Earth, into the higher vibrations.

These are times when you must keep a very open mind, as more surprises are waiting to be discovered. Things are not necessarily as you have been taught, and perhaps one of the hardest facts to accept is that you can travel faster than the speed of Light. There is much to learn that will come to you when you become fully fledged as a Galactic Being. At this time your consciousness is opening up and your vibrations are increasing, and you are on the way to returning to levels that you are in reality already familiar with. From here-on it is a matter of re-learning what you have forgotten and that will not be difficult as you will be getting much help. As we have told you previously, you are much greater than you imagine and in essence you are Gods in the making. However, there is a long way to go before you reach such a pinnacle of growth.

 Around your world peace seems hard to broker, but be assured great Beings such as President Obama are busily working behind the scenes to bring it about. Naturally there are millions of souls working towards the same end, but clearly some wield more power than others. You also need a leader such as President Obama who has yet to reveal his plan to bring permanent peace to your Earth. As Souls of the Light you came to Earth at this important time to help bring about the changes necessary to carry you forward further into the Light. In the not too distant future you will rise to a level where the dark Ones can no longer be present, and the New Age will have truly arrived. 

Knowing what you do you can help others through what is a difficult period. By general reckoning it is chaotic, and peace seems as far away than it has ever been. However, as we have previously mentioned, certain events have to be played out to clear long standing karma and ensure lessons are learnt where they are needed. You could correctly say you are in a very busy period where souls are taking their last opportunity to evolve, before it comes to a close. Whatever level souls are on each one will have been given every chance to move on. With all of the help that is given it would be surprising if you did not learn from your experiences. However, some souls are enmeshed in the darkness and find it difficult to move on. Be assured however that not one soul is abandoned, and great Beings of Light do all they can to enable them to rise up.

  Looking back you might agree that your experiences have strengthened your resolve, to stand firm in the face of the delaying tactics of the dark Ones. They have tested you in some cases to the very limits of your endurance, but you have withstood all they have thrown at you. Such experiences have prepared you for greater achievements, and in the future many of you will act as Ambassadors to the Beings on other planets. Evolution is a perpetual process of learning from those who have already advanced further along the path. There is always “help” when it is needed but other souls of Light do not impose themselves upon you without receiving your call first. You have almost certainly received help along your way, but may not be aware of it. Be assured that your Guides are most active trying to ensure that you keep to your life plan. When that useful “coincidence” that is beneficial comes along it is often brought about by them. It goes as far as saving your life so that you can continue with your necessary experiences, and complete your life plan.

In the immediate future the direction you are going in will become clear, and the work put in by the Lightworkers will come to fruition. Much is happening that will ensure success and be assured that we are also giving you a helping hand. The way of things at your level, dictates that the dark Ones are allowed a certain leeway to put you to the test. However, their future is in our hands and this cycle will be the last one of this particular Age. You will soon rise up into the higher vibrations where love and peace are present and the lower vibrations non-existent. It is what you have been working towards for millennia of time, and the journey is nearly over.

 The experience you have gained over many lives will hold good, and enable you to be mentors to those souls who are still making their way forward into the Light. Not every soul will progress in the same direction, as there are many varied opportunities for you to serve the Light. At your level of attainment you have a great deal of freedom to decide what you will do next, and naturally you in turn have your mentors to help you. Many of you will return to your “homeland” before deciding your next step, and the calling to do so will be very strong. When you can look ahead rather than look back, and your consciousness grows the way forward will become clear.

The times you have spent lives in the lower vibrations will soon become but a distant memory, but the lessons learnt will always be with you. Already as the level of your consciousness grows, you will find it easier to maintain it without any risk of falling back. The world can pass you by without there being any fear of being distracted from your goal. Yet you can still be fully aware of what is taking place.

 I am SaLuSa from Sirius and happy to be in touch with you again. We know how much you look forward to receiving our messages, and we will continue for as long as they are necessary. We send you our love and are never far away if needed.

 Thank you SaLuSa,

 Mike Quinsey.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

" a healing thought "

Dear All,

this is a small link to a small, but healing event....

28 - March - 2915

" cherish th excitement "

Wes Annac

The Culture of Awareness

 Cherish the Excitement

27 - March - 2015

 The following is an intuitively channeled message from what I call ‘The Voice Within’, which is also known as the ‘higher self’. You’re free to believe whatever you want and take whatever path you want as you continue to refine your understanding of the spiritual nature of your existence, but know that if you take a certain path (or if you choose to merge various paths), you’re still tasked with respecting and accepting those who’ve taken other paths that resonate with them, even if the differences between your philosophy and theirs is particularly unsettling.

 Everyone’s free to find the path that works for them and wholeheartedly pursue it, and as long as you have faith in your heart and the genuine intent to connect with a higher aspect of your consciousness, the route you take to get there will matter little.

 All that matters is that you have love, faith and dedication, and when you can maintain these qualities, you’ll find that your spiritual, creative and expressive cup is constantly refilled with divine energy and inspiration and you never have trouble using your creativity (or anything else) to expand your consciousness and awaken/uplift others.

 Your Purpose on Earth

 Your main purpose on the earth is to discover your spiritual essence and the fact that beyond your body, you’re infinite beings of pure consciousness who can tap into this essence and use the inspiration that results to uplift everyone who’s been too lost in their self-instated unawareness to realize that spirit is a constant aspect of your reality.

 You don’t have to strive so hard to do or complete certain tasks each day to prove your worthiness in the eyes of Source, and you’ve always been worthy of the love and praise a lot of people seek in external, material things that help them feel whole and complete for a moment before they require something else to fill the gap that’s caused by the failure to realize how connected they are with Source.

 You’re constantly connected, even when you feel further away from your creative and spiritual essence than ever, and staying creatively active is one of the best ways to maintain this connection – but it isn’t required.

 Again, you aren’t required to do anything in your time on earth, and as long as you can keep in mind that you’re infinitely worthy of Source’s love, praise and awareness, anything you do will be to appease this everlasting awareness and not to prove your worthiness or gain some sort of acceptance that you already have.

 Cherish the excitement you feel to explore your consciousness with meditation, creativity and whatever else helps you feel aligned, because this excitement can lead you to do truly great things. You aren’t required to do ‘great’ things to gain Source’s love or praise, but if this path resonates with you, you have every reason to embrace it.

 No matter what path resonates with you or how you want to express your spirituality, you’re encouraged to embrace it and use it to uplift as many fellow seekers as you can.

 Everyone on your evolving planet is looking for a way out of the limited experience they’ve been immersed in for so long.

 Those of you who’ve become aware of your essence and the things you can do to bring your planet into the light have, in many cases, incarnated on your planet for the specific purpose of helping awaken everyone who’s been too lost in their own unawareness to realize that something exists beyond their conscious perception.

 Something definitely exists beyond the mundane realities of life on earth, and those of you who’ve awakened are answering the call to share your awareness with the rest of your planet, who’ll awaken in their own time.

 A Refined Understanding

 Everyone will awaken when they’re ready, and in the meantime, those of you who’ve begun to awaken can do as much as you feel called to do to help everyone reach a greater, more refined understanding of themselves and the spiritual nature of their existence.

 The passion so many of you feel burning deep within can lead you to fully and enthusiastically embrace your creativity if you let it, and as you’re learning, your creativity is one of your most potent avenues back into a higher state of consciousness.

 Creativity is useful in a number of ways, one being that it helps you connect with your essence and another being that it allows you to use that connection to help others become aware of their spirituality and the fact that they too can embrace their creativity and flow like never before.

 As long as you don’t put too much creative pressure on yourselves or worry endlessly about what your family or the rest of society will think about the spiritually inspired works of art you produce, you can use multiple creative routes to raise the awareness that so desperately needs raised and ignite the flame in the hearts of billions of people who are subconsciously ready to understand their spiritual nature and, as a result, embrace their creativity or anything that helps them feel aligned with their Christ consciousness.

 You can use creativity to nourish your soul and the souls of everyone who’s either unaware or is just starting to realize that life is nothing like they’ve been led to believe, and in all things, your enthusiasm is essential. In everything you do, the aforementioned flame that burns deep within is essential, and without it, you might have trouble creatively flowing your using your awareness progressively.

 Within you exists an infinite wellspring of creative and spiritual inspiration, and tapping into it is one of the best things you can do for yourselves and the rest of your planet, who, if this hasn’t been made clear, will benefit tremendously from your inspired, impassioned creative and spiritual work. 

Enthusiasm and Patience 

 It’s essential that those of you who want to uplift your planet and everyone on it tap into this wellspring, and this is one of the reasons enthusiasm is so helpful. Patience is another important aspect of using your inner creative wellspring to uplift your planet, because there will be times when it seems all but dry and empty.

 When this happens, the best thing you can do is relax and maybe take some time for yourselves before returning to your work with more vibrancy and passion than ever.

 You and everyone who benefits from your inspired work will be glad you took that time for yourselves, and until you can realize that resting every now and then is as important as continuously working hard, you might have occasional trouble calling on your creativity and expressing it in the massive ways some of you have become used to.

 As long as you can embrace your creativity and the practices that help you stay aligned, like meditation, you should have little difficulty raising awareness and helping everyone understand the true purpose of your existence, which, again, is to rediscover your innate spiritual essence and the fact that you are Source in an incarnate form.

 Everyone will discover this in time, and the aware among you will likely continue to work hard to share this truth, thereby inspiring themselves and everyone else to act on it in increasingly pure and potent ways.

 Embrace your skills and talents, and remember to embrace your inner silence as well because it has much more to offer you than the social and cultural distractions that vie for your attention each day. 

Your connection with your creator is more important than anything you’ll ever find in your society, so keep this in mind when you face temptation to give in to things that are widely accepted by society but keep you from shining your light in the incredibly pure ways you can now shine it.

 It’s time to free yourselves from the self-imposed and culturally enforced illusion that’s trapped your minds and hearts and kept you from understanding that despite what society tells you, you’ve always been worthy of love, praise and universal assistance.

 As you continue to transcend your society’s limitations and distractions, you’ll realize that you were never meant to be imprisoned in the first place.

 Now that you’re exiting the prison you’d created for yourselves, which your society tends to reinforce, you can start to tap into the truth of your being, which will introduce you to further truths and revelations that’ll open and expand your chakras and make your heads spin.

 Share freely.

I’m a twenty-one year old writer, blogger, musician and channel for the creative expression of the Universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

 The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

" beyond non-relative consciousness "

Wes Annac

 The Culture Of Awareness

 Beyond Non-Relative Consciousness

 25 - March - 2015

I’d like to pick up from our discussion yesterday and examine more material from Franklin Merrell-Wolff about relative and non-relative consciousness.

 As we learned yesterday, relative consciousness is our surface awareness and non-relative consciousness is our deeper spiritual awareness, which we can find in a number of ways.

 No matter how we transcend the physical senses and explore our non-relative awareness, we’ll want to stay consistent with our practice if we want to make any progress. Some spiritual teachers discourage ambition or consistency, but I think both qualities are helpful on the spiritual path. 

They’re discouraged when it comes to our external reality, because they tend to reinforce the already cloudy barrier between us and a higher state of consciousness. If we use them for our spiritual exploration, however, I think they could help us permanently raise our vibration.

 We have to be committed to our spiritual exploration if we want to do or perceive anything significant, and here, we’ll learn more from Wolff about non-relative consciousness and, interestingly enough, the state that exists even beyond it.

 First, we’re told that the physical universe is a projection of the greater spiritual reality we have yet to fully unveil.

      “Relative consciousness deals with phenomena alone and can never reach beyond phenomena.  
       But the phenomenal world rests upon the Real or Noumenal World. Thus it is that the
       Consciousness of the SELF or ‘pure apperceptive consciousness’ sustains the whole universe or
        cosmos. But the latter is an outward projection.” (1)

 Relative (surface) consciousness, we’re told, exists within the measureable cosmos, which is sustained by non-relative consciousness.

        “Behind the cosmos is the formless or Transcendental World. Within the cosmos is the domain
        of relative consciousness.

         “From the latter standpoint the SELF appears as formless. Hence the approach – for from the
         relative point of view it seems like an approach – to the SELF from consciousness posited
         within the cosmos takes on the form of progressive negation of all identity with form until
         finally Identity in the Formless breaks forth as Recognition.” (2)

 There’s a state that exists beyond Formlessness, but for now, our relative consciousness identifies with our non-relative consciousness as Formless. There’s a greater reality even beyond Formlessness, but Formlessness might be all we can strive to attain until we understand that there are deeper layers and dimensions beyond our current goal.

        “At this stage Recognition may well take the form of ‘I am Formlessness.’ But this is really an
        incomplete Recognition, as Shankara has shown by his acute logic. The final Recognition is ‘I
        am not form and I am not formless.’

        “This standpoint is neutral with respect to the cosmos and the truly Transcendental or Formless.
        What this really means is that beyond Nirvana there is a Paranirvana which is a state of
        metaphysical indifference with respect to the states of manifestation or non-manifestation.” (3) 

I’d imagine a lot of ‘time’ (energy) is spent in the advanced state of Formlessness before we realize that true transcendence comes when we don’t perceive ourselves as formed or Formless. While it can get confusing, it makes sense if you slowly examine the philosophy without trying too hard to comprehend it.

 Formlessness is the next stage in our spiritual evolution (it might be the fifth dimension; I don’t know), but there’s a state of existence beyond even it, which we’ll grow into once we realize it exists and pursue it.

 We might only want to aim for Formlessness or material transcendence from our current limited perspective, and once we reach it, we’ll realize that there are even more dimensions to strive for. 

There’s probably even a level beyond the level that’s beyond Formlessness (does your head hurt?), and if there is, we’ll find out when the time comes. 

I’m sure we’ll be excited to explore every non-dual state of consciousness that waits for us, but for now, maybe we can focus on Formlessness before we focus on what comes next.

 The idea that there’s a state beyond Formlessness, Wolff tells us, presents somewhat of a problem in the study of mysticism and enlightenment.

        “This study constitutes a real clarification of the problem of the relationship between ordinary
        consciousness and the kind of consciousness commonly called mystical.” (4)

Some spiritual  teachers might disagree, but I think the physical (form) and spiritual (Formless) are merging. I don’t know when Franklin Merrell-Wolff was in his prime, but I do know that the veil is thinning at an incredible rate and we can touch upon the outer layers of Formlessness with relative ease.

 We’ll have to be dedicated if we want to get the most out of the thinning veil, but I think the dimensions are compressing in on each other (the third, fourth and fifth, at least) and we can use things like meditation and creativity to drastically elevate our consciousness.

 During some of Wolff’s higher-vibrational experiences, he tells us that his ego-driven self was present as an observer in a vast ocean of all-encompassing spirituality.

        “Throughout this whole experience [which he called the ‘High Satisfaction’] and the following
        more profound state [the ‘High Indifference’], the egoistic or subject-object consciousness was
        actively present. It was present, however, as a witness on the sidelines, while all about and
        through and through there was an immeasurably vaster Consciousness.” (5)

So it seems that our relative consciousness is still capable of existing in the blissful higher-dimensionality we’re headed for, but its influence will be severely diminished and we’ll be too busy enjoying the expansive higher-vibrational landscape to pay much attention to it.

 We’ll apparently know it’s there, however (Wolff did, at least), and I wonder what kind of role it’d play in our attainment of non-relative consciousness. The relative will still exist along with the much greater non-relative, but it won’t have anywhere near the influence it currently does.

 I notice that when I write, meditate or play music, what I know as the ‘ego’ isn’t as present as usual. 

Like Wolff realized during his exploration of a much higher state of consciousness than I’ve reached, the ego self is still there but it’s quiet, like a child who was throwing a tantrum but has since calmed down and fell asleep.

 It’s still there and it might offer little things that help, but for the most part, it’s a pacified aspect of our being that doesn’t really make itself known. I’m surprised to learn that the ego self exists at all in non-relative consciousness, and it gives credence to the term ‘you learn something new every day’.

I was especially interested to learn that there’s another level beyond Formlessness, which I already knew but never really thought about, and it goes to show that there’s more to strive for beyond ascension.

 We’ll travel deeper and deeper within from here on out, and as we do, we’ll discover purer states of consciousness that transcend the previous. It’ll be a wild evolutionary ride, and while it might be difficult at times, I’d imagine we’ll be enthusiastic enough to embrace it nonetheless. 


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 The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

" liberate yourself "

Wes Annac

 The Culture of Awareness

 Liberate Yourself

 18 - March - 22105

 It’s time to free ourselves from society’s rigid expectations. We need to become free again by enjoying life and pursuing things that help us feel happy, whole and awakened, and it takes the courage to break out of the crafted social shell that the mind tends to reinforce.

 The elite don’t want us to be free. They want us to be content, complacent worker bees who stock shelves, follow orders and pay our bills. They don’t want us to realize that we contain (and comprise) an infinite spiritual universe, and they’d rather force us into conformity and complacent acceptance. 

The best thing we can do for ourselves and our planet is to be free. Freedom is our inherent birthright, and we aren’t meant to slave away at dead end jobs we don’t care about. We aren’t meant to ‘pay bills until we die’ as the saying goes, and we surely aren’t meant to accept all of the crazy standards society pushes onto us.

 In order to enjoy life, we’ll have to cultivate the freedom the world seems to have lost. We’ll have to be willing to try new things, gain new experiences, expand our consciousness and have fun along the way, but our sense of joy and spirituality will be zapped if we participate in the elite’s world.

 We can’t give the planetary controllers what they want by surrendering our freedom and the basic rights we’re all supposed to have, and the best way to be free is to stop confining ourselves in any area of life.

 If there’s something we want to do, there’s no reason we shouldn’t do it.

 If there’s some creative task we want to excel at, we might as well try and try again until we complete it. I think we should embrace the challenges that come with reclaiming our freedom and trying new things, and the more we challenge ourselves, the better we’ll feel when we complete the challenges.

 The more we expand our capabilities, the more we’ll impress ourselves and the people who witness our feats. All we have to do is find the willingness to break out of our shells, open up to our inner universe and refuse to confine ourselves or let others confine us.

 Reclaiming our freedom can be simple, and we don’t necessarily need to protest or embrace other forms of activism to do it. We can reclaim our freedom by expanding our horizons and excelling at new challenges, and the best way to be free is to feel free.

 If we feel free and we’re passionate about life, we won’t have any trouble enjoying ourselves, creatively flowing or doing anything else that requires an enriched, enthusiastic perspective. With freedom comes limitlessness, and when we stop living rigidly in the mind, we realize that we can do whatever we want.

 We realize that we really are infinite, and all that spiritual material that encourages us to realize our infinity isn’t just ‘new age fluff’.

 The advice we’ve been given to realize that we’re infinite spiritual beings who exist in an equally infinite (and equally spiritual) universe is legitimate, and all we need to do to realize it is open up and change our thinking.

 Everything becomes clearer when we open the mind and step into our true, authentic freedom.

 The mental fogginess some of us experience is replaced with unprecedented clarity and the willingness to use that clarity for progressive, constructive purposes, and we no longer have to deal with lethargy or anything else that slows us down and depletes our passion.

 Instead, our passion is restored tenfold and we realize how important both qualities – passion and freedom – are to each other. We need passion to sustain our freedom, and we need freedom to give us something to feel passionate about. Together, they’re a mighty force.

 It can be hard in our modern society to find any degree of freedom or wholeness, and sometimes, stopping for a moment and taking a look around this reality can help us see how free we truly are. 

Some of us might not feel free when we have to get up and work a job every day that depletes our time and energy, but there are things we can do to make it better. There are things we can do to increase our freedom even when we have to work every day, and our perspective is always important.

How we see life will determine how we feel each day, and even if we have a job we don’t care for, we can shift our perspective and ask ourselves what we can do to make our day lively, eventful and, most importantly, fun.

 I’d recommend changing jobs if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, but those of you who enjoy your jobs yet tend to have bad days might benefit from transforming your perspective and claiming your freedom, even if it doesn’t seem to be there.

 The idea that our freedom is missing is an illusion, and everything comes down to our mindset and how we choose to see the world.

 If we’re willing to open up and believe we’re infinite and capable of anything we put our minds to, which includes enjoying the daily tasks we don’t really care for, we’ll amaze ourselves with the things we can do and the zest we can find for life.

 All it takes is heart-centeredness and the willingness to embody joy and freedom itself when we don’t feel our best, and it gets easier with practice. Everything gets easier when we stay dedicated, and consistently reclaiming our freedom is one of the best things we can do for ourselves – especially right now.

 It’s clear that the elite don’t want us to free ourselves from ‘mental slavery’ as Bob Marley and a few others called it, and they’ve done everything they could to zap our energy and keep us from being the free spiritual beings we’re meant to be.

 We can transcend their tricks and tactics by answering the call from a higher power to liberate ourselves from everything that confines us and keeps us from being who we truly are, and liberating ourselves gets easier when we can be consistently open to spirit and the wonders a higher perception offers.

 Lightening our vibration is arguably the most potent way to find those little bits of enlightenment that help us throughout the day, and liberation comes when we recognize that we don’t have to accept our current ‘status’ as humans walking around in these heavy meat suits.

 We can transcend all of that and welcome spirit into our life, and all it takes is a little discipline and the willingness to disappear into our sacred center every now and then.

 We only cease to be free when we stop ourselves from doing things we enjoy or things that fill us with passion and wholeness, and true freedom comes when we realize that despite what the elite’s done to keep us mentally, physically and spiritually oppressed, we were never oppressed to begin with.

We’ve let society and the influences around us oppress us since childhood, but now, we’re transcending that illusory oppression and using our creativity and spirituality to uplift the world.

 We can be free if we let ourselves, and the first step is to refuse to confine ourselves any longer. We confine ourselves by closing the mind and letting it constantly race, and when we can stop this, we’ll take the first steps on the path to true freedom.

 We are and have always been free, and it’s time to reclaim our innate freedom and show the world what we can do when we no longer let social expectations or limitations stop us.

Wes Annac

 Share freely.

I’m a twenty-one year old writer, blogger, musician and channel for the creative expression of the Universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

 The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

 I’ve contributed to a few different spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter, and I write a paid weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $11.11 a month here.